Wrap Two Hands Around The Best Sandwiches In Melbourne For 2023

By James Shackell
27th Apr 2023

Melbourne burgers had their time in the sun, but there’s only so much magic you can make with beef, cheese and brioche. Sandwiches are much more interesting. Oozy tuna melts on dark rye, dripping hoagies stuffed with roast lamb and garlic yoghurt, triple-stacked Reubens that hurt your jaw, crunchy alfalfa sprouts and fluorescent beetroot—there’s a lot you can do between two slices of bread. But with the recent boom in the handheld meal, it can be hard to identify the best sandwiches in Melbourne. 

We'll, fear not, because we’ve narrowed down the best sandwiches in Melbourne for 2023.



A newcomer to what could unofficially be known as Melbourne's sandwich strip, Hifi know their thing or two around a sandwich (as well as a shake and coffee). You can't go wrong with anything on the menu here, though you'd be silly to skip past that hefty mushroom ragu number, or their fancy take on a fillet-o-fish.

A cheesy toastie from Hifi, considered one of the best sandwiches in Melbourne.

Sloppy Joe's Deli


After a run in Bentleigh, the team at Sloppy Joe's Deli has relocated to the CBD, servicing the suits and ties with some damn hefty sandwiches, bagels and doughnuts. The Collins Street locale is dishing out several future-classics that are quickly becoming brunch and lunch go-to's for many a citysider; the truffle mushroom melt is a great place to start, as is the weighty fried chicken sanga and loaded bagels.

A man holding a large bagel and one of Melbourne's best sandwiches in a white tshirt.

Kelso’s Sandwich Shoppe


Want a big slice of retro? One bite of the Tuna Melt from Kelso’s in Abbotsford and you’re back in the 1970s reading Kafka next to a lava lamp. Owners Jon Farrell, Brendan Kennedy and Kitty Kelso have created something special throughout the entire menu, but there's one sanga that people just won't shut up about: the tuna melt. Think tuna, mayo, house pickles, red onions and cheese, grilled between two slices of yeasty dark rye. It’s the rye that makes this one of the best sandwiches in Melbourne for 2023.

Stan's Deli


Stan’s is best described as a modern, 2023. all-day American diner that leans on New York-style delis of the old world for both the food and aesthetic. OG luncheon meats like mortadella are folded comfortably alongside olives and artichokes within your sandwich, while there are also more contemporary offerings like the pork and fennel sausage muffin—available in the AM with a hot coffee, of course. No doubt some of the best sangas on the southside for.

One of the best spots for sandwiches in Melbourne in 2023, Stan's.

Black Gold


Black Gold specialises in the art of toasted sangas, and damn do these things slap. They're the type of toastie that when it's handed to you, you question if you've been given two with how heavy they are. Crowd favourites like the spicy tuna melt and Rueben can be found splattered across the Instagrams of Richmond locals, and when they look this good, you can understand why. For some of the best sandwiches Melbourne has in 2023, look no further.



The gang behind Reverence Coffee Roasters has opened up a sandwich outpost to service Southbank's brunch and lunch-goers. The sangas are no-joke, either, with  Palermo’s head chef, Michael “Mikey” Dalton curating what's served up. Highlights include, but certainly aren't limited to a roast beef number with a rogan josh dipper on the side, a sizable tuna melt aptly named The Big Tuna, and a roast cauliflower sanga layered with tamarind chutney, pickled red onions, rocket and green chilli sauce.

Hector’s Deli

Richmond, South Melbourne, Fitzroy

When Hector’s Deli opened in Buckingham Street, some people wondered if anyone would notice. Buckingham Street is not exactly Times Square. How good could these sandwiches really be? Turns out: very good. People queue on Sunday mornings for the Chicken Schnitty, which has become Hector’s signature stack in 2023. One crumbed free-range chicken schnitzel, homemade tarragon butter, iceberg lettuce and ‘secret mayo’ (probably aioli) on a Baker’s Delight steamed white bap. That’s it. Nothing flashy or fancy, but the fresh-fried chicken and that tarragon butter fuse into some element unknown to science, I’m telling you. Get in early: the best sandwiches in Melbourne tend to sell-out by 1pm.

A potato roll with a large piece of chicken inside.



Turns out this charmer of a wine bar also does a mean sandwich. At Greta, several European-style sandwiches are on offer, including rare roast beef, mortadella and three cheeses. You'll find the tried and tested Axil Coffee by the machines, though the bold will pair their sandwich with a glass of something light and bright no matter the time of day.

Raph’s Deli 


Boasting great coffee, tasty sangas and good times, Raphs is the latest sandwich hotspot to open in Abbotsford in 2023. Whether you’re looking for a hangover cure or just a mid-week snack, you can’t go wrong with the truffle cheese toastie. It’s oozing with a combination of Gruyere, mozzarella and cheddar, as well as a delicious dose of truffle. It’s no wonder this is one of the best sandwiches Melbourne has.

Nico's Sandwich Deli

Fitzroy, CBD, Brunswick East

If you search “best sandwiches Melbourne 2023” you’re bound to come across Nico's. Since opening their roller door down a Fitzroy side-street, it's clear their sandwiches have become as iconic as that glary, royal blue facade. It's far from smoke and mirrors at Nico's though, the owners have a long lineage in the hospo scene which comes out in their creations. The chicken schnitty is a no-brainer, but those who align with the flexitarian lifestyle should certainly give the mushroom sub a run. 

One of the best sandwiches in Melbourne, a chicken schnitzel roll from Nico's.

Falco Bakery


Falco is the perfect place to take a break from the chaos of Smith St. Once you step inside you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to the golden days of old-school bakeries and corner stores. It’s a small batch-focused bakery with some of the best sandwiches Melbourne has. 

Saul's Sandwiches

Bentleigh, Hawthorn, Carnegie, Balaclava

We aren't sure when Saul's will stop opening new stores, and with sangas like below, we wouldn't be complaining if we saw that iconic logo on a corner of every inner-city Melbourne suburb. The 2023 menu differs slightly depending on which locale you're visiting, but you could and should keep an eye out for their Philly cheesesteak and their take on a chicken parma—in bread, of course. 

a large sandwich filled with chicken and cheese, held in two hands.

Ollie's Deli


Making noise from their Footscray stronghold, Ollie's Deli is bringing a bite of Melbourne's heaving deli-sandwich scene to the Western suburbs. While the menu might be light, the sandwiches are anything but. The heavy hitters flying out the door are the BCF (Buttermilk fried chicken) with a thick piece of buttermilk panko-fried chicken on a milk bun with pickles and house-made sauce. Another clear fan favourite is the pastrami a homage to the traditional Reuben with thick-cut rye bread, sauerkraut, American cheese and Ollie's secret sauce. Without a doubt some of the best sandwiches Melbourne has.

Hugo’s Deli 


Opening at the end of 2021, Hugo’s Deli has quickly become a local fave in Richmond. In fact, if you’re on Swan Street pretty much anytime before 2:30 pm, you’ll notice a crowd of people standing out front. Hugo’s is all about New York and Japanese-style sandwiches served alongside specialist coffee, exactly the combo that Melburnians love. For one of the best sandwiches Melbourne has in 2023, order the fried chicken. It’s freshly crumbed daily and fried to order, and is served on shokupan bread with plenty of sauce, pickles and cheese.


CBD, Docklands 

Inspired by the panini shops in Italy, including the world-famous All’Antico Vinaio in Florence, co-owners and family Peter Mastro and Frank Bressi opened Saluministi back in 2016. It has since expanded to a second store in Flinders Lane, and once you try the panini you’ll understand why it’s been so popular. Our personal fave is the porchetta roll, stuffed with slow roasted pork, artichoke paste, pecorino and rocket, like all Italian cooking, it’s simple but packed with flavour.

Applehead Deli


Just off Nepean Highway in Menton, you’ll come across a charming white brick NYC-style deli called Applehead. There’s a range of amazing sandwiches that you can eat in or take away, as well as a small grocer packed with the best coffee and treats you can take home. The classic pastrami sandwich is definitely a highlight, featuring cheddar, deli mustard, slaw, and house mayo. You can also pick up excellent coffee or freshly squeezed OJ on the side.

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Image credit: Annika Kafcaloudis

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