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Brisbane’s Best Market Stalls | 2015

By Ashton Rigg - 14 Feb 2015

Long gone are the days when we went to market, to market to buy a fat pig. These days it’s we who are the plump piggies, sniffing out and gobbling up all the foods.

Our predictably ace weather coupled with a new movement towards conscious consumption means Brisbane markets are always abuzz. 

You’ve got your produce powerhouses at Jan Power’s (now weekly!!) and Davies Park, your fashionable pop-ups at South Bank and the Valley, suitcase rummaging, shipping container snacking and plenty of diversity in the ‘burbs if you’re chasing crocheted or pickled anything. 

Here are our picks for the best market stalls in Brisbane, saluting the growers, pickers, bakers, and makers that make our collective hearts swell with local love. 

I Heart Brownies

Do you heart brownies? We know you heart brownies. Who doesn’t heart brownies?! These sugar-dusted, heart-shaped chocolaty devils are known to sell out quick at Jan Power’s markets. Fill a six-pack with an ensemble of flavours from I Heart Brownies, like salted caramel, Turkish delight or cherry coconut. Then hide it from your family and friends. 

The German Sausage Hut

These wurst are the best, and you don’t even have to wait until Oktoberfest to chomp into a pork knuckle! With a presence at Chandler, Mitchelton, West End and the outside the Treasury Casino on Friday evenings, there are plenty of opportunities to down a kransky smothered in sauerkraut and onions from the German Sausage Hut. Ist gut, ja? 

Potato Slinky

Potato slinkies look innocent enough—spiral-cut, deep-fried potatoes on a stick. Just like fries, right? WRONG. Hashbrowns, French fries, crisps, mash and now slinkies. Is there anything the potato can’t do? I recommend smothering your slinky in chicken salt or nacho cheese seasoning from this Eat Street Market stall. 

Chocolate Komberry Co

People will schlep all the way to the Eat Street Markets to get a Choc Komberry fix. Brisbane’s foremost cronut pusher offers Frisbee-sized deliciousness, from Tim Tam bases to Froot Loop toppings, plus ice-cream stuffed ‘milky buns’ which you can spike with a syringe of salted caramel, Nutella or white chocolate. Their latest frankenfood creation is the suncrodoe: 1/3 sundae 1/3 croissant 1/3 doughnut. Can you even…? 

Nodo Donuts

All doughnuts are pretty chipper, but Jan Power’s stall Nodo Donuts promise to be the ‘friendliest’ around. Nothing but gluten free, organic, all-natural goodness goes into these baked rings. Nodo Donuts come in an assortment of tempting flavours, from cold-pressed coffee with mascarpone frosting to banana bread with toasted pecans and maple cream cheese. 

Bagel Boys

These boys sure know their boiled breads! Along with their permanent Adelaide Street set-up, the Bagel Boys continue to make an appearance at stacks of markets around town, from Rocklea to Eagle Farm. Schmear your bagel with cream cheese, stuff it with smoked chicken, or take a bag just as they are and make your workmates jealous with impressive bagel lunches all week long.

The Goat Pie Guy

The Goat Pie Guy is a legend around the Brisbane stall scene. While their gourmet kitchen is now open in Deagon, you can still visit your favourite pie guy for a Tuscan, Grecian or Jamaican-style goat pie across the Jan Power’s market calendar. 

Phil’s Dumpling Envy 

Oh, Phil. You and your dumplings. Those hot, steamy, hand-wrapped dim sum delights never fail to attract a line of hungry market goers. With a permanent hutch at Eat Street, you know where to look for a container full of love, masquerading as pork, chicken, gluten-free, and rocky-road dumplings 

Bahn Mi Factory

The good people at Bahn Mi Factory reckon their vermicelli bowls are ‘sassy’, and we don’t think there’s a better word for it. Freshly grilled meats, garnishes of coriander, rainbow salads…it’s one big bowl of healthy yumness. Get your hands on rice paper rolls and the namesake bahn mi, as well as noodle soups and laksa at Carseldine, Eagle Farm, and Eat Street markets.  

Polly Pretzel

With the all-American fever that has swept through Brisbane over the past 18 months or so, there has been one thing missing: giant pretzels. The kind of big, soft, cinnamon-covered or cheese-pumped treat that you pay a small fortune for at Disneyland. That was, until Polly Pretzel moved into Eat Street. This lil’ lady cooks up soft pretzels glazed and adorned with sprinkles or slathered with Nutella, alongside classic savoury options that beg to be dipped in sweet chili Philly. 

Grandma’s Kiwi Kitchen

You, dear readers, shouted your love for Grandma’s Kiwi Kitchen from the rooftops (or, at the very least, plastered it on our Facebook page). Setting up shop at the Logan Central Markets, Grandma’s Kiwi Kitchen cooks up kiwi classics like creamed paua puffs, kumara chunks and, yes, ‘fush and chups’. 

Wildfire Woodfired Pizza

Another people’s choice, Wildfire’s handcrafted pizzas at Eat Street are a thing of beauty. This mobile pizzeria serves up authentic Napoletana pizza, dressed in the red, white and green of the Italian flag. The bubbly, charred crust is perfecto—no Doritos crumbled or sausage-stuffed crusts around here, thanks.

That stall where they give you a fruit salad on top of your fresh juice

If you haven’t had a juice from this stall, you can’t call yourself a Brisbanite. Quite possibly one of the most commonly Instagrammed treats in all of the River City, these iconic juices with straws carrying half bananas, great chunks of melon and slices of citrus make passers-by do a double take. You know the one we're talking about. Have your juice and eat it too!

Want more of the best markets in Brisbane? Check out our monthly Brisbane market calendar!

Image credit: Momma 

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