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By Jessica Best - 14 Jun 2017

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Feather and Bone

Marrickville, NSW 1 Image

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LP’s Quality Meats

Chippendale, NSW 1 Image

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Bondi Beach, NSW 1 Image

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The Artisan Butcher

Potts Point, NSW 1 Image

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Victor Churchill

Woollahra, NSW 1 Image

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The Australian Meat Emporium

Alexandria, NSW 1 Image

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The Natural Butcher

Bondi Junction , NSW 7 Images

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Kingsmore Meats

Rosebery, NSW 1 Image

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Hummerston’s Gourmet Butcher

Lane Cove, NSW 1 Image

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1888 Certified

Double Bay, NSW 1 Image

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Hudson Meats

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Let cut straight to the chase, is you haven’t herd (pun absolutely intended) Sydney has its fair share of gourmet butcheries. Which is seriously awesome news for the protein-craving and charcuterie-loving folk that we are. Yep, the saliva is definitely real.

If you’re looking to create one down right delicious meaty affair, you can tell your inner-carnivore that all is good in the world, and show them this list.

Feast your eyes on these bad boys team, here are the best gourmet butchers Sydney.

Feather And Bone


First off, you need to know that Feather and Bone are the exclusive distributors of Sommerland chicken. Then you need to know that it tastes ah-mah-zing. And how about the fact that they provide Neil Perry’s Rockpool, Billy Kwong and Red Lantern Restaurants with all their paddock-to-plate needs? Yeah, we thought so.

LP’s Quality Meats


There’s no doubt our hearts kind of stop when we hear the words: smoked meat. Just yes. And it gets a whole lot better when we start talking about the real thing like smoked pork loin, whole lamb boned, rolled and stuffed with merguez sausage and the epic maple glaze Berkshire ham. Meatlovers of Sydney can all relax, LP has this whole butchery thing under control.



Nothing else really tops a burger and steak bar. And the team here are masters (aka. meatologists) of all meat cuts, ready to serve and cook you a flat cut of brisket, sirloin, boneless chuck pot roast and a heaaaap more. And you can guarantee a delicious time at Macelleria, especially when these guys cook up nothing less than the highest grade of quality meat.

Field To Fork Butcher

Bondi Beach

Meat (delicious pun intended) the OG of gourtmet butchers in Sydney. Field to Fork Butcher are committed to sustainable and ethical farming practices and guys, they’ve been on the butcher scene since ‘86.  No surprise, the fleshy goodness here will light up your eyes with crumbed lamb cutlets, biltong, boerewors, glazed ham and all the condiments for these bad boys to match.

The Artisan Butcher

Potts Point

For a country-style meaty smorgasboard, The Artisan Butcher should be the first butcher you hit up. Expect dangling meats, carcasses, salamis, wagyu and all the cheeses. The power couple running this tasty joint are experts in local produce and will happily share a tip or two for recipes, cuts of meats and their uses.

Victor Churchill


Alright, if you’re looking to get your hands on the most sought-after meat in all of the land, you’ll hit a goldmine with this one. Victor Churchill is the long established Woollahra butcher serving up exclusive produce (like the rare breed Kurobuta pork) of the highest quality. Yep, here you’ll find grain and grass-fed beef; Macleay Valley white rabbit and drum roll please… David Blackmore’s signature 9+ full blood wagyu. And yes, it’s as tender and delicious as everyone says.

Australian Meat Emporium


The Australian Meat Emporium is the brainchild of Bindaree beef products. In other words, they’re beef experts. We’re talking major beef experts. They have all your meat eats, whether you’re cooking up a tasty affair for the family, or you’re shaking up the BBQ with all your mates. Expect everything from T-bone steaks, to whole rumps, and they’re awesome (and we mean seriously awesome) signature fillet creations smothered in crushed herbs and garlic, and wrapped in prosciutto.

Mardon Meats

Kings Langley

There’s not much you won’t find at Mardon Meats, they make this meat eating game hella easy. The award-winning butcher gives you South African specialities, Spanish cuts and an awesome range of marinated eats like the blanched pork sausages wrapped in bacon and soaked in red wine. Trust us, you’ll need to order a heap of these.

The Natural Butcher

Bondi Junction

All hail the traditional butcher, because let’s be honest, when it comes to being an adult, the old school way is best. Life is already complicated enough but fear not, when it comes to picking meats, you’ll be in good hands at The Natural Butcher. Founded by Craig Cook, all the meats are ethically farmed on his own property in the Southern Highlands so you can buy with confidence.

Butcher And Farmer


Not only does this delicious hub churn out quality wholesome meals (think home-style roasted chunky potatoes and garlic toast with grated parmesan) but Butcher and Farmer also has shacked up it’s own butcher shop (aptly named The Butcher Shop) housing a range of meats, house made sausages, prime cuts, charcuterie, burger patties and cheeses.

AC Butcher


For a food party like no other, you’re going to want to drop by AC Butcher. Here, meat lies at the absolute heart of what these guys do but it’s no run-of-the-meal butchery. Instead you’ll find exciting twists on veal involtini, Muscovy duck, quails, boneless spatchcocks, white rabbit and a range of gourmet sausages.

Kingsmore Meats


Kingsmore Meats is your go-to butchery because rolled suffolk lamb loin is always a great idea. As is a handcrafted Kingsmore meat terrine made from free-range duck and seasoned free-range Berkshire pork, pistachios and glazed figs. Yep, the #droollife is definitely real here and it gets even better when you realise these guys source meats basically from your own backyard. That means all the produce here is from local, independent farmers who raise their animals naturally, humanely and ethically with produce completely free from hormones and antibiotics.

Hummerstons Gourmet Butcher

Lane Cove

This Lane Cove institution has been housing high quality meat for over 40 years. And no biggie, but it also boast a pretty solid line-up of awards. The team at Hummerstons Gourmet Butcher masters the essentials like pork medallions, fillet mignon, pork and fennel sausages, Moroccan lamb and a heap of tasty game too.

1888 Certified

Double Bay

These guys are definitely bringing the bush to the bay with only the top tier standard of meat on offer. It’s no secret that the customers who visit 1888 Certified on the regular, always leave with more than they planned. You’ll have a mighty fine plate up for your Sunday roast with porchetta and honey glazed root vegetables, and tender batch of picanha steak seasoned with garlic & olive oil, pre-rolled in rock salt to throw on the BBQ.

Hudson Meats


Long live the paddock-to-plate philosophy. Not only does it leave our bellies pleasantly satisfied (let’s ignore the food coma we always manage to force ourselves into after this tasty fair), but the hunks of protein here are so good you’ll never want to go anywhere else. Hudson Meats has all the staple cuts and marinades but no doubt your eye will drift to their French merguez chipolatas, and bone marrow roasted with thyme. We have no words.

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Image credit: The Natural Butcher

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