20 Things To Do In Brisbane For Under $50

By Sophia McMeekin
30th May 2017



Sometimes it can feel like your can't walk out the front door without breaking a fifty. Barely five minutes after stepping off my stoop I'm spilling coins on Ubers, specialty coffee, and collectible Tazos like there's no tomorrow. This pecuniary rupture is further complicated by a complete lack of self control, and with the currently property bubble toast-shaming us it's high time we got savvy about the stuff in the bank. 

If you thought maintaining this freewheelin' lifestyle would never come cheap, think again: We've found no fewer than 50 ways to keep up that lowkey lavish agenda for just 50 clam and sometimes under:

  1. Swing by Fat Angel Sports Bar on a Wednesday and get five Cuban/Reuben sandwiches. 
  2. Here's a cheap date option for all you fiscally encumbered Romeos: Exhibitions at the IMA are free, and always worth it. Follow this art-filled evening up with $50 worth of ice cream from Shlix.
  3. Seek some thrills, and go abseiling off the Kangaroo Point cliffs for only $45 (or $30 if you're a lucky little student). 
  4. Hit up Remy’s for Sunday hip-hop afternoons. Here's the deal: two-for-one burgers between 3.30pm and 5.30pm, leaving you with plenty of dosh for beers. 
  5. Comfort food and a glass of wine is a winning combo. Get around to Jessie's Girl on a Wednesday night for a $15 parma (chicken or eggplant) and a pot, and then treat yourself to a late session of whatever's showing across the road at the Palace Barracks.  
  6. Avail your ears with some live (and free) tunes at Doo Bop Jazz Bar's Piano Bar, and blow your pineapple on a bottle of vino. 
  7. Try out the banquet at Happy Boy. Just $35 sends you on a spicy gambol around their finest dishes; add a drink and you're still within budget. 
  8. Head to the Powerhouse for a show. Or better yet, catch one of their free performances, and spend your moolah on grilled quail and drinks at Bar Alto.
  9. They say the Brown Snake always looks better at 196.85 feet; take in its full riparian majesty from the peak of the Wheel of Brisbane. It's mighty easy to get choked up though, so remember to bring tissues. 
  10. Grab your pith and set out on gelati safari: one scoop of ice cream from each of Brisbane's best gelato joints.
  11. Catch a band at Black Bear Lodge (if you pick your night right this audial outing will cost you no money at all). And if you want to go crazy you could stop off for an original crispy chicken burger from Lucky Egg
  12. Remeber whe trampolines didn't live inside netted enclosures? Relieve those days of bouncing fast and loose with a jump sesh at Bounce for just $16.90. 
  13. Go for a euphoric tour of the XXXX Brewery for $32 and use the difference on an Uber home. Or create your own brewery tour and go stein-hopping around Brisbane's best craft breweries
  14. Soak up some culture at QAGOMA, then grab some lunch at Hello Please
  15. Play 18 holes of putt putt at Victoria Park for $20 a head. It's open morning, noon, and night to accommodate your all-encompassing putt putt habit, and if you're a student you can play for just $10 on Wednesday nights and treat yourself to $40 worth of Vodka Red Bulls at the RE later. 
  16. Take a day trip to Stradbroke Island. Two can catch the ferry for only $40. That's ten dollars spare for fish and chips.
  17. Make like the Riverdalians and turn into the drive-in! Tickets to the Yatala Drive-In cinema are just $15 for an adult ticket so you can spend the rest on takeaway dinner. 
  18. Get your bowlo on and get your butt down to Merthyr Bowls Club for lawn bowls and lunch. Even throw in some beers and nachos and you'll still have change from your $50. 
  19. Get vertical at Rocksports in the Valley a climbing sesh for just $17. Even if you have to fork out for shoe, chalk, and harness hire, there's still space in the budget for a couple of Clif bars. 
  20. Shout a mate to Salt Meats Cheese's Wednesday special: parmesan wheel pasta. Just $25 per plate of gooey, carby goodness. Or go Dutch and treat yourselves to a glass of vino and some truffle shavings. 

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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