Happy July 4th | Brisbane’s Best American Food

By Jessica Pridmore
4th Jul 2017


Ahh, Independence Day. Even being on the other side of the world, you can’t help but be swept up in the patriotism that takes over the US of A on July 4th.

While we may not be flying the American flag today, and we don’t have any spectacular firework display to speak of, Brisbane has actively embraced the culinary delights of America.

From creole to soul food, ‘Tex-Mex’ to a straight up, unadulterated cheeseburger, the country’s politics might be raising eyebrows right now (understatement of the century, we know), but gee, do they know how to do comfort food.

So Happy Independence day y’all; tuck in to any one of these dishes for a dose of unadulterated, unabashed Americana.

#1. NKB Express’s NY Yankee Hot Dog. Don’t ask, just do.

#2. The buttermilk fried chicken burger at Greaser.

#3. The Cheesy burger at Ben’s Burgers. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

#4. A serving of Texas beef short ribs from The Smoke.

#5. PJ’s Steaks original cheesesteak is nigh on an institution.

#6. Winner Winner's Chicken dinner: burger, chicken wing and fries. You = winner.

#7. Pit Boss American BBQ & Eats smokey BBQ Buffalo wings.

#8. A full rack of ribs at Hudson Corner.

#9. Red Hook’s iconic Grandmaster Flash burger.

#10. A rack of pork St Louis ribs from Ribs & Burgers.

#11. Tuck into the big rooster box for two (or you know, just you) at The Flying Cock.

#12. The Defiant Duck's spicy chilli dog.

#13. Get your laughing gear around Buzz Cafe's Blue Cheese Burger,

#14. California Native’s Big Bear banana split.

#15. Those who dare will get the Getta Filthy burger from the crew at Getta Burger.

#16. Because of course you’re getting the Doughnutfukwitdis burger at Ze Pickle.

#17. The Cuban sandwich at 5 Boroughs.

#18. Definitely order the Carolina Barbeque box at Carolina Kitchen.

#19. Yard Bird Ale House’s ‘Death Sentence’ wings are not for the faint-hearted.

#20. Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall’s bacon wrapped pardon poppers are a must-try.

#21. The Doughnut Bar's serve of loaded doughnut fries at Eat Sreet Northshore is what we were put on this earth to eat.

#22. Nothing beats Miss Kay’s poutine burger. Nothing.

#23. Creole Soul kitchen seafood gumbo. Pure soul food.

#24. Buffalo Bar’s low and slow bourbon & honey smoked ribs are the business.

#25. Noho Bar & Grill’s southern fried chicken tenders.

#26. The Manhattan Line’s Empire State frank.

#27. Bourbon St is one of the only spots to get classic beignets—so get some!

#28. Super Combo's Round 1 burger. It's a classic.

#29. Lord Of The Wings' boneless tenderlions in the BBQ classic sauce.

#30. Tippler's Tap's chilli dog with 'Grandma Kennedy's' clili sauce is ultimate comfort food.

All this eating requires some buring off; check out the prettiest walks around Brisbane.

Buzz Cafe | Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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