15 Most Beautiful Cafés And Restaurants On The Sunshine Coast

By Claire Plush - 19 Jun 2016

Admit it. You go to a place and you see it in Instagram squares.

That corner with the cute pot plants and comfy couch would look awesome with your just-ordered latte on the coffee table in front. Or, that café’s outdoor wall looks so dang pretty that you can just imagine a shot of you standing in front of it. It could even, possibly, just maybe be your new profile picture which you haven’t changed in years. This is big.

To help decorate your feed a little more with gorgeous, snap-worthy cafés and restaurants, we’re laying down the most Instagrammable digs on the Sunshine Coast. You ready?

Rick’s Garage | Palmwoods

Sick of shooting your coffee from a million different angles just to get something fresh? Stop right there, buddy, and get yourself to Rick’s Garage, stat. This one-of-a-kind retro burger bashing joint is one of the most instagrammable spots on the Sunshine Coast. Retro exterior-tick! Quirky interior—tick! Towering burgers that’ll get you over ten big red hearts, easy—tick. This place is a goldmine.

Oh Darling | Cotton Tree (Now Closed)

We suggest taking a few snaps at Oh Darling, and creating an image bank to drip feed to your followers (they love when you do that). What to shoot? That bohemian window wall. You curled up on the couch in front of that bohemian window wall. Details of that bohemian window wall. You get the drift…

Bonsai Brewhouse | Pomona (Now Closed)

Need a bit of rustic romance in your Insta gallery to balance out those super minimalist flat-lays you’re into? Bonsai Brewhouse is your place. This shed-like brewery is a mish mash of vintage furniture, pot plants, and stain glass windows, plus, we’ve been “told” that if you guzzle down one of the in-house beers prior to pulling out your phone, you’ll be a much, much better photographer.

Noosa Beach House | Noosa

For the Insta novices, we’re pretty much taking the photos for you by pointing you in the direction of Noosa Beach House. There’s really no way you can go wrong if you pull out your phone at this Hastings Street restaurant. Super high ceilings, lashings of white paint, timber furniture, hanging planter pots… if you can’t nab a winner here, you’re a lost cause. Sorry, not sorry.

Tome | Maroochydore

Sure this place is already Insta-famous, but there’s no harm in sending more love Tome‘s way with a sneaky snap. One for the foodie Instagrammers, a pic of one of their addictive cakes will instantly take you from “just another food-lover-who-takes-photos-of-all-their-food” into “in-the-know-hungry-person” territory of the sweet world.

Spirit House | Yandina

Where else do you get the “I’m in Thailand” shots without actually jumping on a plane? Answer: nowhere but Spirit House. This destination hotspot, is hands down one of the best restaurants on the Sunshine Coast, in big part to its stunning jungle-like surrounds. Insider tip: if food is your forte, order the whole crispy fish with tamarind sauce, just remember to shoot before you dig in.

Clandestino Roasters | Noosa

“So much to take photos of, so little time,” is our first thought when we think of Clandestino Roasters. Beyond the interior, which by the way, you’ll totally want to get snap-happy with because there’s a legit plane hanging from the ceiling (!), there’s the coffee. All kinds of coffee served in all kinds of ways. If you judge an Instagram account by its caffeine output, you can up your coffee image count here.

Padre | Noosa

Interior aficionados will go crazy over the sleek, white, and bright space that is Padre Coffee. Tucked in Noosa’s industrial estate, this new kid on the block is still fresh to the Coast, so be prepared to get a few “where’s this?” from your curious followers.

Bistro C | Noosa

Want the world to know you’re in Noosa? Two words, three syllables—Bistro C. The photo opportunities at this Noosa mainstay are endless, much like the horizon you’ll be staring out at. Without moving your toosh, you’ll be able to grab beachscapes, boardwalk snaps, shots of the incredible dishes, and espresso martinis. Don’t forget to take your phone inside with you when you fix up the bill, there’s a whole ‘nother 10 potential Insta squares waiting for you.

Lamkin Lane | Caloundra

You’re probs not going to find a sweeter looking outdoor space than Lamkin Lane to get the ultimate “just downing coffee with friends” shot. Complete with a blue and white awning, you can take it one step further by slipping in a mention that these guys are home to the 7th best coffee maker in Australia as voted by the kingpins at the National Barista Championships. It’ll make you look like you know your brews, trust us.

Guru Life | Rosemount

Where the cool kids hang and for good reason, Guru Life is half café, half roaster, half duck pond—wait, that’s too many halves, but you get the gist. It’s a lot of things all rolled into one, but that’s what makes it one of the best cafés on the Sunshine Coast. Once you’ve finished shooting its Instagrammable exterior, head inside for some pineapple wallpaper, impressive latte art, and the most picture-perfect breakfasts you ever did see.

Get Fresh | Cotton Tree

Apparently if you’re a creative, you need to have a photo of this Cotton Tree gem to your name. Just sayin’. It’s also a fave among health nuts, who know how to take stunning pics of Get Fresh‘s superfood pancakes, vegan banana bread, or goodies from the adjoining fresh produce store. White painted brick, retro wire seating, and greenery get this joint a big tick of Instagram approval.

Locale | Noosa

For the modernists among us, stunning Locale will make your heart do strange, strange things. The top-notch interior is absolutely breathtaking but may take either a really good camera, or a really good photographer to capture this softly-lit space. If you pull it off, please tag us: @metropolist_sc. We need to see!

Betty’s Burgers | Noosa

Plant a shot of Betty’s digs next to your Bistro C upload, and we’re pretty sure you’ll make every person scrollin’ through Insta jealous. It’s just the kind of effect that this burger joint has on people. Everybody wants a piece of its cruisy-vibin’ décor and loaded-up burgers. Drooool!

The Velo Project | Mooloolaba

This list would be nowhere near complete without mention of this backstreet café. Hidden in Mooloolaba, The Velo Project is primed and prepped for your shooting needs from 7am to 3pm, every day of the god damn week. So if you’re lagging in posts, this haunt, kitted out in retro knick knacks, will have you back on top in just a few clicks.

Image Credit: Ariana Gillrie, Daniel Hine, Rikki Lancaster and Claire Plush for Metropolist

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