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Sydney’s Best Sandwiches

By Simone Jovel
22nd Jun 2016

Nelson Road Tuckshop Sydney's Best Sandwiches

In case you hadn’t guessed, we love sandwiches. Whether they’re fresh, toasted or jaffled, we’ll take them all, just as long as you give us all of the condiments (and a choice to add more), the right amount of oozy cheese and only the very best cured meats. 

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the best sandwiches in Sydney for your future eating pleasure.

Nelson Road Tuckshop

Four Cheese Truffle Fennel Toastie 

Be still our beating bellies at the thought of not one, but four cheeses, all drizzled with truffle-y goodness and paired with fennel. This baby is all of the beauty that is a quality toastie, with oozy cheese and all held between the very best freshly baked bread. 

South Dowling Sandwiches

Veggie Sandwich

Family run for 15 years this is where you go when you’re after one HUGE sandwich, and don’t mind occasionally being yelled at. There are seven house favourites including the veggie sandwich (talk about eating your week’s worth of veggies), with hummus, potato salad, caramelised carrots, mushroom, lentils, cucumbers, the list goes on, but you get the idea. 

Encasa Deli

Pa Amb Tomaquet Bocadillo 

Take your taste buds on a trip with one of the mouth watering bocadillos from Encasa Deli. In the interests of keeping it real and doing as the Spanish do we can’t go past the Pa Amb Tomaquet. This sandwich would be the cool kid in school, you know the one that doesn’t need to try too hard, keeping it simple with Jamon Serrano and a good rubbing of Spanish tomato paste on freshly toasted bread.


Baloney Sandwich 

Don’t let this name fool you, this isn’t some scary baloney from your schoolyard lunchbox and is instead one mighty fine, not to mention damn tasty, mortadella roll, paired with a delish umami flavoured tomato sauce and did we mention the wonderfull soft bun? 

Bar Brose

Late Night Sandwich 

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to this rather simple on the outside looking sanga. These guys take an aged ham, (you’ll never look at your Chrissy ham the same way) and glaze it with pineapple and mustard, then pair it with nduja and comte—hold up, say what now? So Comte is a French cheese that is perfect for toasting and the Nduja is a spreadable pork sausage which when combined with the ham and just the right amount of butter on the outside of the bread, will see you ordering a second.

Barista and Cook

Mac 'n' Cheese Toastie 

Mac, Cheese, Toastie. Are there three things we love more when it comes to sandwiches, or life in general? These guys combine all of the tasty, carby, cheesy goodness of two of our favourite things into one our new favourite thing, hats off guys.

Continental Deli

Meatball Sandwich 

Meatballs that Nonna would be proud of, and most importantly all of the sauce, are waiting for you and your belly at this Camperdown locale. Add a little, or a lot, of the house hot sauce and pair it with a wine, or even better, a specialty cocktail and you’re in for one epic lunch.

Cafe Oratnek

Katsu Sando 

This is what you eat when only the juiciest pork fillet will do, and by juicy we’re talking 200g of the tastiest katsu in Sydney. Paired with cabbage, Bulldog sauce, a generous lashing of mustard and all layered on what can only be described as a cloud of pillowy soft bread, this is one you need in your belly today and quite possibly again tomorrow.

Reuben Hills

Not Reuben 

Let’s not carried away by what this isn’t and just focus on what it is, damn delicious. It is literally melt in your mouth wagyu salt brisket, pickled slaw that complements rather than overpowers, divine manchego cheese and a little bit of horseradish cream for good measure. Totally fine by us if these guys don’t want to play by the rules, we’ll take two.

Big Mouth 

Potato And Olive Jaffle

Ah jaffles, where you just can’t ever stop at one. However, if we had to choose one that we have a serious carb crush on (that’s a thing, okay) the potato and olive jaffle for Big Mouth is mighty impressive. Proving once again that the vego option can hold its own, you can expect sundried tomato, onion, potato, black olive and, of course, the hero, melted cheese.

Boon Café

Nahm Prik Nuum 

This may well be the sandwich of your Insta-dreams. Inspired by the northern region of Thailand with a green chilli relish that we think should pretty much go on everything, and paired with a spicy pork herb sausage, soft boiled egg and some herb and pickled cabbage salad to finish, this sandwich is (to put it simply), yum.

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Image credit: Federica Portentoso Nelson Road Tuckshop

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