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5 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Week

By Jayme-Lee Fechner - 20 Mar 2017

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They say good things come in threes, but here at The Urban List, we believe they come in groups of five. Whether you’re ready to drop some hard earned coin, or you’re living that budget baller life after the weekend, we’ve rounded up some great options to help you get through a new week. 

Here are 5 awesome things to do this week in Sydney.

All Week

New Menu At Sake Restaurant 

Courtesy of a recent Tokyo expedition, Neil Perry has decided to bless all of our bellies. He’s changing things up at the always-delicious Sake Restaurant & Bar and we sure aren’t complaining. Perry’s newly unveiled dishes are inspired by washoku (feeling cultured yet?), which is traditional Japanese food, matched with Sake’s original flare, to create some contemporary signature meals. With options including ginger garlic chicken and miso butter (cue drooling) buckle in for a journey of rediscovery and food comas all round. 

Where: Sake Double Bay and Sake at The Rocks

$4 Pizza Newtown Hotel

Calling all uni students who have just splurged on those textbooks that cost more than your weekly salary (when are we going to accept that we’re never going to read them anyway?), Newtown Hotel hears you. That’s why this generous bunch is offering $4 pizzas. Putting our $5, double shot, skim, half a sugar latte to shame (seriously guys, we can’t afford our lifestyle, send help). With tasty offerings like the classic margherita, to the little bit fancy ‘quattro formaggi’, these guys get carb loading on a budget, win. 

When: Monday-Friday: 12pm-3pm, Monday-Thursday: 7pm-9pm 
Where: Newtown Hotel – 174 King Street, Newtown

Monday 20 March


Culinary genius Lennox Hastie, has teamed up with renowned chef David Thompson, for a night of fire-powered food at Firedoor. Let’s be honest, this is the closest you’ll come to a steamy one-night stand on a Monday, because this duo certainly know how to heat up a room. This collab showcases a winning combo of authentic flavours, ideas and techniques, entirely powered by wood fire, like our primal cavemen did (is paleo still on trend?), to work your tastebuds into a frenzy. With only 50 spots available get in quick, Nelly would be proud of (but please don’t take your clothes off).

When: Monday March 20th 6:30 p.m.
Where: Firedoor – 22-23 Mary Street, Surry Hills
Price: $280.00pp

Tuesday 21 March

Dark Matters At White Rabbit Gallery

Chippendale’s White Rabbit Gallery opened with the intent to feature the world’s most significant collections of Chinese contemporary art, so it’s fitting that The Dark Matters exhibition will be running here, right through until 30 July. Utilising a combination of printer cartridges, spray cabs, propane torches, X-ray film and so many other random things that you would never expect to find in an art installation. Honourable mentions go to the Wen-Ying Huang’s hidden-image tapestry, Searching II and Feng Mengbo’s mesmerising calligraphic shoot-em-up video game, Not Too Late.

When: Daily, until 30 July
Where: White Rabbit Gallery – 30 Balfour Street, Chippendale 

Wednesday 22 March

March Into Merivale

Some people say they don’t believe in God, well Sydney-siders it’s time to start believing, because ours comes in the form of Justin Hemmes. Not only has he given us some of our all-time favourite venues, he’s brought them all together for March into Merivale. Taking over the Ivy complex and surrounding laneways into an Asian street food market, your hungriest dreams of pork belly will come to reality. But wait there’s more. Up at Paling’s; get excited for a whole lamb on the spit, served alongside quesadillas. And after, if you’re still hungry (no judgement), be transcended to a world of decadent pastries, champagne and desserts in the Den. We best get Marchin’. 

When: Wednesday March 22, 5:30pm
Where: Ivy – 320-330 George Street, Sydney
Price: $60.00pp

There are still so many things to do in Sydney this month. Don't believe us? Head here

Image credit: Sake Restaurant

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