Perth’s 9 Best Doughnuts To Get Your Mouth Around

By Sarah Joanna Pope
25th Aug 2015

Chu Bakery | Image credit: Louise Coghill

There is no denying it—Perth is in the grip of a doughnut revival. Rising up from the ashes like the doughy treats themselves, every bakery and cafe seems to be jumping on the trend. Having seen them found their rightful place back in the limelight, we're hoping—unlike the great cupcake trend of 2010—the doughnut revolution is here to stay (because we kinda want them to become part of our everyday routine.)

Ready to make sweet mouth love to some doughies? We’ve rounded up 9 of Perth's best doughnuts.

Top Dup


Servicing the coolest cafes around Perth and creating some of the highest production value doughnut porn around town, Top Dup's glazed or sugared doughnut bombs are exploding with inspired gooey, creamy, syrupy, custardy combinations; Salted Creme Caramel, Choc Honeycomb, White Choc Coconut Pistachio, Vanilla Panna Cotta, Rose Cream, Apricot Jam, Blackberry and Mint (to name a few). Doughnut voyeurs can check their site for locations and latest creations.

Mary St Bakery


A nice point of difference with the doughnuts from Beaufort Street Institution, Mary St Bakery, is that they aren’t sickly sweet, but spongy, buttery and gorgeous. Treat yourself to a Chocolate Fennel, Lemon Maple Pecan, Rose Water and Pistachio, gooey Salted Caramel filled doughnut or a traditional cinnamon sugar with the rest of the cool kids. Then leave, put on a wig and sunglasses, and go back in and order another one—then repeat.



Occupying one of the booths at the famous Freo Markets, Levi’s select doughnut menu is simple and done very well, according to the hoards of customers looking to bag one of their delicious offerings. There are three flavours to choose from; the Traditional Style (with cinnamon sugar), the Blackberry Jam Filled and the Real Dark Chocolate Filled. ​

Chu Bakery


The Boston Cream Doughnut—a brioche doughnut filled with vanilla bean pastry cream and Valrhona chocolate glaze is the pick of the bunch at gorgeous new Highgate Bakery, Chu. One look at the glossy lake of dark chocolate glaze upon a doughnut pillow with a cheeky spill of custardy looking vanilla cream oozing out will have ordering one before you know what you've done. Crispy, light, chocolaty, custardy and buttery, Chu's doughnuts are pretty much perfect.

Chopin Patisserie


Award winning patisserie, Chopin, is famous for its Polish doughnuts, also known as Paczki. These glazed doughnuts are made from sweet dough and filled with tart homemade plum jam. I’ve seen friendships broken fighting over one of these delectable pastries (though I am very petty and that doughnut was clearly MINE). 

MOP Donuts

Leederville and Perth

If you prefer your doughnuts with booze in them, you'll want to get yourself to MOP immediately. The doughy, brioche-style balls of goodness are all made on premises (hence the name) and flavoured with delicious elixirs like espresso martini, Baileys, Cointreau and gin. 

Lawleys Bakery Cafe

Mount Lawley, Subiaco & Osborne Park

Eat your feelings with a Glazed Custard Doughnut from Lawleys Bakery. You’ll be buzzing like a bee after you have consumed its gooey heart of custard. Would I sell my soul for a Glazed Custard Doughnut from Lawleys? No, probably not. Sell my Mum and Grandma? Sure would. Some of the best doughnuts in Perth, right here.



tbsp. do a heap of doughnuts so you can go every single day and never get bored! Flavours range from the relatively safe blueberry and chocolate crumb to the crazy delicious raspberry and yuzu with matcha crumb but you'll have to head in store to see what's on offer on any given day.

Meeka Restaurant


Meeka Restaurant in Subi has captured the hearts of Perth's doughnut lovers with their Turkish Delight Stuffed Doughnuts—with chocolate sugar, spiced chocolate sauce, pistachio ice cream and pistachio Persian fairy floss. All I can say is...ermagawd!!

Want more of the best doughnuts in Perth? Search 'doughnuts' in our Directory!

Chu Bakery | Image credit: Louise Coghill

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