The Best Bowls Of Laksa To Slurp Down In Perth

By Anna Franklyn

laksa in Perth

Laksa is the ideal way to treat yourself on a cool day. You can feel it warming up your insides as you sip away at the spicy goodness. And then you get to the oodles of noodles at the bottom—noodles make everything better. We love the traditional coconut milk broth with prawns, chicken, fish balls and tofu puffs. But we’ve also found some other delicious and modern variations to please any craving.

Now you’re probably drooling, so here are 15 places dishing out the best laksa in Perth.

Noodle Inn

West Perth

Noodle Inn’s laksa has been a favourite in Perth for years—it has just the right amount of spice and the servings are huge. Plus, the tofu in this dish is all sorts of crazy delicious. Even if you don’t like tofu you will love this, trust us.

The Red Chair


The Red Chair is in the Crossways building in Subiaco and while it’s not the most inspiring place to sit, the laksa is seriously some of the very best in Perth. You can get chicken, seafood or vegetarian and whatever you decide on, you can expect it to be chock-full of that plus loads of veggies. They’re only serving it at lunch so it’s the perfect way to break up the working day.

Sedap Place

East Victoria Park

The menu at Sedap Place is rocking four different types of laksa. There's the traditional and curry laksa varieties as well as the Laksa Volcano and laksa with maccha curry chicken. You can't really go wrong, so just plan to go back another three times to try them all. 

Spencer Village Food Hall


Neil Perry once said that Spencer Village Food Hall did the best authentic Malaysian and Singaporean hawker food in Perth and we’d tend to agree. The laksa here is definitely some of the most authentic in Perth and even if you don’t live close by it’s worth the trip.

Yin Yang Wok & Soup Bar


Housed inside Fremantle’s lively new FOMO hub (an entertainment and restaurant precinct in Walyalup Koort) you’ll find Yin Yang Wok & Soup Bar. It’s well worth heading here during your lunch break (or even for a weekend dinner) to order a big bowl of their fragrant and perfectly spiced laksa. Choose between chicken, beef, seafood or vegetarian (which comes with those joyous tofu puffs) and enjoy the oodles of egg noodles and veggies. If you like it extra spicy, load it up with their homemade chilli oil.

High On 55


High on 55 is dishing out the best laksa in Fremantle for sure. This one tends to be pretty mild so if you like it spicy make sure you let them know.

Malaysian Hawker


Malaysian Hawker in Wembley’s Cambridge Forum International Food Court definitely gets a place on any list of Perth’s best laksa. These guys do a phenomenal laksa that will make you all warm and happy inside. It’s a massive serving and will only cost you $11, so what’s not to love?

Tak Chee House


Tak Chee is an unassuming little Northbridge restaurant that sure knows how to make laksa. Perfectly coconut-y, spicy and loaded with all the usual suspects, this will warm you up instantly. The Hainanese chicken rice is also some of the best in Perth, so make sure you do two trips.

My Bayon


This famous laksa is a unique family recipe and that’s the reason we love it so much. This Darwin-inspired dish is moderately spicy, with the options of vegetarian, chicken, beef or seafood. Tip: It’s almost necessary to have their char-grilled beef satay sticks for entrée.

Noodle Forum


Noodle Forum makes their noodles fresh every single day and the quality is outstanding. Their laksa is nice and spicy and filled with juicy Exmouth prawns, shredded chicken and delicious tofu which absorbs all of that laksa goodness. This one is for all the chilli lovers out there.

Long Chim


While it’s on the pricier side, if you’re after some fine dining laksa, Long Chim is the place to go. Everything the crew at Long Chim makes is outstanding and the prawn laksa is no exception. 

D’ Big Mama Noodles


Could we really create an Asian eats list without mentioning Coventry Village? By now you should know this Morley hotspot is an absolute haven for cheap and delicious street eats, and in the land of laksa, Big Mama knows best. Pull in and slurp up a big bowl of the curry chicken laksa featuring her fresh homemade noodles and you’ll be convinced too.

Goreng Goreng

Mount Lawley

Ah, Goreng Goreng how we love you so. The good old Number 9—udon laksa with veg and shitake mushrooms—is the perfect dinner option when you’re craving some warm soupy goodness.

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Image credit: Nancy Hanna (Noodle Inn)

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