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5 Awesome Things To Do In Perth This Week

By Anna Franklyn - 09 May 2016

Things To Do In Perth This Week

Take it easy towards the start of the week with some delish eats and a bit of mindfulness, because the end of the week is gonna be buuuuusy! We’ve got art, comedy and some hip hop karaoke and we reckon if you can fit all of it in, it’ll be worth it.

Here are 5 awesome things to do in Perth this week.

Tuesday 10 May – Sunday 15 May

Mumbai Street Food Adventure At Sauma

Sauma does modern Indian and it’s nothing like the Indian you’re used to. If you haven’t been here yet (or even if you have) head to Northbridge this week for a shared menu featuring eight amazing dishes. All you need to do is find some friends who are willing to feast! Find out more here.

Wednesday 13 May

The Art Of Mindfulness At The City Of Perth Library

In between all the eating and drinking and general frivolity, we could probably all do with a bit more mindfulness in our lives. And while there are about a billion great apps around for mindfulness, sometimes you just need a real life human to help you out. Enter Mark McAuliffe—Reiki Master, Acupuncturist and Doctor of Chinese Medicine.  Sounds like we’re in good hands. Register here.

Thursday 12 May

Polony Exhibition Opening Night At Paper Mountain

Polony, the stuff friendship is made of, apparently. Polony is a metaphor for the friendship between Perth born artists Amy Perejuan-Capone and Penelope Min Ferguson who will be showcasing their latest combined works at Paper Mountain starting on Thursday. While they’ve described it is a bit self-indulgent and sentimental, it will no doubt appeal to anyone who was ever a silly teenager with a best friend. Get more info here.

Hip Hop Kara”YO!”ke At The Bird

Props for the name alone ammiright? This month, Hip Hop Kara”YO!”ke just happens to coincide with Andre 3000’s birthday so you can look forward to a night dedicated to Outkast #yasssss! Get your song requests in via the Facebook page and then get to The Bird on Thursday night and go cray. Get more info here!

Thursday 12 May – Friday 13 May

Arj Barker Get In My Head At The Regal Theatre

Arj Barker is probably the best American going around. His jokes are made of pure gold so you can expect you’re face and stomach to be sore from laughing so much. This is one show at the Perth Comedy Festival that we will not be missing! Get tickets here.

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Image credit: Hip Hip Golden Age

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