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The Best Croissants In Sydney Right Now, According To You

By Urban List Writers
11th Aug 2022

A a Pecan Pie twice baked croissant served with bourbon whipped cream from Lune Croissanterie.

To celebrate our 10th birthday here at Urban List, we’re asking you to tell us your favourite venues over on our Instagram—this time, we asked you guys for your best croissant recommendations. 

Croissants are a favourite breakfast treat, synonymous with France but consumed all over the world, and a staple in any good bakery. They’re perhaps the most well-known example of a viennoiserie pastry, where sweet yeasted dough is laminated with layers of butter to create that signature flaky texture and rich flavour we all can’t get enough of.

Infamously time-consuming and technically daunting, many bakeries will stake their reputations solely on the quality of their croissants—and it’s not hard to see why. Golden, flaky, buttery, never dry, with a good rise and even bake, a good croissant is a thing of beauty and can take any morning from blah to brilliant.

Whether you like them plain or filled, sweet or savoury, Sydney is home to some of the best croissants on offer—and here we’ve got the lowdown on where to find them.

Coming Soon: Lune


After years of rumours and speculation—Melbourne's ultra-famous croissanterie Lune has confirmed it will open a Sydney location in 2023. It's set to be the star of the new Oxford & Foley dining precinct, taking up permanent residence when the new TOGA Group development opens next year. On the news of the new Sydney spot, Lune founder Kate Reid said, "The prospect of Lune being in the neighbourhood of many heavyweight Sydney greats in Darlinghurst and Surry Hills is incredibly exciting for us, and we only hope to add to this with our specific brand of buttery deliciousness. We can’t wait to show the world what we have in store for Lune Sydney!”

If you're not clued in the world of Lune, Reid's croissants have earned her international stardom, even the title of "world's best croissant" from New York Times food critic Olivier Strand. Wielding her engineering background, Reid has magicked the aeronautics of the croissant, creating a heavenly butter-to-crunch ratio. Alongside a classic French croissant, prepared over three days, the Lune team whips up specials like a pecan pie twice-baked croissant, peanut butter and jelly croissants, and hot cross "cruffins" at Easter time. In short, we cannot wait to see Lune hit Sydney.

Lune is slated to open in 2023. Stay tuned for more details. 


Lavender Bay

hand tearing croissantPart boulangerie, bistro, and traiteur, there's a lot going on at this triple act all-day eatery and it's well worth visiting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But, if you're after flaky croissants, you'll want to begin your day at Loulou's boulangerie, led by head baker Brendon Woodward (ex-Chouquette Boulangerie, Bread Ahead Bakery London). Here, the team bakes four times a day—yep, you read that right—four times a day. This means your baguette will be ultra-fresh no matter what time of day you drop in. But the pièce de résistance are the perfectly crunchy and buttery croissants. Pair that with ST. ALi coffee, and you've got a very cheery start to the morning. 

AP Bakery

Surry Hills and Newtown

Brought to you by Mat Lindsay (of Ester and Poly fame), Reuben Hills’ Russell Beard, and Ping Jin Ng (of Paramount House Hotel and Paramount Coffee Project)—the same team behind ShwarmamaAP Bakery isn’t shaping up to be your average inner-city bakery-cafe. These days, you can find AP Bakery's goods at their Newtown outpost, AP Town, at Carriageworks Farmers Market, and on the rooftop of Paramount House at AP House. From prioritising sustainable and local sources of seed and grain to keeping the through-line between grower, maker, and customer crystal clear and rock solid, AP Bakery is churning out some of Sydney’s tastiest, freshest bread. But, it'd be remiss not to talk about the perfectly honeycomb-structured croissants (which are very hard to master, btw). 

Rollers Bakehouse


croissantRollers Bakehouse has an edgy, cool-kid feel to its design that matches its kooky croissant creations. Baker James Sideris focuses on boundary-pushing flavours— think the likes of a truffle ham croissant that fuses a truffle goat’s cheese spread with ham, comté cheese, and caramelised onion, and also a Middle Eastern-inspired eggplant, hummus, zaatar, and jalapeno concoction. Rollers diversifies its crazy croissant range with the likes of vegan chocolate and coconut cookies or maple-bacon snails made with smoked maple bacon, maple custard, and roasted almonds. This is not a bakery for the faint-hearted! Roll up to the door and see what daily specials have arrived to blow your socks off.

Wholegreen Bakery

Waverley and CBD

Whether you’re coeliac or just prefer a gluten-free diet, Wholegreen Bakery is your mecca. It would be difficult for even the most discerning wheat-devotees to fault the delicious offerings at this bakery and cafe. Owner Cherie Lyden is a qualified nutritionist who was motivated to create a gluten-free offering when her daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Wholegreen offers everything gluten-free eaters usually avoid. Seasonal muffins, pastries, sandwiches, sausage rolls, perfectly buttery pies, and, of course, loaves of meticulously baked gluten-free bread. The biggest win? You can tuck into its seriously good croissants without any worry. Result!

Grana Bakery


hand holding croissantOn the ground level of the historic Hinchcliff House at Circular Quay, Grana is both a bakery and an all-day diner serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The name translates to "grain" in Italian, and is a reference to the on-site mill which is used to create Grana's pastries and pasta. Highlights at breakfast time are a blue swimmer crab omelette and a breakfast ravioli with sweet potato, egg yolk, and brown butter (swoon). But, if you're after a smaller pastry treat in the morning, then you can't beat its croissants. There are four house-made croissant varieties—plain, pain au chocolat, ham and cheese, and almond—and they're all worth sampling. 

Penny Fours


Penny Fours is a delightful little patisserie in the Inner West, providing us with many a sweet treat. the hole-in-the-wall is run by ex-Tetsuya’s pastry chef Penelope Ransley, so you can bet every cake, tart and croissant is delightful. Just some of the winners are lemon meringues, creme brûlée, and salted macadamia tarts. As for the croissants, they're baked fresh in-house and are a perfect snack for the walk home after picking up all the pastries you can handle. 



Coffee and croissantYugoslavian-born Igor Ivanovic’s now-famous bakery, Iggy’s is all about the bread—and the no-frills shop front with queues for days will make you believe it. In a city obsessed with aesthetics, Iggy’s defies convention by keeping the interiors basic and the bread consistently above par. And the bread is good—great in fact. But while you're out on your weekly bread run, it'd be rude not to pick up a bagful of Iggy's croissants. There are plain and almond ones, and pain au chocolates. But our favourite is the honey and feta croissant with its sweet and salty goodness. 



At STIX it’s the details that count. Built on a foundation of sustainable practices and using the best homegrown ingredients, STIX croissants use quality French butter, a long fermentation process for the dough, and sustainable Australian Wholegrain Milling flour to take the finished product from standard to special. For head pastry chef Daria Nechiporenko, using high-quality sustainable flour “contributes greatly to the flavour and texture of the croissant”, levelling up everything from the crumb to the aroma and level of flakiness. For an even sweeter treat, try the fan-favourite almond croissant or pain au chocolat featuring a triple dose of Belgian chocolate for the ultimate in indulgence.

Flour And Stone


Quality, control, and a whole lotta love and care make Flour and Stone’s croissants some of Sydney’s absolute best. From maintaining the perfect fermentation environment for full-flavoured dough to making sure those many layers of butter and dough stay consistent, Flour and Stone has the science of the humble croissant down pat. Plus, the team use only the highest quality cultured butter from the mighty Pepe Saya, meaning maximum flavour and those all-important crunchy, flaky layers.

Humble Bakery

Surry Hills And CBD

PastriesBrought to you by the crew behind Porteño, Humble Bakery has been taking Sydneysiders to carb heaven with its selection of pastries, among them some mighty fine croissants since the day it opened. The plain croissant is anything but; gorgeously golden with an airy honeycomb-textured inside and big enough to satisfy the hungriest of appetites. They sit among Humble’s stripy chocolate, oozy ham and cheese, and almond varieties, along with legendary croissant-muffin hybrid, the cruffin, featuring flavours such as banana old fashioned and choc hazelnut. These are croissants with attitude, and they’ll make your next trip to the baked goods cabinet a memorable one. Better yet, Humble has just expanded with a bakery in Circular Quay

La Vie & Belle

Surry Hills

Look no further than La Vie & Belle for proper French fare, with croissants made the traditional way, and with passion and patience. Here you’ll find no brow-raising fillings or fusion flavours—just good, honest, authentic French bread and pastries, starring everybody’s favourite flaky, buttery, crescent-shaped beauties. Sydney has no shortage of bakeries serving up classic viennoiseries, but La Vie & Belle stands out from the crowd with its dedication to traditional French methods and ingredients for an inimitable experience. It may be located in Surry Hills, but if you close your eyes, you could be on any boulangerie-lined street in Paris.

Black Star Pastry

Various Locations

Dog at table with pastriesYou probably know Black Star Pastry for its iconic Strawberry Watermelon Cake, but if you ask us, the croissants deserve their own hashtag, too. Black Star transforms the simple croissant into an artful experience, favouring precision, quality, and the one ingredient that can’t be beaten: time. From twice-proofed dough to meticulous lamination, no corner is cut in this laborious three-day process, but it sure is worth it when you hear the satisfying crunch of layers upon layers of flaky pastry and reach that pillowy, buttery inside. The team also include buttermilk in their base dough for a tangy twist on your standard croissant ingredients, and level up their lamination with Pepe Saya cultured butter which, according to executive chef Arnaud Vodounou, makes all the difference.

Bourke Street Bakery

Various Locations

Bourke Street Bakery has been stealing our hearts for years one ginger brûlée tart at a time. The bakery behemoth's plain croissants are a solid choice, delivering on flavour and flakiness with a good shape and airy layers, while its almond croissant has cemented itself as a local favourite among croissant connoisseurs with its delectable almond paste filling and crunchy crown of toasted almond flakes dusted with icing sugar. Put simply: get them in your gob, ASAP.

Madame & Yves


It all starts with the perfect base, featuring twice fermented dough and the best Belgian butter (controversial, we know, but the proof is in the pastry). According to founder and pastry chef extraordinaire Yves Scherrer, “a good croissant has a distinct taste of butter. It needs to be fluffy inside, flaky outside, a very light crunch and not greasy”, and the team at Madame & Yves ensure each pastry is unique by making everything by hand. You’ve heard of trendy croissant creations the cronut and the cruffin and now, get ready for the newest hybrid set to take over your socials: the crioche (a croissant-brioche creation). While you’re at it, try any number of Madame & Yves’ boundary-pushing flavours of the standard croissant, including early grey custard, hazelnut and almond praline, truffle croque monsieur, a hazelnut-fuelled Ferrero, and a raspberry almond croissant filled with fruity, fresh raspberry marmalade.

Infinity Bakery

Darlinghurst And Manly

Infinity Bakery has been filling our bellies with organic sourdough since 1997 and you can be sure to find the same commitment to quality and bona fide ingredients in its croissants. They're everything a great croissant should be—decently sized, golden all over, with a light-as-air inside texture and flaky layers for days. Infinity only uses the freshest butter and local produce where possible, and once you’ve had the good stuff, you’ll never settle for second best again. If you’re only after a tot-sized treat, Infinity’s various viennoiseries are happily available in mini form, but these pastries are so good we reckon you’ll want to go big and savour the flavour.

Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie


Cross-section of filled croissantApart from churning out some of the finest, most technically impressive Viennoiserie in town, Sydney’s pastry scene giant is known for its creative twists on the standard croissant with jaw-dropping flavour combos. You can find the usual plain, almond, and chocolate suspects on a regular day, but drop in on the weekend for Textbook’s highly anticipated croissant specials and scoff the likes of banoffee, pork and veal, French black truffle, and lamington variations; if you can dream it, Textbook has done it. Past flavour bombs include Golden Gaytime, matcha and raspberry, whipped cheesecake, fig and caramel, ham and bechamel, and the mighty Milo. These mind-boggling beauties sell out fast, so be sure to get in quick and see what all the fuss is about. 

La Renaissance

The Rocks And Waterloo

A mainstay of Sydney’s pastry scene and founded by a classically trained chef and pâtissier nearly 50 years ago,  La Renaissance sure knows a thing or two about croissants. Its plain, almond, and chocolate croissants are made fresh on the daily. La Renaissance's version of a cruffin even feels bougie—it's a dreamy vanilla crème patisserie encased in layers of light, fluffy, laminated dough. If you’re more of a savoury person, try the favourite ham and cheese croissant, which the long-standing patisserie has levelled up with lashings of delectable bechamel sauce on top of the shredded ham, cheese, and herbs.



Brickfields is an icon among Sydney’s bakery scene, with bready goods so tasty you’ll find them in cafes all over the city, lending many a menu a dose of deliciousness. Being fans of high-quality Australian-grown flour and Pepe Saya’s cultured butter, it goes without saying its croissants are just as good as the bread— and certainly deserve a spot on your next croissant crawl. Plain and chocolate flavours are a solid choice, or try the almond and almond-chocolate flavours for an extra special treat. Adorned with almond flakes and filled with a brandy- and cinnamon-spiced frangipane, this one’s a firm favourite among locals.

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