7 Of The Best Places To Float In Perth

By Rosie Gregory
1st Aug 2019

Perth's Best Float Tanks

When it comes to unplugging from the grind and finding that elusive zen state, we have one favoured method—float tanks. These sensory deprivation tanks allow you to hit pause and detach from the many, many, many distractions of everyday life for 60 sweet minutes—so what's not to love?

Never hit the tank before? Staying afloat is a breeze. You’ll be buoyed up by a mix of Epsom salts submerged in body temperature water and you'll become instantly weightless, defying gravity as you slip deep into total blissed-out relaxation. With the only thing to-do being “chill out”, floating promises to revive your mind, boost recovery and enhance athletic performance as you drift away from the outside world.

Interested? Here are our favourite spots to float in Perth.

Clear Mind Studio


If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate space to take a break and relax, look no further than Clear Mind Studio in Inglewood. Beautifully decked out, you'll walk along a long, dimly-lit hallway before entering your float room and sinking into the tub for the ultimate sensory deprivation experience. If you're new to floating, or not a fan of being in enclosed spaces, Clear Mind Studio also has float pools which can fit up to two people. Grab a tea in the relax room post-float or kick things on with an infrared sauna session, massage or yoga class. 

Float Lab

North Beach, Wembley and Currambine

At these custom designed, floatation therapy studios, you’ll be immersed in all the relaxation vibes needed to reinvigorate the soul. As you drift peacefully on your way to restoring your body and relaxing the mind, you’re guaranteed to hear no splashing from the next pod over. The team at Float Lab take soundproofing very seriously, with each pod kitted out with top of the range noise insulation, ensuring complete silence for the hour, so you can nama-stay zen.

Salt Float Studio

South Perth

Take the time you need to calm your mind at Salt, a floatation and meditation studio in South Perth. While your body unloads all its tensions and hits refresh on fatigued muscles, you’ll have the chance to truly unplug and zone in on some mind time, ideal for stress relief, as you drift inside the DreamPods. Floating offers the ideal opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation, because hey, what else have you got to do for those 60 minutes?!

Float Fremantle


Drop by this Fremantle based wellness hub for a profound relaxation and bliss out experience—with a side of muscle healing and pain management. As you enter the calming, cocooned world of the pods at Float Fremantle, you’ll levitate effortlessly in the Epsom salt water, boosting your body’s natural mood hormones and enhancing athletic recovery. After you rinse off and towel down, stick around to continue floating on cloud nine as you relax over tea in their beautiful dedicated chill-out room.

Beyond Rest

Perth, Wembley and Joondalup

If you struggle with feelings of claustrophobia, this is the pod for you. At Beyond Rest, you reach your deepest relaxed state possible in the I-Sopod, the largest pod in the world—which happens to be the size of a small car. Kitted out with Chakra light LED systems, these technical tanks only enhance the already jaw-dropping benefits of floating. Soon you’ll be dropping into your dream state and reaping possible bonus side effects of enhanced creativity and improved sleep. If you're the kind of person who needs a little more coaxing into relaxation, Beyond Rest's new Journey Floats might just be your ticket to a calm mind. Sink into the tub and listen to the guided meditation as your body enjoys being weightless. Mindfulness more your jam? Opt for one of their Mindful Floats instead and you'll reap the benefits of a full-body scan meditation. Either way, you'll walk out much more relaxed than when you walked in. 

Float & Restore

Wangara, Joondalup and Cannington

Retreat from the busy-ness of everyday life in one of the suites at Float & Restore. Fusing the power of aromatherapy with the sensory deprivation tanks will take your float to all new blissful highs. A 100% solar-powered operation, here you will be helping yourself and the environment at the same time. If the elevated relaxation vibes of the float aren’t enough, try complementing your experience with a full body massage for the ultimate in treating yo' self.

The Life Spring

Cockburn and Rockingham

The Life Spring wellness centre is your go-to for quality time out and recovery. If 60 minutes of tank time isn’t quite enough—and trust us, it does fly by—you can float on and unwind in a decadent two-hour experience. Boosting endorphins and relieving muscular aches as you defy gravity, expect to shed layers of tension inside the tank. Additionally offering infrared sauna sessions (our other fave chill pastime) you’re sure to fully restore your body and mind here. Not into alone time? You can bring a friend and float in the same tank together. 

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Image credit: Elle Borgward

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