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10 Perth Breweries You’ll Be Drinking At This Summer

By Kirsty Petrides - 01 Nov 2016

Perth Breweries

‘Summer and beer’ are two things that just go hand in hand, aren’t they? Like ‘movies and popcorn’ or ‘vacuuming and wine’.

So given everybody’s favourite season is just around the corner, we’ve found 10 Perth breweries for you to perfectly pair the summer sunshine with.

Indian Ocean Brewing Company


If you have a thirst for the exotic and a tank full of petrol, make the drive up to Mindarie and visit the Indian Ocean Brewing Co. Some of their craft beers include a Vietnamese-style street beer; a German-inspired Kolsch; and an American pale ale. They also have a great laid-back outdoor area where you can enjoy the sunshine, great food and top-notch beats.

The Monk


This brewery in the heart of Fremantle make so many variations of preservative-free beer, you might struggle to pick what you want a pint of. Luckily The Monk do tasting paddles, so the only tough decision you’ll have to make is what spot on their sun-drenched deck you’d like to sit in.

Mash Brewery

Henley Brook

Mash has a world-class, locally built craft brewery in the Swan Valley, serving up an impressive range of naturally brewed beers (and delicious food too, we might add.) Yes, its in the Swan Valley, so it’s a bit of a commute, but we promise it’s worth it. The brewers even let you in on the action, offering you the chance to sit and watch them do their thing in the 1200-litre brewing system that’s nestled behind the bar. Beers AND learning. Win win.

Feral Brewing Co


Everyone knows Feral Brewing Co, but did you know that they are 100 per cent family owned and operated, and have won more craft beer awards than you can poke a stick at? Feral like to push the boundaries a bit, experimenting with all types of exotic hops, spices and fruits to create unique, full flavoured beers. They usually have about 16 on tap, which are constantly changing - so it’s best to visit fairly regularly so you can sample all of them, right?

Northbridge Brewing Company


This multi-million dollar microbrewery is easily one of Northbridge’s best watering holes. Along with the ability to produce 150,000 litres of beer per year, Northbridge Brewing Company has a two-storey bar and delightful balcony perfect for enjoying your bevvy in the warm summer sun.

The Old Brewery


Obviously, if you’re keen to get to a brewery in Perth, then The Old Brewery is a mighty good choice. Not only do they produce some fantastic seasonal beers that you can enjoy whilst taking in unrivalled views of the river; they also refuse to use artificial chemicals or preservatives during their brewing process, which means their beer is free from all that nasties that give you a hangover.  Yes, we have interpreted this as ‘drink all the beer you want and not get a hangover the next day.’ Result.

Ironbark Brewery


This microbrewery boasts a rotating menu of seasonal beers and ciders, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Ironbark Brewery also has a very handsome beer garden, perfect for lapping up the summer sun whilst sipping on their award-winning beers and chowing down on their woodfired pizzas. Day made.

The Generous Squire


The home of internationally renowned James Squire beer, The Generous Squire is situated right in the heart of the Perth CBD on Shafto Lane. The perfect spot for a beer after work on a warm summer evening, they even offer the ‘Shafto’s Reward’ – a special bitter that’s brewed fresh on site. That ought to make you feel special.

Little Creatures


A very obvious but very necessary recommendation. What first started as just a group of mates wanting to make some awesome pale ale, Little Creatures has now become such a quintessential WA institution, you get all proud and patriotic as soon as you set foot through the door. They've got everything you need for a ripper sunny day – good beer, good eats and good times.

South Fremantle Brewing

South Fremantle

While they don’t technically have their own bar just yet, South Fremantle Brewing scrapes in to our list for being a brand new local brewery to watch out for.  They’ve only just launched and are already on tap at Freo favourite, Percy Flint’s Boozery and Eatery. Given that they too started as just a couple of mates wanting to make beer (sound familiar, Little Creatures?) we reckon they might be the next big thing. You heard it here first, folks.

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Northbridge Brewing Company | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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