Padre Coffee Opens In Noosa. And It’s Freakin’ Epic!

By Claire Plush
18th Mar 2016

NB: Coffee freaks are about to lose their sh&t. You have been warned!

Today will go down in the history of coffee on the Sunshine Coast. Because today, one of the best coffee brands coming out of Australia has opened its doors to their first roastery and retail store in Queensland. AND IT’S IN NOOSA!!!!

Yep, we’re talking in caps, because one of Melbourne’s coffee kings, Padre Coffee has spread its wings to the sunny lands of the Sunshine Coast, and we couldn’t be more stoked.

Actually, let me rephrase that. We didn’t know we could be more stoked, but then Metropolist was given a guided tour of the new space by head honcho, Marinus Jansen this morning, and the excitement escalated to a next-level, heart palpations status. Seriously!

Let’s start with the space. Tucked among charity stores and furniture shops in Noosa’s industrial estate, you’re not gonna miss this sleek onyx-coloured shopfront. This is one book coffee shop you can totally judge by its cover, if you know what I mean.

Inside, the retail area is super sleek. It’s really like nothing we’ve seen on the Coast, or Brisbane. Or even, we’re-totally-about-to-go-there, Australia. Lit by the most incredible natural light, it’s pretty much what we imagine a Metropolist version of heaven would look like. If heaven were a coffee shop. In Noosa. Hey, stranger religions have been created.

Anyhoo, beyond the lighting; stunning furniture and homewares (some made by Marinus’ wife—yep, keep your eyes peeled for the gorgeous concrete pots) are positioned spaciously and somewhat sparingly across the store adding to the openness and can-breathe feeling of the space.

A long, super polished custom-made bench floats in the middle of the store, showcasing coffee-making shenanigans, as well as the three beans on offer that day—including two espresso blends and a rotating single origin (from Mexico to Ethiopia to Indonesia and beyond). There’s the option to take it from an espresso machine, batch brewer, or a filter coffee via the V60 pourover.

Now, this is the part where it gets a little, alright, a WHOLE lot spesh. Behind the coffee work station and seating area, you’ll find walls of windows and through them is where the magical process that is coffee roasting takes place.

But what’s toastin’ them beans, isn’t your average joe of a roaster. No siree! Padre Noosa is the owner of a restored 1923 cast iron roaster, all the way from Venice. Up close, it’s impressive. Framed by windows, working like a dog, while you drink your freshly-made brew, it’ll take appreciation levels through the roof. There’s also a workshop space on-show through more glass, so if you’ve got issues with your at-home espresso machine, they’ll get you sorted. AND, look good while they’re doing it. Another area is reserved for cupping classes and barista training.

If we’re not painting a clear enough picture, in short: this place is insane. In a good way. No words, no photos, no fancy Facebooks posts are going to capture the Padre Noosa experience, so we reckon you’re best be hopping on down there asap for a cup of the great stuff and a geez at possibly the most beautiful gallery-like, coffee-worshipping space we’ve ever laid eyes on. “Stunning” is a gross understatement.

Open tomorrow (Saturday) from 7am to 1pm, and weekdays 7am to 4pm, if you’re hangin’ for a hit, jump in the car and flick your GPS to 10 Eenie Creek Road. You’ll be impressed. Promise!

Quick shout out to the man behind it all Marinus, for taking Metropolist through and giving us the low down on all the upcoming “secret” plans. Stay tuned folks, this won’t be the last time you hear us sayin’ big things about these guys.

Welcome to Noosa, Padre!

Address: 10 Eenie Creek Road, Noosaville

Contact: 07 5474 2036

Image Credit: Claire Plush

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