20 Things To Do In Brisbane For Under $20

By Catherine Blake
22nd May 2015

Grief and despair in the scant hours preceding payday can be directly correlated to low levels of creativity and fingers off the pulse. Don’t be that guy (the one who blew all their spare cash on Saturday night and is now in the social peasantry until payday), pick yourself up and hit the streets, there’s a veritable motza of stuff to see, eat, and do without having to compromise your swag budget. 

I mean what else are you going to do, sit on the couch and eat Homebrand cereal from the box? Again? 

Don’t be daft, there’s plenty of wondrous splendour to be had for less than it costs to fill up your tank. Hop to it:

  1. Take bae for a Monday-night movie at Palace Cinemas. All tickets $7 so you can treat yo self to a bag of Maltesers. 
  2. Feed the ducks in the botanic gardens with 20 loaves of Wonder White.
  3. Perk up with a coffee from Kiss the Berry, then faceplant into a clean-eating bowl of açaí.
  4. Limber up and de-stress with a lunchtime class at Stretch Yoga
  5. Tuck into some of Nonna’s rosemary and garlic bread at Pizzeria Violetta with a glass of the house pinot grigio.
  6. Swing by Wandering Cooks on Thursday night for cheap and cheerful food truckery.
  7. Unleash your dormant Brazilian groove with a $14 Rio Rhythmics Saturday night 'Latin Mix' dance class. Become a member and the class is only $6 so you can spend the difference on steam-cleaning your best boa.
  8. Rock up to Tomahawk Bar for their Wednesday special: steamed crab claws served on a basket fries with a side of coleslaw and a beery lemon butter dipping sauce. 
  9. Park your Range Rover for two hours in the CBD. 
  10. Get into the competitive spirit of Trivia Tuesdays at Archive Beer Boutique. Just a gold coin entry and access to all the crafty beer your little hearts desire.  
  11. Down four $5 pints at the Rumpus Room and make the most of their Monday special. 
  12. Patronise a budding student with a 30-minute Swedish back massage at the College of Natural Beauty
  13. Get cultural and check out Michael Parekowhai’s exhibition ‘The Promised Land’ at GOMA. Entry is free so you can…(see #14)
  14. Hop over to Spring’s tuckshop and chow into a swift and thrifty power lunch of a wagyu beef burger and skinny chips.
  15. Pick up a 5-pack of gluten-free brownies from I Heart Brownies in the ever-so-dapper Bakery Lane. 
  16. Roll by Botanica and pick up desk-breakfast for you and your cubicle buddy. 
  17. Kick off your pre-game with a signature cocktail from Up on Constance, the rollicking rooftop bar that’s got us tryppin’. 
  18. Have two stress-free meals prepared and delivered by the culinary wizards at Youfoodz
  19. Raise a pulled pork pretzel roll to Duke Wilhelm IV and bier purity at Bavarian Beer Café.
  20. Hoe into one of Miss Kay’s cheeseburgers with some added maple bacon, a side of fries, and soda pop.  

To help you through those times when you’re short on cashola, we’ve partnered with our friends at Nimble to bring you the 20 best things to do in Brisbane for under $20. These lists are researched and recommended by The Urban List and brought to you by Nimble. Still struggling on the cash front? See what Nimble might be able to do for you.

Image credit: Esteban Rivera

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