Where To Get Your American BBQ Fix In Perth

By Chloe Sputore
13th Mar 2016

Where To Get Your American BBQ Fix In Perth

Porky's BBQ and Bar | Image Credit: Nancy Hanna

Sticky, sweet, smoky and delicious, American BBQ is possibly our favourite food group. What’s not to love about meat cooked until it’s so juicy and tender you barely have to chew before swallowing?

Then there’s the delicious sides like corn bread (why can’t all bread be like corn bread?), coleslaw, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and beans. It’s the kind of food you’ll gladly set aside your knife and fork and don an embarrassing plastic bib for.  

In recent years it’s been a lot easier to get your BBQ fix in Perth, and thankfully it’s not looking like the American food trend is slowing down any time soon.

Here’s where to get your American BBQ fix in Perth.

Old Faithful Bar & BBQ


Old Faithful take their BBQ very seriously. First their meats are rested in brine for almost 12 hours, then they’re dry rubbed with all kinds of delicious spices and cooked low and slow in a smoker for 18 to 26 hours before arriving on your plate and ready to devour in a matter of minutes. We recommend the Old Faithful Platter which includes one kilo of BBQ meats, coleslaw, potato salad, BBQ beans, bread and shaved onions.

Porky’s BBQ And Bar


Every time we see a picture of Porky’s BBQ ribs in our office we all groan with desire. They serve some of the biggest, baddest, juiciest and most delicious ribs and meaty goodness in Perth. Grab a half rack of Kansas style pork ribs, some Angus beef brisket and Smok’n hot wings and you’ve got the recipe for a BBQ party in your mouth.

Ribs & Burgers


We’ve sampled our fair share of eats at Ribs & Burgers and can honestly say that their ribs are freaking delicious and some of the best in Perth. Grab a giant glistening stack of eight-hour beef or pork ribs served over a mound of tasty chips soaking up all of the delicious BBQ flavours. If you want to add some carbs into the mix the beef short-rib burger is the bomb, stuffed with chimichurri and coleslaw.

Brooklyn Lounge


Get your meat sweat on at Brooklyn Lounge in Claremont and order the ribs, which are slow cooked in a home made BBQ sauce for 12 juicy hours, or the Piggy Smalls, a burger filled with pulled pork and red cabbage slaw. If you’re eyes are feeling particularly hungry a serving of the crispy loaded fries topped with pulled pork, jalapenos, pancetta, cheese and queso won’t disappoint.



Not surprisingly, Perth restaurant, Chophouse does one thing and it does it very well—MEAT! The glazed beef short rib tastes just as delicious as it sounds, covered in a tasty house made BBQ sauce. Grab some duck fat potatoes with raclette (cheese) and smoked bacon and you’re set!



Named after BBQ cuisine itself, if you haven’t tried the braised beef short rib at Asado in Claremont I’m not too sure you have your priorities in order. Cooked in a Parrilla BBQ in the traditional Argentinean way, the ribs are glazed with sherry and served with chimichurri.

Varnish On King


There’s no better accompaniment to BBQ food than whiskey, and this is what Varnish On King does best. Order the twice cooked short ribs with a Jack Daniel’s treacle reduction and salsa verde or the Southern style grits with fried marrow, blue cheese and candied bacon. Don’t forget to try a few different whiskeys while you’re there!

Braised Bros.

Food Truck

Specialising in everything slow cooked and delicious, hit up Braised Bros. for tasty pulled pork, lamb and braised beef. Menu standouts include the cider braised pork belly, apple puree and crackling, as well as the cheeky burger—a braised beef cheek and rump pattie in a brioche bun with spinach, tomato and mustard mayo.

Side Door BBQ

Mount Lawley

If you’re after a real American BBQ experience, head to Mount Lawley newbie Side Door BBQ. They’ve got tasty smoked and non-smoked BBQ meats and all of the trimmings you could ever want or need including cornbread, BBQ beans with burnt ends, corn on the cob, pickled slaw and collard greens, as well as starters like pork belly lollipops and smoked brisket cigars. You can even get your BBQ fix at breakfast with the pulled pork breakfast roll!

Pleased To Meet You


Coal roasted suckling pig, BBQ Angus steak and pulled pork sliders are just a few of the BBQ offerings at Pleased To Meet You in Northbridge. Don’t feel bad about the piggie spinning away on the rotisserie in the kitchen, it’s so delicious it was born to be devoured. Sop up all the yummy BBQ juices with a side of corn bread and maple butter before chowing down on s’mores in true American fashion.

Meat Candy (Opening In June)


Nashville-style fried chicken from the culinary gods behind Cantina 663 and The Old Crow? Yes please! Meat Candy may not be opening until June, but these kids are reasonable people and will be helping quell our chicken cravings by serving samples at Ace Pizza in the meantime #thereisagod.

Looking for more meaty eats? Here’s some of Perth’s Best Steaks!

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