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Here’s Where To Lay Your Eyes On Brisbane’s Coolest Street Art

By Ranyhyn Laine
4th Jul 2019

Brisbane Street Art

As if Brisbane wasn’t good-looking enough already, a bunch of talented street artists went and made it even prettier with their creative masterpieces. From Fortitude Valley, through to New Farm and out to South Brisbane, Brisbane is covered in glorious street art.

To get you out and about in search of these epic canvases, we’ve scoured the streets to bring you some of Brisbane’s best street art. So open Google Maps, plan the perfect route and seek out some eye candy, stat.

Fish Lane

South Brisbane

Fish Lane is such an exciting corner of Brisbane. Not only is it packed full of hidden bars and epic restaurants but it plays canvas to a bunch of unique and edgy pieces of street art. Come with an empty stomach and plenty of storage left on your phone because this the perfect spot to view street art. You'll find work by local legends, Frank & Mimi, Drapl and dozens of up and comers you haven't heard of yet, but will fall in love with instantly. 

The Pillars Project 

South Brisbane 

Before you leave South Brisbane, be sure to take a stroll just a little out of the way to check out The Pillars Project. Each of the concrete pillars of the rail bridge which crosses several blocks has been utilised as a giant canvas, with works from Adnate, Fintan Magee and more. There’s 10 in total, all as impressive as the last, and you can find a full list for your itinerary here

Brisbane Street Art

Brisbane Powerhouse

New Farm

When we mention a cool, cutting edge, modern spot decked out with street art what comes to mind? Probably not a toilet foyer. But, that’s exactly where you can find another installment of Frank & Mimi’s work at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Who knew the bathrooms would be the most exciting part of a venue? The powerhouse is also covered in a whole heap of graffiti, so get your explore on.

Warner Street

Fortitude Valley 

What seems to be an everlasting row of hoarding along Warner Street was transformed into a makeshift art gallery for the Brisbane Street Art Festival this year, and continues to feature some seriously Instagrammable artworks by Kenji Chai, among others. Of course, a wander down any Valley street is going to turn up some incredible street art gems, so don’t stop there—Winn Lane, McLachlan Street and even spots like Ric’s Bar and Bloodhound Bar are home to some pretty impressive works. 

Burnett Lane

Brisbane CBD 

It’s not just Burnett Lane’s new bars and eateries that give off serious Melbourne vibes—the street art you’ll spot along the hidden strip reminds us that Brisbane is serving up spades of cool (possibly even more than our southern counterparts). Multiple artists have made use of the blank walls, and if you continue all the way down to Brew, crane your neck to see the major piece by Guido Van Helton above their underground entrance. 

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Image credit: Aimee Catt

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