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The Best Home Coffee Machines For Your Daily Brew In 2021

By Kate Fleming
21st May 2021

a close up of a home coffee machine.

With the highest concentration of cafes and restaurants per capita in the world, it’s fair to say Australians love their caffeine. Since lockdown, we’ve all been forced to become homeschooled baristas of sorts, spending our daily coffee budgets on pods and home coffee machines instead. But let’s be real, did you think much about your purchase or did you panic-buy the first one you could? No judgement here, but let’s take a step back and re-evaluate our choices. These are the best home coffee machines Australia has to offer for a variety of coffee drinkers (and even tea drinkers). 

Breville | The Duo Temp Pro Coffee Machine

Price: $399

The Duo Temp Pro Coffee Machine from Breville is so easy to use, even your tea-drinking partner will be able to navigate it. Before you know it, you’ll have your morning coffee served to you in bed on the daily. Create latte art with the microfoam steamer and ensure a tasty cuppa with the low pressure pre-infusion. The machine is also clever enough to tell you when it needs a little upkeep with cleaning and drip tray alerts. Plus, the minimal design will look great on your kitchen bench—need we say more? 

A silver Breville home coffee machine.

Lavazza | Jolie Espresso Machine

Price: $79.99

If you’re the early bird in the house, then the Lavazza Jolie Espresso might be the best home coffee machine for you. It’s super quiet at 43db, so you won’t wake the housemates, and the parts are dishwasher safe. It’s compatible with all your favourite Lavazza capsules too, which you can find at most supermarkets. For an affordable home coffee machine, it’s definitely up there as the best value for money. 

A grey Lavazza home coffee machine.

Sunbeam | Café Barista Espresso Machine 

Price: $189

Whether you’re looking for the best home coffee machine for cappuccino or espresso, the Sunbeam Café Barista Espresso Machine does it all. It’s super easy to use and clean, so it’s a great option for those of us who want the coffee without the fuss. It features an automatic milk frother, plus a portable milk reservoir which you can keep in the fridge—ain’t nobody got time to wrestle with a milk carton every morning. Just preset your favourite brew, hit the button, and within seconds your daily caffeine hit will be in your cup. Simple. 

Leaf and Bean | Electric Espresso Maker

Price: $89.99

This one is for the espresso lovers out there who like old fashioned coffee, but with the convenience of modern technology. At face value, the Leaf and Bean Electric Espresso Maker may look like your average espresso maker, but it’s so much more than that. As anyone who grew up watching H2O would know, all you need to do after adding your beans is ‘just add water’. The machine has a 360 degrees wireless base, a durable aluminium body and a clear top so you can watch the magic happen. 

A black home coffee machine.

DéLonghi | Dedica Pump Espresso Machine

Price: $257.92

You wouldn’t have a best home coffee machine list without including a Délonghi. If you’re the kind of coffee drinker who likes to mix things up a bit, then the Délonghi Dedica Pump Espresso Machine is our pick for you. The adjustable cappuccino system and double drip tray make this home coffee machine capable of all sorts, from macchiatos and flat whites, to espressos, cappuccinos and even tea. The machine is complete with a cup warmer, super quick 40-second heating speed, controllable temperature and coffee length, and a slimline design at just 15cm wide. It’s on the pricier side but DéLonghi is one of the best when it comes to automatic home coffee machines 2021 has to offer. 

Three  of the best coffee machines in a kitchen.

Sunbeam | 3L Cafe Series Espresso Machine w/ Capsule Handle

Price: $696

Love a frothy? We’re not talking about beer, we’re talking about a delightful, velvety smooth microfoam on your coffee first thing in the morning—the kind of foam you get with the Sunbeam 3L Cafe Series Espresso Machine with Capsule Handle. It’s a bit on the bougie side (and a bit of a mouthful), but if you’ve got the money, why wouldn’t you get a coffee machine that serves you live temperature and pressure feedback when you’re frothing your milk? It helps you get it just right every time and it makes all the difference. The machine is also compatible with pods or ground coffee, and comes with adaptors for your favourite capsule brands. 

A silver Sunbeam home coffee machine.

Nespresso | Vertuo Next Premium Bundle

Price: $279

Nespresso is another major contender for any best home coffee machine list. We don’t know about you, but when we think of Nespresso, we think of George Clooney—and who doesn’t want to start their day thinking of the Cloons? But seriously, this Nespresso Vertuo Next by DéLonghi is complete with WiFi and bluetooth, so you’ll never miss a Nespresso software update, and the cup support is adjustable for five different cup sizes. This premium bundle also includes a milk frother and some Nespresso capsules to start you off. Definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing and best home coffee machines automatic home-baristas will appreciate. 

One of the best home coffee machines, a Nespresso Vertuo Next.

Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Price: $6490

If you’ve got a spare six and a half thousand lying around, put it to use and treat yo-self to this super bougie Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine. This machine is luxe, bringing a touch of professional Swiss quality to your home with a touch screen and all. It includes two inbuilt grinders and a milk frother, plus an artificial intelligence system offering 28 specialities. Weighing in at 18kgs with an aluminium front section, this thing is hefty. But if it’s not the best home coffee machine with grinder that money can buy, then we don’t know what is.

A silver home coffee machine on a bench.
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