Brisbane’s Best Vegan and Vegetarian Cafes

By Laura Walkley
31st Aug 2015

Bowen Arrow | Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

For far too long, vegans and vegetarians have been left nibbling fries on the sidelines at burger joints, as their carnivorous friends wolf down their dinner with a satisfied grin. Slowly but surely, Brisbane has become more accommodating for the meat and dairy free among us, with plant-based restaurants springing up around the city.

Here’s where to find the best vegan and vegetarian fare in Brisbane:

Lost Boys

Fortitude Valley

The relaxed, leafy café, Lost Boys features a predominately vegan and completely vegetarian menu. The environmental activist owners pride themselves on being carbon neutral with a percentage of their profits donated to various environmental projects. Coffee can be ordered with almond, coconut or soy milk and their iced chocolate even has homemade vegan ice-cream.

Tibetan Kitchen

Spring Hill

While there are some meat dishes on the menu, Tibetan Kitchen caters generously for the vegetarian, with over ten main dishes that are completely meat-free. The Kofta and the Churipi Curry are good enough to turn herbivore for–even if just for the day.


West End

With a whole vegetarian pizza range and mini raw tacos, Vegerama covers its bases for vegetarians in search of a Friday night feast. The vegan black bean burger and sweet potato gnocchi are an absolute hit.

Bowen Arrow Café

Bowen Hills

Bowen Arrow Café makes sure the meat-free never feel deprived, with their epic sweet potato rosti bagel with cashew cream. You’ll also find vegan muffins and cakes, along with a delectable range of sweet vegetarian bagels.

The Bakers Arms


Vegan lasagna, vegan burgers and vegan chocolate cake are all readily available at the very considerate Wooloongabba café, The Baker’s Arms. The homey bakery also thinks of those who are gluten-free, baking lots of their delicious bread and cakes with spelt flour. 

Sol Breads

West End and Fortitude Valley

Pesto-filled croissants and mixed bean calzone are some of Sol Breads specialties, considering the dairy and gluten intolerant alike. The roasted vegetable-filled focaccia beats a meat and cheese sanga any day.

Kiss The Berry

South Bank

Thank god for acai bowls, and the staff at Kiss The Berry who know just how to blend the delicious fruit into the perfect breakfast. These bowls are the best around, with a low sugar option or a slightly naughtier snickers flavored bowl.

Loving Hut

Mt Gravatt

Loving Hut’s deliciously appealing menu is completely vegan, so you can run around like a kid in a candy store, with no need to ask about ingredients. Indulge in some sweet and sour veggie nuggets or go green with the rawsome spaghetti.

The Green Edge Café


Vegans don’t have to skip the big breakfast at The Green Edge Café. With garlic sautéed mushrooms, breakfast potatoes, toasted sourdough and baked beans, there’s not much more a herbivore could dream of.



Even the healthiest vegan craves a burger every once in a while, and Fundies can deliver the goods. With patties ranging from chickpea and quinoa to curried lentil, topped with sauces like hommus and tahini, you’re guaranteed quench your burger thirst.

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