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Best Gluten Free Dinners in Brisbane

By Anna Jefferis
18th Oct 2016

best gluten free dinner Brisbane

Dinner is one of our favourite meals to eat out in Brisbane, with a tonne of choices and a seemingly endless list of new places to try! But for those who are, how should we say, less than friendly with gluten, finding gluten free dinner in Brisbane that actually tastes good is a tough ask. 

To save you having to cancel on yet another dinner date, we have put together a list of gluten free dinner destinations that will meet all your celiac needs. Check out the best restaurants to get gluten free dinner in Brisbane and save this list for your next night out.

Alfredo's Pizzeria and Bar

Fortitude Valley

Pizza night is often a no-go for gluten intolerants because what's a pizza without the thick crusty dough? But don't worry, Alfredo's has your back offering all of their pizzas on gluten free bases for a measly $2.50 extra. If that wasn't good enough, this place is open late meaning that midnight pizza that's been calling your name is totally an option. 

Kwan Brothers 

Fortitude Valley

Kwan Brothers do a mean Asian feed and have plenty of GF options for you to enjoy. We recommend trying the pineapple fried rice because it legitimately comes in a pineapple... If that doesn't make your dinner Instagram worthy, we don't know what will. 

Pepes Mexican


Mexican and gluten free? porque no los dos! Head to Pepes at Newmarket for an authentic Mexican feed, grab the hard corn tacos or the enchiladas and you'll be safe from any gluten. Holy guacamole, that sounds good to me!


Petrie Terrace

A restaurant dedicated entirely to burgers probably sounds like something from your nightmares. However, at Fritzenberger there's nothing to fear with the option of substituting the regular bun for a gluten free one. Make the meal complete by ordering a serve of their gluten free signature fries. Gluten free dinner in Brisbane is looking up!

Fishmongers' Wife

East Brisbane

Lets be real, the best part about fish and chips is the deliciously unhealthy batter, and now celiac's can rejoice because Fishmongers' Wife do their very own gluten free batter. You can even wash it all down with their gluten free 'beer of the week'. Jump onto their website and check out their gluten free menu to see all the things you WON'T miss out on here. 

Mons Ban Sabai 

Camp Hill

Camp Hill's Mons Ban Sabai offer a blend of traditional and modern authentic Thai cuisine, with a big chunk of the menu consisting of GF items, yay! Most of the wok and curry dishes are GF along with classic entree faves like the Thai Fish cakes or calamari. Only gluten free problem you'll encounter here is choosing what you want. 

Mondo Organics 

West End

Mondo Organics change their menu to meet seasonal availability, however they always offer plenty of gluten free options and are renowned for maybe the best gluten free dinner in Brisbane. Check out their a la carte or tasting menu if you're looking to share with the whole table. We bet even your gluten-loving friends will be happy to share with you here. 

Bishamon Japanese

Spring Hill

Japanese restaurants may usually fill you with dread, just thinking of all that soy sauce you aren't able to eat, but at Bishamon you won't have to worry because there's a whole menu dedicated to gluten free items. Huzzah! You'll be knee-deep in choice; from shashimi to sushi to rice dishes, plus the seperate gluten free menu means you don't have to scan through looking for the little "GF' sign on the side. Thoughtful, huh?

Colle Rosso 

Red Hill

Authentic Italian is hard to come by on its own but authentic gluten free Italian is nigh on impossible. That's why Colle Rosso is definitely worth the trip, because that's exactly what they offer. You can order both GF pizza and pasta options that maintain that traditional delicious Italian taste. Mamma mia!

Need some daytime options for gluten free indulgence? Check out the best gluten free breakfasts in Brisbane.

Image credit: Kwan Brothers

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