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Assemble Your Crew, These Are Melbourne’s Best Escape Rooms

By Clare Acheson
4th Feb 2020

Remember when an adventurous night out meant a couple of lukewarm pints consumed in a pub that was two suburbs away from your house? Not anymore, thanks to the recent influx of puzzle and escape rooms.

But which is the best escape room in Melbourne? We think there's at least several. Here’s a comprehensive list of our pick o' the litter—from Alice In Wonderland themed escape rooms to AI puzzle rooms that require you to hack your way out—worth checking out in Melbourne. Puzzle hounds, you’re welcome.



Trapt is your classic horror escape room, and one of the first in Melbourne’s CBD. This basement venue is a hive of mystery and intrigue, pairing creepy prison and biohazard themed rooms with a whimsical Alice In Wonderland experience.

Better yet, they serve tasty cocktails, beer, and Crust pizzas in their decadent bar area, giving you an excuse to stick around after you’ve managed to make your way out.



Tucked inside of Strike Bowling, Cubescape is an entirely unique escape room with a digital twist. We can’t tell you too much about this one, but it’s certainly one of the most impressive puzzle experiences we’ve ever experienced.

A little bit 2001: Space Odyssey, a little bit Bond, it definitely needs to be on your must-do list.


South Yarra & Hawthorn

Love yourself some south side sleuthing? Rush Escape Room in South Yarra has three incredible escape rooms that each offer completely different experiences.

From a Da Vinci code-inspired challenge to shipwreck survival skills, to Mission: Impossible bank breaks, the Rush team will have you bamboozled for the entirety of your hour’s gameplay.

Rush' newest escape rooms in Hawthorn feature a Saw-inspired escape game called Hacksaw that's well worth checking out.

ERM – Escape Room Melbourne

Flemington & South Melbourne

Melbourne’s first escape room has now branched out with a South Melbourne sister, and it’s as good as the Flemington original. 

Break the code at the Sherlock Holmes-esque room, use your smarts to escape the magician’s lair (a must-do for Harry Potter fans) and break out of a mining nightmare with the collective brainpower of you and your mates.

LOST Australia Station


If you’re looking to take your escape room experience to the next level, LOST’s tech-savvy rooms are nothing short of epic.

With four rooms that are currently open and another two on their way, the LOST team can accommodate up to ten people in a single room, making it perfect for group get-togethers…if you like the idea of hanging out with your mates in Alcatraz, or while solving the curses of the Ming Dynasty.

The Mystery Rooms


If getting your medieval on is your kinda thing (GoT fans, this one’s for you), The Mystery Rooms’ medieval puzzle room will have you frothing.

Not one for the chainmail? The Fitzroy enterprise’s outlaw-themed room and Tomb Raider experience are also 100% worth it.

Escape Experience


You might not think there’d be a puzzling af escape room in the ‘burbs, but Oakleigh’s Escape Experience is serving up the sort of brain-teasers that would baffle even the most seasoned pro.

We’re head over heels for their burlesque themed room—can you figure out why stars keep disappearing? 

Ukiyo Melbourne


Ukiyo has been around the escape room circuit for a little while now, but what's great about this haunt is that the themed rooms are often updated.

Currently, room one is titled The Crumbling Prince, and it's primed for Harry Potter, Zelda and Studio Ghibli fans alike. Room two, Deep Space Two, has you working to break the code with your friends in a next level, multi-medium experience. 

Adventure Room


Could this be the best escape room in Melbourne? Maybe. It's probably the hardest. With over 70% of punters failing to escape, Adventure Room best suited to the strategic types out there.

There are three rooms to work your way out of: a classic horror escape room titled The Black Queen, an escape hunt style room called The Gaol Break and their OG room The Mad Scientist.

Woodbury Escape Rooms

South Melbourne

If you're looking for a horror escape room, you can't go past Woodbury. From a Chucky themed escape to a serial killer's basement, the team at Woodbury has gone all out.

The experiences have a huge focus on collaboration, so pick your teams wisely if you plan on taking out the win.

Red Herring


Red Herring is a unique escape hunt experience different from your lock and key break-out job. Think a mixed-medium escape that incorporates a healthy dose of AI intertwined with the more traditional escape room capers. You'll also score a cocktail on arrival, and you don't need to crack any codes for that. 

Image credit: Ukiyo

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