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Melbourne’s Best Bagels

By Ellen Seah
9th Feb 2018


If you’re afraid of carbs, cold cuts and/or cheese, look away now. Some of Melbourne’s best bagels are loaded with carbs and sandwiched between one of the most calorie-heavy bread options in the world. Needless to say, this isn’t diet-friendly food (but we don’t care). Here are Melbourne’s best bagels.

5 & Dime


A hop away from Southern Cross station, 5 & Dime cafe is a pint-sized bakery. Bagel varieties are plentiful, with most sold out by the end of the CBD lunch rush. Spreads vary from seasonal fruit to bacon maple chipotle, and pre-designed bagel combinations are available for those overwhelmed with hole-y choices. You can watch these chewy, dense breads as they’re handcrafted, boiled and baked in the glass-walled kitchen.     

Mile End Bagels


You could argue Melbourne’s demand for bread doesn’t have room for another bagel-specialised bakery, but owners Ben Vaughn and Michael Fee aren’t scared of a little competition. There are no shortcuts here: Mile End Bagels are baked in a wood-fired Canadian stonemason and boiled in honey water for a slightly sweeter aftertaste. We’ve got a hole-lotta love for the bacon, egg salad, butter lettuce and tomato combo. It’s like the childhood lunch we never had.

Glick’s Bakery

Balaclava, Bentleigh, Caulfield South & Malvern

Glick’s Bakery produces some of Melbourne’s best bagels, hands down, full-stop. Operating for over 40 years, their five locations (and persistent lines) are a testament to Melbourne’s love for these gloriously chewy goods. Prices will barely make a dent in your purse, but if you’re too lazy to gather bagel supplies, head to Five Points Cafe in the CBD for Glick’s Bakery bagels with ingredients like pulled pork, Asian slaw and tangy BBQ sauce.

Bowery To Williamsburg


If you’re in need of a hump day morning boost, make a beeline for Bowery To Williamsburg. Home to the inaugural haloumi bagel, with a fried egg, swiss chard and salsa verde, no one can have a bad day when it starts off this delicious. DIY bagels like pumpernickel and the “everything” bagel are also available, with a wide spread of schmear options.

Schmucks Bagels


Despite America’s borderline obsession with bagels, these circular baked goods are widely considered to have origins from a Jewish community in 17th century Poland. For traditional Polski bagels, head to Schmucks Bagels. The menu reads like a classic Melbourne cafe—with the addition of bagels (of course). Take the Avo Our Way, with smashed avo, lemon, picked red onion, capers and herbs. 

Brown Bagels


This small cafe has just two communal tables, but patrons don’t seem to mind come lunch hour. With lines stretching onto the pavement, Brown Bagels keeps their menu short ‘n sweet for a focus on takeaway. From the never-fail smoked salmon and chive cream cheese, to a classic BLT bagel, Brown Bagels is some hole-y takeaway. 

Huff Bagelry

Carnegie & Mentone

They keep it pretty simple at Huff Bagelry, and with stores in both Carnegie and Mentone, you're pretty well covered in the south east. With a massive range of house-made bagels, and tons of ingredients to throw on them, you'll never go wanting after a visit.

Brunswick is a micro cafe doing good things for the community, and it's brought to you by the team from Crêpes For Change. Get a load of their stuffed-to-the-brim bagels, which cop a schmear from a rotating selection.​

Round The Way


If you like your bagels with a side of good old-fashioned truck-stalking, Round The Way bagels is for you! This four-wheeled food truck dishes out some of the freshest New York-style bagels in Melbourne. Fillings are unapologetically rich, like their double trouble Czech 1-2 bagel burger (goodbye diet), served with Cevapi beef and lashings of American cheese. The permanent Round The Way cafe is located in Ballarat, when you’re inevitably addicted.

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Image credit: 5 & Dime via Instagram

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