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Five Awesome Things To Do In Sydney This Week

By Jayme-Lee Fechner - 24 Apr 2017

things to do in sydney this week Anzac Day

There’s a lot happening in Sydney this week—between the Sydney Comedy Festival and the many Anzac Day events (and all of the two-up that comes with it), it’s set to be a big one. We recommend that you start the week bright eyed, on Monday with one of these events and keep the good times rolling all weekend long. 

Here are five awesome things to do in Sydney this week.

Monday 24 April

Sydney Comedy Festival

Coachella is filling up our feeds and making us have major FOMO. Suns out, tans all around (head to Tan Temple in Bondi if you’re having extreme bronze-envy), comments of how Kendrick’s set was lit and Insta’s of Boho-chic outfits accompanied by ‘wanderlust’ wrist tattoos. But turn that frown up-side down, because the Sydney Comedy Festival is here. With acts like Alex Williamson (AKA Loose Aussie), you’ll be lol-ing so hard at this comedian’s banter, Coachella will seem like a joke compared to this gig. 

What: Sydney Comedy Festival
Where: Various locations
When: Monday 24 April-Sunday 21 May
More info: Here

Tuesday 25 April 

Anzac Dawn Service

There is truly nothing like the Anzac Day dawn service in Sydney’s Martin Place. Thousands gather at The Cenotaph commemorating fallen soldiers through an Ode of Remembrance and the Last Post bugle call that sends a wave of goosebumps through the crowd. And while the thought of sleeping in seems optional, the sacrifice of Anzac soldiers will make you think twice about that contemplation. Tip: Lay warm clothes out the night before to make that alarm call a bit easier. 

What: Anzac Day Dawn Service
Where: Martin Place, Sydney CBD
When: Tuesday 25 April

Public House Petersham Party

Is there anything the PHP can’t do? These guys are throwing an Anzac Day car park party, which everyone knows  are the best kinds of parties! 2UP from 12pm and craft beers, including Stone & Wood and Malt Shovel will keep the party flowing. Proceeds of the first round going to the charity, Soldier On. And what would Anzac Day be without a sausage sizzle? Luckily this is exactly what PHP is serving up but if that’s not enough to fill your belly, there’s also a charity bake sale held by Daisy’s Milkbar (we are totes digging this collab).

What: Anzac Day at Public House Petersham
Where: 296 Stanmore Road, Petersham
When: Tuesday 25 April, from 12pm

Two-Up At Your Local

Two up is a true-blue tradition on Anzac Day. Scrap your university assignments (don’t blame us though), put down the Netflix remote and head straight to your local, where a game that is illegal every other day of the year, is played amongst a roaring crowed. Head to these Sydney pubs to get in on the action.

What: Anzac Day
Where: Your local pub
When: Tuesday 25 April

Wednesday 26 April

The National 2017

If our prior options haven’t been #cultured enough for you (Like um two-up? Try again sweetie), The National 2017 is sure to set creative minds rejoicing. The Art Gallery of NSW, Carriageworks and the Museum of Contemporary Art have joined forces to present the latest innovations in contemporary Australian art. With a range of acclaimed artists and a variety of mediums, grab your gang and stare wonderfully with folded arms at what’s on offer—like that scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Pro Tip: grab an Insta snap of your squad re-enacting this scene and we promise you’ll get double digits for your pic #original.

What: The National 2017
Where: The Art Gallery of NSW, Carriageworks and the Museum of Contemporary Art
When: Thursday 30 March-Sunday 16 July
More info: Here

Want more ideas? Head here for a beach party this Anzac Day.

Image credit: Daisy's Milkbar 

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