Where To Go On A First Date In Brisbane

By Phoebe Grealy
20th Sep 2016


While first dates can be super scary, it’s important to remember one thing: first impressions count and the venue you choose to meet up at is definitely saying something about you. In fact, it’s speaking VOLUMES, so don’t screw it up.

Whether you’ve opted for a quick coffee date or the more traditional bar catch up so you can be lubricated by alcohol, or even if you’ve crazily agreed to a lengthy dinner date (why, you idiot?!), here are some of Brisbane’s best cafes, bars and restaurants that will let your potential suitor know you’re the goods.

Coffee Dates

Although one of my friends is marrying a guy who took her to The Coffee Club on their first date, it’s not an ideal venue choice. Show you’re discerning and that you really know your roasts with one of these cool Brisbane cafes:

King Arthur | New Farm

King Arthur in New Farm is light, bright, friendly and knows how to serve up a good Coffee Supreme brew. The owner’s black Labrador sits outside most days so you can also subtly check if your date is an animal-lover (kind of essential, no?).

Coffee Anthology | CBD

Under the radar coffee gem, Coffee Anthology in the CBD says ‘I know great coffee, but I’m not a wanker’ which is an important message to throw out there early on in the piece. Anthology is also conveniently located a stones throw from the Botanic Gardens and the potential of a romantic walk through the park if all goes well.

Blackstar Coffee | West End

Blackstar Coffee on Thomas Street in West End always serves up a great coffee and always has a whole host of bohemian West End characters on the scene. It’s also one of the only Brisbane cafes open beyond 3pm, which means you can plan an arvo date if you don’t function well in the mornings.

Bar Dates

Bars are a solid date option (Dutch courage is to thank for many a great romance) and these excellent Brisbane bars strike the right balance between a lively atmosphere, while still being able to actually hear each other speak.

Maker | South Brisbane

If you’re hoping to cosy up to your potential bae, tiny bar Maker in Fish Lane is a superb choice for intimacy because it fits only a handful of people at any one time. It also gets top marks for high quality cocktails and wine.

The APO | Fortitude Valley

The bar upstairs at The APO in the Valley offers numerous spots to suit your brand of date. You can order a great selection of red wines and chat standing at the bar soaking in the atmosphere or move outside to the balcony overlooking Bakery Lane for some privacy. The staircase in the middle of the bar is also clearly in eyesight at all times if you need to abort.

Green Beacon Brewing Co | Teneriffe

Green Beacon is a great date option because it offers high quality craft beers in a relaxing, low-key environment. If you time your date right you could also catch some of Brisbane’s best food trucks rolling in including Pizzantica, How We Rolls and King Of The Wings. Essentially, Green Beacon can double as the dinner date without the pressure.

Dinner Dates

Ramen and pho are on trend, but wouldn’t be my first choice for a jittery first date (you don’t want soup all down your new shirt). Simplicity is key at these date-friendly Brisbane venues.

Les Bubbles | Fortitude Valley

There’s only one menu on the item at pretty Parisian-style bistro Les Bubbles (the steak frites) so you don’t have to spend time deliberating over what to get and can put all your efforts toward making good chat. Yay! Just maybe check that your date isn’t vego before making your booking, otherwise they are in for a whole lotta frites.

Eat Street Markets | Hamilton

If you like choice and fun, Eat Street Markets may be more suitable. With oysters, pizza, wings, dumplings and all the desserts on offer from a multitude of food trucks, there’s guaranteed good food and conversation starters all over the place.

Tinderbox | New Farm

HAHAHA Tinder is in the title, which is how you probably met, right? Fortunately Tinderbox on James Street is actually the perfect spot for a first dinner date, too. The great wood fired pizzas, simple but elegant salads, and great range of drinks isn’t going to push anyone out of their dining comfort zone.

Out-Of-The-Box Date Ideas

Want to woo your future significant other with something a bit left of field? A bit…risqué? Then these out-of-the-box ideas are your jam.

Escape Hunt Brisbane | West End

If your idea of a perfect date involves solving a gripping murder and saving Government House from an impending bomb blast then, boy, do we have the date idea for you! Say a sassy ‘bye’ to boring dates over food and a nice, friendly hello to Escape Hunt. Escape Hunt is one of Brisbane’s best Escape Rooms and involves you and your baben’ date fighting crime and taking on mobs and murders. Fictional mobs and murderers, of course.

One Wybelenna | Brookfield

Heaven is a place on Earth at One Wybelenna. If you’ve never been, you’re probably going to lose your mind when you see how breathtakingly beautiful this place is. We’re talking sprawling lawns, infinity pools, spa, stunning architecture and an overwhelming sense of zen. Book in for a day of couples treatments and watch yourself win BF/GF of the year. You’ve earnt it.

Want more great date ideas in Brisbane? Here are 50 things to do (or not do) on a date in Brisbane.

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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