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5 Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Week

By Frances Magiera - 03 Jul 2017


Mondays in Sydney are bloody great. We like to think of them as a fresh start, a clean slate, our gateway to a new week filled with endless possibilities—too much? From stargazing to bottomless rosé (ICYMI it’s always a yes way, rosé from us), this week in Sydney is all about embracing something new. 

Here are five awesome things to do in Sydney this week.

Monday 3 July

Tiki Cocktails At Jade Temple

Continue your weekend drinking adventures and kick off Monday with Cantonese-inspired cocktails at the opening of Neil Perry’s newest creation, Jade Temple. In keeping with the theme, these tiki cocktails are named after Chinese folklore, think the dragon turtle (bourbon, salted plum liqueur, citrus with lavender and ginger soda), followed by the jade emperor (vodka, dry vermouth, amaretto, chartreuse) and that’s just for starters. Pair your drinks with dishes like the whole roast duck, lemon chicken, or classic dumplings (or just order all three).

When: Monday 3 July
Where: Jade Temple

Tuesday 4 July

Winter Astronomy Class

Ever dreamt of spending a romantic evening stargazing? Maybe you’ve always wanted to wish upon a shooting star? For one night only, you can look at the stars and sip on some hot mulled wine (or cider) in the heart of the city. Dr Angel Lopez-Sanchez will take you through constellations (ones you didn’t already know, like the Omega Centauri), amongst other important things in the sky (like planets and nebulae). For only $15, this winter astronomy class is set to be truly astronomical (we just couldn’t help ourselves). 

What: Astronomy at the Calyx
When: Tuesday 4 July 
Where: Royal Botanic Gardens
Cost: $15pp (includes a mulled wine on arrival)

4th July at The Australian 

Time to channel your inner yank and celebrate the fourth of July at the Australian Heritage Hotel. This iconic pub in the Rocks will be serving up all things (you guessed it) Americano. The celebratory menu features American classics from the traditional cheeseburger to some good ol’ fried chicken wings. Wash all the greasy goodness down with an American tap beer and celebrate the country that gave us our love for extra large portion sizes. 

When: Tuesday 4 July
Where: Australian Heritage Hotel

Wednesday 5 July

Bottomless Rosé At Nour

Remember when we said yes way, rosé!? Everyone’s favourite not-quite-a-sharp-red, mixed with that crisp white charm, rosé should be enjoyed by the bottle(s). Which is why bottomless rosé at Nour has us so flippin’ excited. They’re offering unlimited refills of the pink stuff, along with six light dishes to share. If you love rosé as much as we do, get ready to clink a glass (or five—it’s bottomless!) in celebration of #roséallday.

When: Tuesday – Thursday, 5-7pm
Where: Nour Restaurant, Surry Hills
Cost: $69pp

Zac’s Table North Bondi Fish 

Nothing says winter more than getting cosy and sharing all comfort food with friends. Zac’s Table at North Bondi Fish brings you (and your belly) just that with one epic, communal, share-style dinner celebrating sustainable seafood, and led by head chef Zac Sykes. You’ll be able to feast on fresh produce paired with a glass of wine from the Krinklewood Vineyard in the Hunter Valley. Fellow seafood lovers, we’ll see you there. 

When: Wednesday 5 July
Where: North Bondi Fish
Cost: $75p

ICYMI, these are our favourite markets happening this month in Sydney.

Image credit: Nour 

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