Warm Up At Perth’s Best Ramen Joints

By Madison Lowe
19th Jul 2022

A good bowl of ramen happens when the broth, noodles, and fixings come together to create a mouth-watering dish, and lucky enough for us, Perth is home to some of the best: pork ramen, tonkotsu ramen, cult Japanese ramen chains, vegan ramen. This city can do anything with broth and noodles.

Here are Perth's best ramen joints.

Tosaka Ramen


If you’re a ramen fan who doesn’t mind a little bit of garlic—actually, make that a lot of garlic—you’re going to want to slurp your way through a bowl or two of Tosaka Ramen’s creamy and rich black garlic tori paitan. Tori paitan is the chicken-based cousin of the pork-based tonkotsu ramen broth we’ve all come to know and love, and Tosaka has three delightful varieties of this good stuff packed with chicken chashu, spring onion, boiled eggs and more. For a guaranteed good time, you can also go ahead and upgrade your bowl to the largest size for just $2 extra.

Ramen Keisuke


Known for helping people all over the world fulfil their ramen cravings, Ramen Keisuke is a renowned ramen chain with a noodle bar right here in Perth. Celebrity Chef Keisuke Takeda is the brains behind this chain, and every bowl of his famous ramen is made with 12-hour broiled Tonkotsu broth plus noodles and soup custom-made to suit your needs. Don’t like your ramen too hot or spicy? Do you like your noodles to be cooked a certain way? These guys have got you covered. They’ll even throw in complimentary boiled eggs and bean sprouts if you’re dining in.

Hakata Gensuke

East Victoria Park & Northbridge

In case you weren't aware, Hakata in Japan is the home of tonkotsu ramen, so it's not surprising that Hakata Gensuke is dishing out just that at their first Perth outlet in East Victoria Park. Made with their own secret recipe, all we can tell you is that there's uber flavoursome pork broth, pork chashu and extremely slurpable thin noodles involved. If you prefer to go down the creamy chicken path, though, head to their new Northbridge outlet. They're serving up the same flavours like Black Tori and God Fire, but in chicken broth versions.

Hakata Gensuke's ramen.



Do not pass go, do not collect $200, if you want good ramen head straight to Nao. They have some of the best noodles known to man, four hearty broths to choose from—soy, miso, salty or spicy miso—and all of their ramen is topped with bean shoots, a slice of chashu (pork), bamboo shoots and dried seaweed. If you’re feeling hungry you can get extra toppings and if you’re feeling fancy you can get spinach or chilli infused noodles. 



IPPUDO started up in Japan back in 1985 and the team here sure knows a thing or two about good ramen. There are three styles of ramen to choose from, but we think the traditional recipe is the way to go (especially given you can add extras). If you're up for something different, there are two spicier and richer options with additions like garlic oil or spicy minced pork miso.

Ramen from IPPUDO

Dosukoi & Kamatsu


Dosukoi has a loyal following like no other at the Fremantle Markets. Try to go when it’s not too busy or you might be waiting a while, but if you do find yourself waiting, take solace in the fact that they've just opened a second location down at the new FOMO precinct called Kamatsu to fuel Fremantle's ramen addiction. As for what to order, the traditional ramen is perfect, but we're kind of obsessed with the prawn gyoza ramen.

Ramen Ichiraku


Pronounced I-chi-ra-ku and loosely translating to ‘ramen is the best pleasure’, we think these guys are right on the money. From their Sapporo home-made miso ramen and the red dragon 12-hour pork broth ramen with pulled pork, to their signature dish hakata tonkotsu ramen with a whole host of top-secret ingredients—you won’t find anything like it elsewhere. These guys also do vegan ramen and have plenty of other plant-based dishes, because nobody should have to miss out on ramen!

diner digs into bowl of ramenKai

Bull Creek

Kai is a teensy tiny shop but it serves some bangin’ ramen. Choose either a miso or Tonkutso (pork bone) broth and be prepared for a bit of a wait if you get there in peak hour. Kai’s ramen comes with an egg which makes it a winner in our eyes and the broth is some of the best in Perth.

Ramen Samurai

East Victoria Park

Ramen Samurai in East Victoria Park is dishing up some seriously good ramen. The noodles are made fresh and they are good with a capital G. The spicy miso ramen is our pick, served with chashu, egg, corn, menma (you know, those things that look like bamboo shoots), black fungus, seaweed and leek. If that doesn't float your boat, try the black garlic ramen—you won't be disappointed. 

Ramen from Ramen Samurai



Literally meaning “super tasty” in Japanese, Bari-Uma has fast become one of our all-time favourite places to go for a hot bowl of ramen. Since opening their Perth store, the line seems to always be out the door, with everyone leaving beyond satisfied. Their signature dish has a rich shoyu broth and comes packed with perfectly cooked noodles, a gooey egg and grilled chashu. Run, don’t walk. 

Want more soupy goodness? Check out Dragon Hot Pot in Northbridge.

Image credit: Elle Borgward, Hakata Gensuke, IPPUDO, Emma Bryant

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