A Guide To Pancaking In Sydney

By Emily Usher - 29 Aug 2017

Ironwood Coffee Company
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Ohhh pancakes. They really are the most underrated breakfast food, and—let’s be honest—they deserve better. When cooked to perfection and doused in your sweetener of choice, these bad boys are soft, fluffy and full of carby goodness. 

It’s time to join the pancake appreciation club and get your sweet tooth on with our guide to the best pancakes in Sydney.

Ironwood Coffee


Best known for their delicious Fairtrade, Organic and Rain Forest Alliance coffee, roasting isn’t the only thing these guys do well. Drool-worthy pancakes are served alongside maple syrup and vanilla ice cream as the standard over at Ironwood, and can be topped off with a choice of Nutella and roasted nuts, mixed berry compote or fresh strawberries with chocolate fudge sauce. They also know how to nail Belgian waffles. Just sayin’.


Multiple locations

Sydney institution Bills is fast gaining international ground, with restaurants now open as far afield as Tokyo, London, Honolulu and Seoul. Luckily for us, we won’t have to travel quite that far to get our pancake fix because their classic dish of ricotta hotcakes, served with drool-worthy banana and melt in your mouth honeycomb butter, remains one of the best breakfasts in the city, and for good reason. You can’t call yourself a genuine Sydneysider til you’ve tried ‘em…

Local Mbassy


The red velvet pancakes (yes, we just said red velvet pancakes) at Local Mbassy are what dreams are made of. Paired with in-house marscapone and fresh AF strawberries, these decadent, god damn delicious carbs are drizzled with creamy, white chocolate and worth every calorie. Go on, you deserve it.


Neutral Bay 

An institution among locals, Chaos serves up fat, fluffy and delicious pancakes that don't skimp on the size. There are three varieties of pancakes on the menu at Chaos: fruit salad and maple syrup, mixed berries and ice cream, or banana, crispy bacon and maple syrup—the latter being the best to happen since the first time someone decided to fry batter.

The Pantry


Pancakes and a view of Manly Beach… What more could you ask of a weekend? Not a lot, if you ask us. The buttermilk pancakes at The Pantry are served with your choice of whipped vanilla butter and raspberry compote, or banana, candied walnuts and honey. Best to go with mates and share them so there's no food envy between tables.

Casual Mondays


There aren't many things in life that can't be made better by adding cheese, and the buttermilk ricotta pancake short stack with caramelised banana at Casual Mondays is no exception. The buttery, creamy goodness of these fluffy morsels will soon make this cute café your new fave. Grab a seat for guaranteed good times.

Pilgrims Vegetarian Cafe


You won't find any bacon on your pannies here, but you will find a big fat stack of cushiony soft pancakes with organic butter and maple syrup. If you go for pancakes with the lot (of course you will) you'll also get a generous serve of banana and yoghurt that will make you forget all about the joys of savoury breakfasts.

The Pig & Pastry


House-made bread, delicious coffee and a big focus on locally sourced produce, this cute little café offer pancakes with banana, toasted almonds and the obligatory slosh of maple syrup that glistens under the soft lighting and fills you with allllllllll the joy you could need in the morning.  

Excelsior Jones


This Ashfield café's all-day breakfast menu features a revolutionary take on the good ol’ pancake. Excelsior Jones' sumptuous serving of ricotta hotcakes with pineapple three ways, lime yogurt and toasted coconut—this zesty creation is not to be missed. 

Left Of Field


The hotcakes at Left of Field (thick and fluffy, drizzled with Earl Grey custard, topped with caramelised banana and scattered with maple popcorn) are, quite frankly, begging to be photographed, and eaten, of course. The Earl Grey custard was the star ingredient and thumbs up to management who have taken heed of feedback, serving extra on the side for ultimate drizzley goodness. 


Double Bay

If you think the people watching in Double Bay is good, trust us when we say, the pancakes at Indigo are even better. This melt in your mouth stack, topped with caramelised banana, maple syrup & vanilla whipped mascarpone is all you could ever want and need on any time and any day of the week.

Bread & Circus


Made up of banana, ricotta and biodynamic eggs (helloooo #cleaneating), Bread and Circus’ flourless pancakes, topped with maple syrup, lemon compound butter, caramelised banana AND strawberries, are about as healthy as pancakes get. The best part? They don’t taste healthy at all.

Q Dining


If the thought of swinging by the awesome Q Dining for an early morning carb fix hasn’t crossed your mind, then this could be a total game changer. Serving up breakfast all, erry day, this picturesque spot will have you swooning over their pancakes served with fresh berries and warmed maple syrup. For best results, enjoy alongside a glass of NV Louis Roederer champagne. Because, why the hell not?

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Left of Field | Image credit: Claudia Shmueli

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