Perth’s Best Smashed Avocado Hotspots

By Sarah Joanna Pope - 11 Jan 2016

22 Smashed Avo Breakfasts You Need To Try In Perth
Chu Bakery

Highgate, WA 1 Image

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West Leederville, WA 1 Image

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Tropico North Beach

North Beach, WA 1 Image

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The Office On Harrogate

West Leederville , WA 1 Image

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Holly Raye’s

Bassesdean, WA 1 Image

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East Perth, WA 1 Image

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Good Things Cafe

Mosman Park, WA 1 Image

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Moore & Moore Cafe

Fremantle, WA 1 Image

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The Hardware Store

Scarborough, WA 1 Image

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Bib & Tucker

North Fremantle, WA 1 Image

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Pixel Coffee Brewers

Leederville, WA 1 Image

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The Little Pantry

Shenton Park, WA 1 Image

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Flora & Fauna

Northbridge, WA 1 Image

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Perth, WA 1 Image

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FOAM Coffee Bar

Leederville, WA 1 Image

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East Village

Perth, WA 1 Image

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Small Print Baker & Coffee Maker

Perth, WA 6 Images

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Good Things Cafe | Image Credit: Louise Coghill

It’s a guac off people. It’s a guac off.

What started as a brunch fad has become about as Australian as Vegemite and shark attacks.

So unless you want to be deported, you better get on to our list of Perth’s best smashed avo breakfasts. Because if loving avo brekkies is wrong, I don’t want to be ripe.

  1. The avocado toast at Chu Bakery in Highgate—avocado, whipped feta, Sriracha chilli sauce and four seed mix on thick cut toast. It’s so freaking tasty I can’t even. You’ll want to sit in Hyde Park across the road to eat it in worthy surroundings.
  2. The smashed avocado at Aliment in West Leederville—with tomato, feta, poached eggs, fresh herbs and balsamic glaze on seeded sourdough.
  3. Smashed avocado and eggs at Hylin in West Leederville. Two poached eggs, smashed avocado and rocket on sourdough.
  4. Tropico in North Beach serves up a mean smashed avo with lemon curd on artisan sourdough toast. Add poached eggs for more happiness than you can handle.
  5. Step into The Office on Harrogate for their smashed avocado with blistered heirloom tomatoes, dukkah, mint and lemon.
  6. Smash an avo brekkie at Bassendean’s Holly Raye's. The breakfast guacamole comes with black beans, jalapeno and cornbread.
  7. Toast in East Perth’s avocado and vegemite on wholegrain, with or without poached eggs, is just so darn Australian. It’s like a kangaroo in Bali drinking Emu Export.
  8. Good Things Cafe are onto a good thing indeed with their smashed avo and whipped feta on toast—garnished with mint, peas and micro herbs of course.
  9. Fremantle’s Moore & Moore Cafe whip up a mighty fine “The Avocado”—smashed avocado, poached eggs, feta, coriander, chili, sourdough, nuts and grains. You’ll want more and more. LOL.
  10. Cantina 663 in Mount Lawley dishes out a delectable avocado hummus—on quinoa & linseed toast with a poached egg, marinated feta, pine nuts and rocket . So many delicious flavours and textures in my mouth. I’m not worthy.
  11. The Hardware Store’s avocado and tomato bruschetta—with avocado, cherry tomatoes, toasted ciabatta, roasted capsicum, basil and shaved parmesan—is amazeballs. I’m coming for you, you delicious little minx.
  12. The Precinct in Victoria Park’s breakfast bruschetta—with roasted tomato, avocado, olives and feta—is up there with the best in town. I ate it all—and I’d do it again. All smashed avo dishes should be served with olives.
  13. The smashed avocado on corn bread from Bib & Tucker in Freo—with feta, quinoa, rocket, fresh cherry tomatoes and chive oil—is delicious.
  14. Pixel Coffee Brewers’ smashed avocado on toast with fresh herbs, seeds and poached eggs will have you drooling with delight.
  15. The sweet neighbourhood brekkie haunt Lincoln Street Cafe serves up a mean avo brekkie—avocado, fresh tomato, feta, and basil on toast. Add an egg (poached or fried) like it aint’ no thang.
  16. The Little Pantry’s smashed avocado on grain toast—with smoked cherry tomatoes, rocket, danish feta and dukkha—is most definitely gob-worthy.
  17. Try the herb smash avocado on turkish from Flora & Fauna. It comes with lemon and basil avocado smash on turkish toast by the Woodfired Baker. Don’t mind if I do.
  18. City Farm Cafe keeps it real—with crushed avocado and lemon on organic toast. Respect.
  19. Don’t call Panache cafe’s avocado a “smash”—because it’s clearly a “mash”—with a poached egg and goats cheese on rye toast. 
  20. Leederville local FOAM Coffee Bar’s smashed avocado—with finely chopped tomato, olive oil, lemon juice, pepitas, coriander, feta and warm corn chips on your choice of toast—is a winner.
  21. East Village, ironically in the Perth CBD, serve up a healthy fat dose of smashed avocado, fresh tomato and feta on toast with lemon.
  22. Small Print takes the humble smashed avo to a whole other level—with feta, coriander, mint, fig, almond, beetroot pesto and toast. Fancy pants.

Well that takes care of just about all the avocados in Perth. Here's 20 Of Perth's Cheesiest Dishes!

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