10 More Cheap Eats For $10 Or Less

By Claire Plush - 18 Jan 2017

We love long weekends, really we do. But we do not love the empty bank account that comes at the end of it.

Especially when there’s so many awesome restaurants and cafes on the Sunshine Coast that we feel such a strong desire to create fresh summer memories at.

So, as much as we’d like to say we created this list for you, ‘cos we’re so selfless, we’d be totally lying. In reality, we made this list for us, and we’re only popping it on Metropolist because, well, when you’ve found the best cheap eats on the Sunshine Coast, it’d be cruel not to share.

Get your tenners ready (continues below image)…

jaffles1. Did you know Café Le Monde now has an oyster bar? Cue the confetti! But even better, is that every Thursday between 5pm and 6pm you can gulp down an oyster for $1 a pop. Put simply, if you smash back half a dozen oysters, you’ll only part with a measly $6. How’s that for a Hastings Street bargain?

2. Corbin’s in Maroochydore are kinda known for their epic deals. We’ve sampled our fair share of their lunch specials, but now we’ve set our eyes on their Wings & Baogers night, held every Wednesday. Take your pick between $10 worth of finger-lickin’ wings or try their baogers (get it bao + burgers) for $7 each. With a few flavours on rotate, if you want to make these yours next Wednesday night, you need to book a table.

3. Seems like Wednesdays are the night, with live music kings Sol Bar pushing out cheap-as-chips pizzas. For 10 buckaroos, you’ll get to shovel slice after slice after slice of doughy-cheesy goodness into you gob. Sounds like heaven to us!

4. We love to tacobout the best cheap eats on the Sunshine Coast, especially when they’re as good as what Bordertown is putting up. This Noosaville BBQ joint is totally spoiling our tastebuds with a $5 Taco Of The Day, every day, between 3pm and 5pm. Shotgun a posi on the deck!

5. Two words: Santorini Sunday. You might’ve hit up this Maroochydore’s The Piano Bar for a weekday date night, but they also do a mighty fine job of dishing up delicious $1 oysters on Sundays too! Get cosy on a couch, listen to some tunes, and pretend like Monday isn’t just around the corner.

6. Because all of the best cheap eats on the Sunshine Coast don’t have to be unhealthy, try Junk’s light Vietnamese noodle salad with coconut poached chicken. You’ll practically lose weight just looking at it.

7. Burritos are made all the better when they’re for breakfast and they’re only $10. We’re loving Black Bunny Kitchen’s version, filled with brisket burnt end beans, fried egg, and chimichurri salsa. Dang!

8. Mmmmm… jaffles. Why they taste so much better than a regular toastie, we’ll never know. For five bucks—we kid you not—Maroochydore’s Project Espresso are serving up jafs every single day. That’s cheap, cheap, cheeeeap!

9. Sunday sesh just got a whole lot cheaper, and more filling, with Taps Mooloolaba’s Shitty Tinnies event from 2pm to 8pm every week. For only $5, you’ll get to knock back a sausage sizzle (they even have snags for the vegos!) and wash it down with a cold tinnie. But the best bit? You can feel good about getting happy drunk, because $1 from each deal goes to charity. See? Good deeds, bring good feeds.

10. Where else are you gonna get fruit toast for a dollar a slice? Compound in Coolum serves up this toast-your-own bargain with a super smooth coffee, and for this, we will keep returning, again and again and again. Not a fruity person? There’s also bagels up for grabs for a small $3.50.

Image Credit: Corbins and Project Espresso

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