Brisbane’s Absolute Best Vegan Breakfasts

By Catherine Blake
21st Feb 2017

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Given the ubiquitousness of eggs across Brisbane breakfast dishes, a good vegan breakfast can be nigh on impossible to find. There was a time when anyone hoping to find a truly outstanding vegan breakfast outside their own kitchen was dreaming but FORTUNTATELY the powers that be in the Brisbane cafe scene are catching up with the times.

These lip-smackingly delicious feeds really stoke our appreciation for plant-based everything and make dining out a veritable joy.

Here are Brisbane's best vegan breakfasts. Dig in!

Green Bowl At Suburban Café

West End

If you ever wanted to know what it felt like to start your day feeling like a superhuman, this might just get you there. Suburban’s green bowl grabbed our attention not just because the combined forces of broccolini, avocado kale, asparagus, spinach and pistachios are so goddamn good for you but because under their skilful manipulation they taste amazing as well. 

Vegan Waffles At The Lost Boys

Fortitude Valley

Taking that most decadent of breakfast foods, the sweet and crispy waffle, making it not only vegan but gluten free as well, the folks at The Lost Boys have won the hearts of pretty much everyone in Brisbane. With fresh fruit, coulis and coconut ice-cream these waffles are so widely adored they probably deserve their own Instagram account by now.

Snickers Mousse At Mylk + Ko

New Farm

Mousse. For breakfast? That's what I'm talking about! For a healthy start to the day that also sort of feels really, really wrong (in all the right ways), the Snickers mouse at Mylk + Ko is the way to go. A cacao chia mouse, topped with peanut butter cream, butterscotch sauce, banana, cacao pops (yes, peanuts and coconut flakes

Herbivore Bliss Burger at Miss Bliss Wholefoods

West End

Wholly dedicated to the art of clean eating, Miss Bliss’s array of vegan friendly breakfast chow make it an obvious choice. Their nourish bowl or crushed avo with beetroot hummus are sure-fire ways to start the day on a good note, but we can’t get over the Herbivore Bliss Burger. Made with soy-marinated tofu, Asian slaw and cashew cheese just pluck this guy off the all day menu and you’ve got a vegan-friendly breakfast burger.

Mushroom Bun At Nodo Donuts


Best known as the bakery behind the world’s friendliest donuts, Nodo have a well-established rep for catering to all diets. Their menu of vegan shakes are all low-carb, sugar free and certified organic while their all-day menu has something for everyone. This brings me to Nodo’s sen-bloody-sational activated charcoal crumbled mushroom with kale, romesco, caramelised onions, and rosemary garlic cashew cream served on a quinoa bun. Also gluten and refined sugar free.  

Strawberry And Cream Pancakes At Picnic Café

Camp Hill

Our chums at Picnic like to be vegan and gluten free friendly which means we wind up with stuff like these strawberry and cream pancakes. Just the sight of this pink pancake stack gets my heart hammering in anticipation of enlightenment. The pink and fluffy buckwheat pancakes come swimming in strawberries with cheeky dollops of vanilla coyo ice-cream and almond cream.

Vegan Jaffle At Satori Wholefoods


It is a well-respected fact that nothing beats a jaffle, and Satori’s vegan jaffle is no exception to that rule. It’s basically a pizza pocket owing to the tomato and pesto content, but it’s amped up a few notches with some seasonal greens and shallots and then, because it wouldn’t be much of a jaffle without cheese, blown right out of the park with some melty notzarella.

Toasted Quinoa At Putia Pure Foods


Any bircher/porridge fans looking to try something different should look no further than Putia’s toasted quinoa. With granola, pineapple compote, stewed rhubarb and some coconut yogurt this little baby is a protein-packed breakfast joy that will keep you feeling full and sated until lunch.

Mylk + Ko | Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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