50 Italian Things You Should Have Tried In Sydney

By Ange Law
26th Jun 2017


We love Italian food for oh-so-many reasons. This isn’t just limited to the fact that we constantly crave anything that involves carbs (although that does help) on the daily.

In fact, we’re pretty damn certain that everyone in the entire world loves Italian food and if you don’t, then we just don’t think we can friends. If for some tragic reason you do fall into the Italiano hating camp, then we challenge you to make it through this entire list without converting. 

Prepare your bellies people—these are 50 of our all time fave Italian dishes in Sydney and 50 of those damn delicious reasons we alluded to earlier.

  1. Anything from Gigi’s Pizzeria (but especially the melanzane pizza).
  2. The pumpkin ravioli is drowning in butter at Casoni. Go save them. Now.
  3. We’ll just be here at Grano in Wetherill Park, dipping a giant slice of garlic bread into an almost-too-good bowl of palpette calbrese (because meatballs = bae).
  4. Pasta straight from a cheese wheel at Buffalo Dining Club.
  5. Keep it classic with the porcini risotto from Mantecato.
  6. The mushroom and chestnut pappardelle from Bar Machiavelli is a big fat YES.
  7. Permission to be basic, with a cheeky margherita pizza from La Coppola.
  8. If you’d prefer to bathe yourself in Nutella, order the mountain of cinnamon doughnuts doused in the good stuff at The Sawmill.
  9. Pretend the sweet potato gnocchi with pesto cream sauce at Parramatta’s Nonna Maria’s Place is good for you (then scoff the lot).
  10. Because there’s no such thing as too much gnocchi, head to Balla and treat yo’self, we’re talking cherry tomatoes, basil and buffalo mozzarella. 
  11. Beppi’s famous saltimbocca (think veal scaloppine folded with prosciutto, asiago cheese, sage & white wine sauce) is famous for a reason.
  12. Cow & The Moon only won best in the world for their almond affogato—you should probably order two scoops.
  13. Cheesecakes don’t come any more traditional than the ricotta baked cheesecake at Pasticceria Papa.
  14. Ooooorrr the ricotta cannoli from Paesanella Food Emporium.
  15. They also do killer fresh ricotta on sourdough with cinnamon and honey.
  16. Cold cut meats and mar-tinnys (think about it) are happening at Continental Deli.
  17. Hungry? Then put on your stretchiest pants and head for all you can eat pizza Tuesdays at Maybe Frank.
  18. Or head to Granville for all you can eat pizza and pasta Mondays at Gigino.
  19. Dine with a view (and BYO) at OTTO. Hint: you’ll want to start with the seared pepper crusted North Queensland black kingfish.
  20. Grab your crew, order the banquet at The Dolphin Wine Room, and don’t share the burrata. 
  21. Free this Tuesday? Head for The Hills (Surry Hills), because Vini throws a weekly regional dinner.
  22. Spend up big at Formaggi Ocello and DIY cheese board.
  23. The Vacanza with Italian fior di latte, Swiss roasted mushrooms, truffle oil AND shaved pecorino from Vacanza is truffle (and general life) goals.
  24. The daily special at Sagra.
  25. Buon Ricordo is a Sydney institution—order the Fettuccine al Tartufovo and then thank us later.
  26. No frills Italian that simply never disappoints—build your own pasta at Italian Bowl and call it a day.
  27. The oh-so soft and creamy cremino rivareno gelato (aka white choc ganache and hazelnut) from RivaReno.
  28. One of everything at 10 William Street. You won’t regret it.
  29. Fratelli Fresh’s spaghetti alla carbonara is worth every calorie.
  30. ‘Wild weed’ spaghetti is a thing and you can find it at Pendolino
  31. Grass-fed Angus tagliata (that’s sliced steak to you) in an onion, porcini, marrow, and radicchio is on the cards at One Ford Street.
  32. Aperitivo hour is waaayyyyyy better with cocktails, but MOLO by Manta have combined the two (#winning).
  33. Prosciutto and burrata at Mama Rosy’s is always a solid life choice. 
  34. The mussels from Moretti are about as fresh as seafood gets.
  35. You also can’t go wrong with their tiramisu (just saying).
  36. The beetroot and goat’s curd ravioli at Cucinetta in Woolwich is everything. 
  37. The beef short rib at Tinello is the rich meaty dish you need in your life. 
  38. Wine counts right? Sip on some of Italy’s best drops at Johnny Fishbone.
  39. Don’t even think about interrupting us while we’re eating the wild mushroom and truffle pizza at La Disfida.
  40. Agnolotti with eggplant has never tasted as good as it does at Flour Eggs Water
  41. And the cherry tomato fusilli from the O.G. A Tavola.
  42. In the mood for seafood? Order the pesce (grilled WA scampi) at Candelori’s.
  43. If you want comfort food, the beef ragu parpelle at Kindred will seriously warm your soul.
  44. For a side of theatre with dinner, order the salt baked snapper from Olio.
  45. Rosso Pomodoro’s tiramisu literally melts in your mouth.
  46. Don’t second-guess it. You want the mushroom risotto with truffled butter (!!) at La Rosa The Strand.
  47. Angel hair pasta with pipis at Capriccio Osteria & Bar. Just do it. 
  48. The tagliolini alla granseola at Lucio’s has been around for 34 years for a reason.
  49. The vongole at Bacco Osteria E Espresso is a yes. Just yes. 
  50. Mozzarello by the gram at Quattro Formaggi Deli. 1kg to go, please.

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La Rosa The Strand | Image credit: Federica Portentoso

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