Line Up For Perth’s Most Coveted Dim Sum Restaurants

By Holly Nicholls
1st Sep 2019

Perth's Best Dim Sum

Whether you’re in it for the ultimate Sunday hangover cure or you just really like pork buns, dim sum is basically brunch from the Chinese Gods. It's also just about the only time deep-fried, steamed, stir-fried and baked goodies will all arrive at your breakfast table simultaneously, and via a trolley no less.

All you need do is to go hungry, go early and for goodness sake, don’t wear anything white or tight because you will over order and you will over eat.

Here are our favourite places to get dim sum in Perth.  

Northbridge Chinese Restaurant


There’s an easy way to avoid the crowd that lingers on Roe Street from 10am on a Sunday. Northbridge Chinese Restaurant is serving up all the delicious dim sum faves everyday of the week. Now for the real problem; to salt egg bun or not to salt egg bun. That is the question.

Little China Girl


You’ll find your late night yum cha fix at Northbridge’s Little China Girl. This super cool spot is open until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights, and they get back up again at 10am most days to service the early birds too. The menu boasts everything from salted egg yolk lava buns and BBQ pork pineapple buns to all the pan-fried, deep-fried and steamed dumplings under the sun.

Wang’s Treasure House


Team north knows exactly what we’re talking about. Team south, trust us. You need to drive to Morley for the baked BBQ pork buns alone. But please, don’t all go at once. The lines at Wang's Treasure House are already unmanageable.

Authentic Bites Dumpling House


This isn’t your traditional dim sum joint but if you just need to satisfy a dumpling craving ABDH is the place to go. In our opinion, this is where it’s at for Perth’s best xiao long bao… and kimchi dumplings and... and wontons in spicy sauce... oh forget it. Everything here is freakin’ delicious. Be warned though, there’ll be a line and they run out of pork buns quickly.

Canton Bay


One of our favourites for dim sum in Perth because no matter how long the crowd is lurking outside (and there will be a line), you never feel rushed here. A table at Canton Bay is the golden ticket to dim sum and a sure thing for a perfect Sunday brunch. Hot tip: park in the Wilson car park next door to reduce unnecessary walking time—you’ll thank us after when you’re so full you can’t walk properly.



Sometimes we like our dim sum fancy, and that's when we head to Silks at Crown. Using WA produce, the menu features tasty morsels like the Prawn Black Gold Dumpling that’s dusted with gold leaf, XO Turnip Cake and Beef Siu Mai made with grass-fed beef. The best time to get your hands on the goodness is at lunch, when their $45 Set Yum Cha and $55 Ultimate lunch Yum Cha menus are in action and you can fill your tummy with truffle spring rolls and char-sui roasted toothfish.

Dragon Palace


Probably the biggest on the list, Dragon Palace is not for the faint hearted. Strap yourself in for the sensory overload that is Sunday dim sum on Francis Street. This is as loud and bustling as a train station in Hong Kong, but the treats coming off the steamer are well worth the experience, we promise.

Imperial Court


Imperial Court dishes up some of our favourite siew mai, har gow and char leong in town, and all while sitting outside. Finally, a dim sum joint in Perth remembered we have the best weather and is making the most of it.

Canton Lane


Not to be confused with Canton Bay in Northbridge, Canton Lane is the clever cat doing durian mochi balls. If that's not enough to get you there, they also do the best salted egg yolk buns, sweet potato buns and of course, BBQ pork buns.

Silver Seas Chinese Restaurant


If ever you have felt more like a dumpling than an adult, Silver Seas is for you. Eat your weight in generously portioned dough filled with all the things (they’re steamed, so they’re healthy right?). Roll away in utter glee ‘cause you’re winning at life.

Emma’s Seafood And Dim Sum Restaurant

East Victoria Park

If you’re yet to discover all of the glorious Asian flavours along Albany Highway, you need to. Stat. And where better to start than at Emma’s. We don’t know who Emma is, but if she could teach us some of her tricks when it comes to dim sum that’d be great, because this is definitely some of the best in Perth.


Perth CBD

Think aunties from Hong Kong meets hipsters with iPads from Perth and you’ve got BamBamBoo. For the dim sum sceptics out there, this is the place to start. Clean as a whistle and seriously modern, a lunchtime toe-dip into the delicious world of siew mai at BamBamBoo is all you need to become a full-blown dim sum addict.

Fortune Five Chinese Restaurant


Give us a lazy Susan, a pile of soft shell crab and a couple of egg tarts for breakfast and call it a day. This is clearly the pathway to success and old mate Fortune Five is all over it (so are the million people crowding around the front door so a low to mild hangover is recommended!)

Want more? Here's our pick of Perth's best bao.

Image credit: Emma Bryant

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