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Five Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Week

By Alissa Del Vecchio - 21 Mar 2016

Sydney Whats On Guide

Damn Sydney, back at it again with the awesome things to do—and amid some much needed chocolate eating disguised as early Easter prep, this week we’re thinking opera singers, hand models, yogi hipsters, tequila buffs and your average Joe turned wino. Take your pick, or better yet pick them all. Either way your week is sure to be nothing short of perfection.

Handa Opera

As much as we may think we’re musical geniuses as we sing in the car on a Monday morning (yes, it is too late now to say sorry), Opera Australia and the strikingly talented Handa Opera, the company that brought us AIDA on the water just a year ago, are here to show us how it’s really done. Watch the famous opera Turandot under the stars and by the water and wonder why you hadn’t done this before. Scored under the brilliance of Puccini, this epic tale is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Where: Sydney Harbour

When: Thursday 24th March 7:30pm – Sunday 24th April

Cost: $44 - $299 per person


From puppies to pampering, Martin Place is on top of its game lately. With fifteen minute manicure sessions, working in the city or even just your run of the mill Thursday shopping spree just got a whole lot more fashionable. Hosted by Vaniday and boasting some of Sydney’s top Nail know-it-alls in attendance from a variety of nail bars including OS Nails & Beauty, Brigitte Académie de Beauté and That Organic Salon, your hands will be primed and prepped, perfect for handling one too many hot-cross buns. We’re sure this will be a greatly loved up, cuticle affair so make sure to book your spot here or on the Vaniday App. Plus, snap a gram of your nails on the day for your chance to win a $250 Vaniday voucher. Oh, and did we forget to mention it’s free?! Well it is.

Where: Martin Place, CBD

When: Thursday 24th March 2pm – 6pm

Cost: Free

Cali Tequila Shack at SoCal Neutral Bay

Reminding us that all great things come in tiny glasses, with a lemon, a dash of salt and maybe even a sombrero, SoCal is putting the tequila kick back into your weekdays. From the guys that brought you Chilli Competitions and Tequila-filled late nights now bring you their newest pop-up bar—an outdoor terrace bound shack with all the fittings needed for a good ol’ fashioned Mexican fiesta. With Tommy’s Margaritas and weekly gems including ‘Apple Shacks’, ‘Venice Peach’, ‘Punch, Drunk, Love’ and ‘SoCal Mules’ jam packed with tequila, bitter and fruity pairings, there’s a drink for every mood, occasion and day—and with a month long run, you might just miraculously find yourself here more than once.

Where: So Cal, Neutral Bay

When: Every day 12pm – 2am

Cost: Free

Urban Offbeat at Urban Yoga

When modern music with a twist, meets an eyeful of wall to wall visuals, meets an inverted warrior—you’ve probably stumbled into Urban Yoga. With their one-off Urban Offbeat sessions, expect a new-age, multisensory take on practice to the deep house beats of DJ Demi Bryant’s specially curated set. Paired with luminescent and awe-inspiring projections, this hipster approved Surry Hills beacon of relaxation allows you to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself without losing a speck of street cred. The perfect place for that yoga-holic on the hunt for something new or that newbie looking for practice sans puffy morning eyes and an early morning wet grass feels. Want a peek of what’s to come? Book online here and check out a sneak peek of DJ Demi’s jams on Soundcloud.

Where: Urban Yoga, Surry Hills

When: Wednesday 23rd March, 7:30-9pm

Cost: $20

Wines That Will Change Your Life

With a name like that, we’re expecting big things—and with the Oprah Winfrey of wine at the helm, Mike Bennie is set to give you a wine, and you a wine and you a wine. Hosting a series of engaging and interactive tastings, Wines That Will Change Your Life is a decadent journey into the most fashionable and innovative regions to wine all over the world. From our own home grown goodness, to Italy and France, this week be dazzled by old and new takes on Austrian whites and emerging textured reds or South Australian young gun winemakers with a love for ancient techniques.

Where: United Cellars Tasting Room, Woolloomooloo

When: Wednesday 23rd March at 7:30pm

Cost: $69 per person

Image credit: Urban Yoga

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