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15 Of The Best Hidden Bars In Perth

By Sarah Joanna Pope
1st Apr 2019

Exterior of Strange Company with white walls and a blue garage door half way up

Leave your ‘mainstream’ bars behind you and head on underground for some of Perth’s finest hidden drinking establishments.

That’s right, we’ve rounded up the best of this city’s alleyway, basement, attic and side street bars for all your covert drinking ops. 

Here are Perth's most hidden bars.

Goody Two's

Perth CBD

Whether you’re looking for an insane collection of Japanese whiskey, a place to dance the night away or some out-of-this-world bar snacks, Goody Two's in Hibernian Place is where you need to be. Once you've found the place, check out the risque vending machine in the bathroom. 


Perth CBD

Hidden away underneath the old 1907 on Queen Street, Caballitos is mixing some of the best cocktails in town alongside THE tastiest Mexican food. Get yourself a lagerita and some tacos and call it a day. 

Alfred's Pizzeria

Perth CBD

Tucked away from the city shoppers, Alfred’s Pizzeria is an underground prohibition style bar perfect for late night eats, cocktails, rock and roll and outlaws. The perfect place to hire a hit-man.

Halford Bar


Housed in the old safe room of The Treasury building, Halford Bar is an elegant velvet-laden late night lounge suited for nightcaps, live music and secret rendezvous.

Sneaky Tony's


Any good booze hound knows about this sneaky little cocktail joint. Get your hands on the password, find Sneaky Tony's clandestine entrance and all the rum will be yours.

Alabama Song


Slinging greasy American fare, cocktails and rye whiskey, Alabama Song is the most satisfying legal thing that can be found in an alleyway.

Joe’s Juice Joint


The final destination of any Northbridge bar crawl, Joe’s Juice Joint is the place to make mistakes. Or dance. Whatever you fancy.

Strange Company


Away from the hustle and bustle, low-key small bar Strange Company is easy to miss. Which is a shame, because this baby doesn’t deserve to be put in a corner.

Mechanics Institute


Perth’s best small bar is but an alleyway entrance away. Head to Mechanics Institute for cocktails, burgers and bloody marys on the deck.

Ezra Pound


Urban laneway drinking at its finest, Ezra Pound is still the best place to brown-bag a beer on the down-low.

The Jazz Cellar

Mount Hawthorn

Perth’s best cloak-and-dagger jazz venue is still as awesome as ever. Enter the hidden red phone booth at The Jazz Cellar and be transported to the jazz age.

Varnish On King


Beneath stylish King Street, Varnish on King is a sophisticated underground whiskey den that packs a serious punch.



One of the first hidden gems to appear in Perth, Helvetica is still a damn fine choice for top-secret whiskey drinking.



A prohibition-style basement bar underneath St George’s Terrace, Bobeche is a dimly lit drinking haven with sultry charm.

The Laneway Lounge


Classic cocktails, experimental mixtures and live music await you at The Laneway Lounge.

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Strange Company | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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