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Sip On 10 Of The Best Espresso Martinis In Melbourne

By Matt Carey
17th Oct 2019

Best espresso martinis auckland

Espresso and cocktails; no one in the world celebrates their existence and blends them together as well as Melbourne does. That’s why we’ve brought you a list of 10 of the best and most quirky espresso martinis Melbourne has to offer. 

Om Nom


As one of Om Nom’s signature creations, the Salted Caramel Cracking Espresso has the lot; vanilla vodka, cold-press espresso, Kahlua and caramel chocolate foam on top that is nitro-frozen upon serving. Why would we expect anything less from a kitchen that specialises in creating fantasy desserts?


Fitzroy North

For a cosy date in Melbourne’s north, head to LongPlay. If their charming booths and Mediterranean-inspired shared plates don’t win you over, their espresso martini just might. Their variation stays largely true to the classic but adds Frangelico into the mix for a hazelnut tinge that’s sure to delight.

Mr Miyagi


If grazing on some Japanese fare and vibrant cocktails are high on your agenda, drop into Mr Miyagi. Their Cold Drip Martini has taken a classic and shaken things up, with shochu and sake taking the place of the traditional Kahlua and vodka double whammy. Coffee is still at the heart of this cocktail, but it’s the white chocolate foam that will leave you pleasantly surprised. 

Milk The Cow

St Kilda

Coffee and cheese don't seem like perfect partners but Milk the Cow has found a way to blend them in harmony. Their "Espresso Flip" throws the classic out the window and garnishes their creation with BellaVitano espresso cheese. The cheese is hand-rubbed with a custom-roasted coffee blend and boasts butterscotch and caramel notes to complement the martini.

Taxi Kitchen


Next time you’re in Federation Square, head to Taxi Kitchen for an Espresso Martini that hits the nail right on the head. Made with Ketel One Vodka and the addition of White Crème De Cacao, we can’t even espresso how good this one tastes. 



Have you ever sipped your espresso martini and thought, you know what this needs? An infusion of Vegemite. Well, the crew at Galah has, and they've created the Brekki Espresso so you never have to wonder again. Throwing in a couple of dashes of vegemite bitters, along with Baxter Vodka, cold drip coffee and butter foam to create a unique and very Australian cocktail that is far from ordinary. 

Lui Bar


As always, Lui Bar has taken things to the next level (55 levels to be exact). Their take on the espresso martini–The Vodka Pour Over, features Ketel One filtered through single estate coffee and ice. As well as the coffee hit, you get hints of white and dark chocolate, making this one smooth experience. Add to that the incredible view of the city from the Rialto, and you’re in for quite an evening. 

The Fancy Parrot

Ascot Vale 

At The Fancy Parrot, you can count on a cocktail list that takes the classics and enhances them with some flowery touches. Their Perky Pepe twists the classic Espresso Martini by switching out vodka and sugar for Plantation rum and condensed milk to create a beverage with as much character as its name.  

Archie Brothers


There’s not a whole lot special about Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq’s Espresso Martini besides the fact that it’s garnished with a Magnum ice-cream. This arcade and entertainment complex proves itself as an ideal playground for adults with this comical invention that’s so arbitrary, it’s actually appealing.

Boilermaker House


Sure, Boilermaker House may pride itself on serving up quality beer and malt whiskey, but we’ve found that they can produce a few quality cocktails as well. Try their signature cold Irish Coffee with Jameson Whisky, demerara, cold brew and vanilla cream for a drink that isn’t quite an Espresso Martini but will still satisfy the same way.

If you're not an espresso martini fan, check out Melbourne's best craft breweries.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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