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5 Awesome Things To Do In Perth This Week

By Emma Pegrum - 17 Sep 2018

This week kicks off with a hit of tequila and/or gin (choose your poison), features a big ‘ol wine dinner in the middle, and winds down with a couple of incredible theatre performances that’ll get you thinking (and keep you entertained). Sound good? We thought so.

Here are five awesome things to do in Perth this week!

Monday 17 September

Tequila Ocho At El Publico


Their third feature dinner for the year, Tequila Ocho is how El Publico does Mondays. You can expect five courses from the Mexican region of Chiapas—kingfish ceviche, chicken tamales (drool) and beef tostadas are all on the menu—and four expressions of Tequila Ocho to wash them down with. There’s two sitting times, but we still recommend getting in quick ‘cos this one sounds like a sell out. Put some fire into your Monday!

Gin Masterclass At The Flour Factory


Let’s be honest—Flour Factory’s gin wheel is often calling on a Monday afternoon even if it feels way too early in the week to be on the hard liquor. We’ve got the perfect excuse: team it with a learning experience at this Gin Masterclass. You’ll discover four gin brands—chat through history, production and style—and enjoy tastings to your liking (short on the tonic and extra garnish, please!). They’re even throwing in some light snacks from the kitchen which lord knows are worth going for alone! Go on, get ginspired.

Tuesday 18 September

An Evening With Thompson Estate At Ascua Spanish Grill


Treat yourself people, it’s Tuesday! And it’s spring! The legends over at Ascua are celebrating both by putting on a very special four course wine dinner in collaboration with Thompson Estate Wines, which means you get to experience all of the delicious food and wine in one sitting, while chatting to the winemaker, of course. Who wants to cook on a Tuesday anyway?

Wednesday 19 September

Court My Crotch At Blue Room Theatre


Sports meet drag in this high-spectacle performance from Fugue: Court my Crotch, a stern but entertaining look at how our society deals with gender and sexuality in sport. The show attempts to incorporate a variety of real-life stories collected through a process of interviews with the sporting and LGBTQI+ communities—so get ready to feel all of the feels. Nothing like a bit of soul searching and a bit of show-person-ship at the same time!

Thursday 20 September

Dust On The Shortbread At Secret Location

North Perth

Oh boy do we love an event with a secret location. To be hosted in a TBC suburban house in North Perth, Dust on the Shortbread is a unique performance from the amazingly talented Anything is Valid Dance Theatre company who specialise in site-alternative performance (it’s all making sense now). This show is set to explore how dementia impacts our lives and our loved ones in a tender, creative, funny and captivating way.

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The Flour Factory | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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Things To Do

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