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11 Best Cheap Eats For The Month Of June

By Penny Jane - 11 Jun 2018

You know the feeling; you’re starving, it’s the day before payday and you’re povo, or you’re saving up for your next online shopping binge, or you’ve just left your wallet at home and you’re reduced to rummaging for the fuzzy coins at the bottom of your glovebox.

Now, you could give in to the siren call of the golden arches or the Colonel, but let’s be honest, your waistline AND your tastebuds would hate you. #fastfoodregret is totally a thing.

Instead, my friend, scrape together those goldies, and dust off the lint. Because all you need is some spare change to enjoy some of the best June cheap eats on the Sunshine Coast. 



Do people actually sell anything under a dollar anymore? Well, Taps does! Wings Wednesday is a local’s favourite with wings for just .50c all day until late. And while they are ALL divine, the chicken pad Thai is where it's at! 

Cafe Le Monde


Oyster fans cue the confetti 'cause the party has only just started at Cafe Le Monde! Thursday is your special treat because on Thursdays between 5pm and 6pm you can gulp down an oyster for only $1 a pop. Put simply, if you smash back half a dozen oysters, you’ll only part with a measly $6. How’s that for a Hastings Street bargain? 

Post Office Hotel


Are the girls getting a little scarce on Ocean Street on Friday nights? Well ladies, the Post Office welcomes you with open arms on Fridays with the choice of any pizza plus two cocktails for $26.50. Or unwind with the sharing plate and two cocktails for $36.50, all from 4-9pm. Don’t worry boys, there’s daily dinner specials for everyone, but we know you won’t be too concerned about the extra eye candy anyway.

MooFree Burgers


Be bowled over at this vegan diner on hump days with Friends Day Wednesday, where you can grab a second smooth and fruity “Squeeze Bowl” at half the price. And on Tuesday? We mean, Chewsday, you can snatch two dripping, delectable burgers for just $15. Made with a “beef” patty, barbecue sauce, mayo, tomato relish, lettuce, tomato and onion – these guys will have you fooled you’re eating the real deal! We love MooFree Burgs and so will you. 

Yogurt World


It may be winter but you can still have your sugar fix on the Esplanade at Yogurt World with warm $10 waffles for brekkie, lunch AND dinner - yes please! The waffles here are hand-made and you can pair them with your favourite gelato. A perfect post workout meal for all you pavement runners down there. Go on, treat yo’self.

Cafe Nurcha


This popular vegan haunt is becoming a little too well known these days, with customers almost hanging from the rafters. And it’s no wonder because the food here is ace, fresh, cruelty-free and tastalicious with weekly specials that will knock your socks off. This week at Cafe Nurcha it’s all about the hazelnut hot choccy with a chocolate and sprinkle dipped marshmallow. Grab a regular for $5 or a large for $5.50. 


Sunshine Beach  

Pick up your lover and head to FOMO for their winter warmer dinner specials from Friday-Sunday nights, with two main courses plus a bottle of wine, all for just $59. Also, on Wednesdays say konichiwa to Japanese night for a range of traditional plates, from $5-$10. And don’t forget Taco Thursday where you can smash down some $5 tacos and $10 margaritas. Hola! 

Dirty Moes


With its famous smoky barbecue sauce, slow-cooked briskets, and great atmosphere, Dirty Moes gets an even bigger seal of approval from us for serving up the $10 burger specials from Friday to Sunday, 3pm-5.30pm. If your bosses don’t let you off early to take up this mean special on a Friday arvo for some “team bonding” tell them to call us! We got you.

Hathi Indian Restaurant

Alexandra Headland 

Hands down one of the best all-you-can-eat restaurants on the Sunshine Coast, why not fill up for the day with a spicy Indian fix with their legendary buffet, Thursday to Sunday from 5pm. We promise you will walk out of Hathi Indian Restaurant dazed and possibly slightly confused, with turmeric stained fingers, a full belly, and a look of blissful satisfaction on your face. 

Sol Bar


Seems like live music kings Sol Bar saves Mondays for pushing out cheap-as-chips main meals. Grab a steak, chicken schnitzel, nachos, pork and gravy roll and more, all for just 10 buckaroos. And there’s even desserts for the same price. Sounds like heaven to us!

The Birds and The Bees Espresso Bar


It’s MYO (make your own) raisin toast here, but it’s all part of the fun. Formerly Vandy’s Garage, this retro comfy coffee haunt, disguised as an old petrol station, serves up this toast-your-own bargain for just a dollar a slice! With the super smooth coffee here, it’s why we keep returning again and again. 

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Image Credit: Daniel Hine for The Urban List 

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