40 Perfect Spots For Cute Friend Dates In Brisbane

By Siobhan Taylor - 30 Jan 2017

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If the TV show Friends taught me anything, it’s that the holiday armadillo is the most underrated festive character of all time. And also, I guess, that your friends are the most important people in your life. They help you move your furniture (“PIVOT!”), they support your quest for true love (“She’s your lobster!”) and they teach you to love yourself for who you are (“I’m curvy, and I like it!”). But like all relationships, if you don’t put in time and effort it won’t make it past your 30’s. 

Luckily, there’s no shortage of fun things to do with your crew in Brisbane. So whether you’re celebrating your number one gal pal or a budding bromance, here are 40 totally cute date ideas for your friendship. Strap yourselves in, this is a big one!

  1. Nothing beats bonding with a bottle of wine, a painter’s palette, and a clear canvas. Cork & Chroma is good for novices and artistes alike so no matter what your skill level, you and your friends are guaranteed a good time (and fresh new décor for your pad).
  2. Swing by New Farm Deli and Café and purchase a selection of delicious characutire, marinated olives, pecorino and brie, and other continental goods before walking down to New Farm Park to enjoy a riverside picnic.
  3. Take your next Sunday session to extreme heights, with sky-high drinks and tapas at Eagles Nest, Kangaroo Point. Contemplate your most embarrassing drunken moments as you soak in the beautiful sunset view.
  4. Swing by Black Bear Lodge Tuesday through Saturday to check out an extensive range of music, from local indie bands to touring folk and jazz artists.
  5. Order every type of gyoza at Harajuku Gyoza (including the dessert ones!) and get sloppy with sake.
  6. Do a boxing session at West End Boxing Gym and follow it up with acai bowls and smoothies at Miss Bliss Whole Foods Kitchen.
  7. Take advantage of the Brisbane CityCyle program and do the Brisbane river loop. Depending on how ambitious you’re feeling you can choose routes from 5km to 40km!
  8. Relax on the balcony of Alfred & Constance as you sip your way through a cocktail jug (or two or three).
  9. Lace your boots up and go for a hike. Mt Ngungun is a good beginners hike, whilst Mt Tibrogargan is a little more challenging. Follow Brisbane Hikers Guide on Facebook for hot tips and the chance to make even more friends.
  10. Grab a couple of dollars and go treasure hunting at one of Brisbane’s many antique centres – Woolloongabba Antique Centre, Paddington Antique Centre, and Commercial Road Antiques are all treasure troves full of quirky odds and ends.
  11. If you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur, go where the masters go and experience one of the master classes available at Warehouse Barista Training or Coffee Dynamics.
  12. Step off the edge and experience abseiling at Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Or if you’re not so keen on scaling a sheer rock face, checkout Urban Climb West End for indoor climbing.
  13. Learn a new skill at Work Shop – learn to brew kefir, weave flower crowns, and create polymer clay jewellery. Use your new skills to make gifts for each other!
  14. If you enjoy long conversation over breakfast, you can’t go wrong nestling in at Day Made. They do a wicked cuppa joe, but they won’t hook you up to a coffee I.V (I know, I’ve asked).
  15. The Cat Cuddle Café is the first of it’s kind in Brisbane, offering the chance to enjoy not only delicious cakes and quiches from the café, but also quality time getting cosy with some friendly felines on the prowl for a new furever home!
  16. Grab your swimmers and go chasing waterfalls – with so many within easy distance of Brisbane, you and your pal can enjoy the fresh air and get a truly enviable Instragam pic.
  17. For your next wine and cheese night, moo-ve on up to Milton and hit up Fromage The Cow for a dizzying selection of cheeses. The experts will even help you pair your selections with wine, because there can be no amateurs on wine and cheese night.
  18. Sign up for a cooking class at The Golden Pig and learn to make (and then devour) a decadent dessert. Alternatively, recreate a Nigella Lawson classic – the Chocolate Guinness Cake is ridiculously good!
  19. If you head on over to The Fox Hotel on Monday’s you can nab a kilo of saucy buffalo wings for just $10. Make it a game and see who can eat the most without using their hands.
  20. The Brisbane Flower Market are a flora-fans dream. Wander around the stalls, purchase the pick of the bunch, then go home and create intricate arrangements for each other. Watch out for bees.
  21. Eat all of the sweet treats at Same Same. Nothing says true friendship like a proper binge eat sesh...
  22. Try your hand at squash, tennis, or minigolf. Winner gets bragging rights for eternity.
  23. Recreate this iconic scene from Sex in the City and clear out your wardrobe, donating pre-loved outfits to charity. What makes this a friendship date? Taking the time to try on your amazing outfits and dance to Run-DMC. We won’t blame you if you get side tracked and start watching SITC – we’ve all been there.
  24. Tell ghost stories and get spooked out on a Brisbane Ghost Tour. Don’t forget your flashlight and scary voice.
  25. Let your competitive demons come out to play at board game bar, Club Sosay. With over 300 games to choose from you can compete for ultimate bragging rights. My personal recommendations: Articulate, Sequence, Settlers of Catan, and Ticket to Ride.
  26. Brush up your wine knowledge at a Grape Therapy wine tasting. They’ll teach you everything you need to know about tasting wine and pairing it correctly. But just because you’re upgrading, doesn’t mean your goon days are entirely behind you.
  27. Make the drive up to the Eummundi Markets and wander through the stalls looking for a gift that will one day become an inside joke. Cool off afterwards with a swim at Noosa.
  28. Even if you’ve got two left feet, try your hand at a dance class at Mad Dance House. They've got dozens of different classes so you're bound to find one you are both good at.
  29. Visit the One Wybelenna for the ultimate friendship indulgence. Seriously. What could be more relaxing than a great massage?
  30. The Sit Down Comedy Club housed in the Paddo tavern is a Brisbane institution. Check online for the RAW Comedy heats this February – maybe one of your crew could become Australia’s next comedic genius.
  31. Treat your bezzie mate to a dinner date at MisoHapi, because sharing a plate of sashimi is the stuff of lifelong friendships.
  32. Check out the New Globe Theatre calendar for a wide selection of bands, trivia events, themed parties, slam poetry, and wild nights.
  33. If the prospect of watching a cricket match isn’t exciting enough, The Gabba now has a pool! It seems that to get into the prestigious waterhole you need to be randomly selected from the crowd but the hot tip is that if you and your bff come dressed in your best beach attire, you’ve got a better chance at getting picked.
  34. Cruise down the coast and soak up some sunrays together. Soothe your sunburn by stopping in at Justin Lane for pizza and beer as you savour the sunset
  35. Take your best friend and your fur friend to any one of Brisbane’s best dog friendly cafes.
  36. Whip out that cookbook that we know you have somewhere (every house has at least one) and cook a three-course meal together. Full disclosure, cooking together has been known to tear apart relationships, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.
  37. Check out novelty Brisbane bars Holey Moley and Netherworld for the ultimate night out.
  38. Brisbane Powerhouse is a mecca of culture and arts, with a wide range of performances to see, ranging from cabaret, to jazz, to comedy.
  39. Take a cocktail mixing class so that your next evening drinks is a little more Pina Colada, and a little less Passionpop (unless you’re into Passionpop, in which case more power to you!).
  40. Go to the supermarket and buy all your favourite snacks from high school, plant yourself in front of Netflix, and watch an entire season of Friends in one day, because watching Friends with friends is the best way to celebrate friendship. (Okay I’ll stop saying ‘friend’ now….)

Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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