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Roll Up, Here’s Where To Get Melbourne’s Best Cinnamon Scrolls

By Amber De Luca-Tao
12th Feb 2020

Is Melbourne having a cinnamon scroll redux right now? If we look at the facts, it might appear that the answer to that question is yes.

It definitely seems like cinnamon scrolls disappeared from bakery windows at some point. At the same time, doughnuts understandably stole the spotlight and late last year pretzels hit Melbourne in a really big (and pink) way. But if you’ve taken note recently, you’ll realise that the humble cinnamon scroll is ready to bounce, rock, skate and roll back onto the scene.

And the best part is, in Melbourne, some of our city’s finest purveyors of small-batch sweet treats are whipping out more than just their spices—they’re baking each and every batch with tender loving care.

So, now that the cravings have officially kicked in, check out our list of where you can find Melbourne’s best cinnamon scrolls.

Falco Bakery


Falco Bakery comes from the minds behind Bar Liberty and Capitano Collingwood—and they’re absolutely nailing all things cinnamon. Their cinnamon and walnut scrolls are the definition of classic—loaded with the festive spice and embellished with chopped walnuts, all tucked in between the layers. As always, turning up early for your best chance to grab one is advised.

Cinnamon Scrolls


Christmas came early when Cinnamon Scrolls popped up on the corner of Chapel Street and High Street at the end of last year. And they’re flexing the most extensive scroll offering in Melbourne. Think traditional recipe, with non-traditional toppings. You can choose from fifteen flavours including original glaze, kinder surprise, caramel pecan, peanut butter and more. If you’re in the mood to feel spoilt for choice, you know where to go.

Candied Bakery


If you had to sum up the cinnamon scrolls at Candied Bakery, you’d have to say sticky, glossy and addictive. You’ll come for a scroll but stay for a coffee… and don’t be surprised when someone tells you that there’s icing all over your face after just a few bites. Without a doubt, this crew can absolutely claim one of the best (and biggest) scrolls in the business.

Beatrix Bakes

North Melbourne

One green door, many, many cakes. After all, their motto is, “we beat, you eat”. As one of Melbourne’s smallest bakeries, they’re simultaneously bursting at the seams with love… and sweetness. And their fluffy and bouncy scrolls are a must-try. So far they’ve pumped out fresh blueberry scrolls, blood plum scrolls, all topped with a devilishly good, thick lemon sour glaze. Who knows what we might expect from Beatrix Bakes next.

Hunted And Gathered


If one thing’s for sure, Hunted and Gathered know their way around feel-good chocolate. And there’s no denying that the team running the chocolate warehouse know their way around delicious pastries too, in particular their rolled-up handfuls of yeasty goodness. At the moment they’re whipping up batches a few days a week, so if you’re looking to grab a scroll on a certain day, you can always call up before you visit.

Mork Chocolate

North Melbourne

Okay, so Mork Chocolate aren’t slinging cinnamon scrolls, they’re serving up Swedish cinnamon and cardamom buns. The two different types of baked goods may have their subtle differences, but all you need to know is that their hybrid bun is loaded with cinnamon, butter and cardamom sugar and you’ll love every bite. You can get yourself one (or ten) from the brewhouse and select stockists.

For more of the best Melbourne has to offer, head to our Best Of Guides section.

Image credit: Cinnamon Scrolls

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