Fish And Chipperies Are Having A Renaissance In Brisbane

By Sophia McMeekin - 22 Mar 2018


Ok can we talk about the fish and chip situation in Brisbane right now? The past couple of months have welcomed a metric buttload of brand new fish and chipperies to our sundrenched streets and we are living for it.

Replacing the typical greasy spoons that we used to settle for, these few noble fryers are revamping a formerly guilty pleasure with a fresh gloss of table service. This isn’t to say you can’t still order them to takeaway and have yourself a picnic but, I mean, it’s nice to have options.

The nostalgia kick of 2017 was just the beginning. Here are the new Brisbane fish and chipperies switching up the game:

Ol’ School

South Brisbane

Dropping the D since January 3, Ol’ School is the latest venture from the minds behind Hello Please. Located just around the corner from Fish Lane (ha!), this new location has a relaxing, mellow vibe as Hello Please, with the dreamy, nostalgic joys of really, really good quality fish and chips. Like, dine-in on washable plates good. Besides the two most obvious offerings, Ol’ School’s menu also offers fish dim sim, fish tacos, a calamari butty, and a claim to make the best chips you’ll ever eat (skin on, thrice-fried).

Banter Bar & Seafood

Kangaroo Point

Taking advantage of the fresh AF seafood on offer, Banter Bar has brought the best of Australian fish markets together with the best of our craft breweries in a beer-battered explosion of jawing good times. We love kicking things off with a dozen oysters and then diving right into a plate of perfectly executed fish and chips. In keeping with the theme of a classic chippy, Banter Bar’s menu also includes a bunch of miscellaneous items like burgers, calamari, and a fish finger sandwich. They even do a pretty decadent deep-fried Mars Bar if you’re feeling particularly deviant. Which of course you are, you filthy animal.

Paper Fish

South Bank

Fresh from a Melbourne concept, Paper Fish is an extension of the St Kilda institution that brought fish and chips into the realm of high-class casual. Don’t believe us? Get yourself a paper cone of calamari fritti and mull it over. Where the rest of the menu is concerned, choose your fish from a rotating selection, then pad it out with some jaunty salads and light bites like the coconut prawn tacos and the calamari. Drinkwise, Paper Fish keeps in theme with the summer vibes, churning their very own granitas in a bunch of fun and refreshing flavours to cut through scorching fumes.  

Saltwater Fish & Chippery


Hailed as maybe the best fish and chips on the Sunshine Coast, Saltwater is the latest noise in Mooloolaba’s ever-discerning fish and chipping scene. From the same husband and wife team that brought us Asian street-food pavilion, Junk, and the classic burgers at Hello Harry, Saltwater is the latest feather in what is quite a plumage. The menu presents the whole seaside dining spectrum, from classic fish and chips and butties, to fancypants seafood risotto, all featuring the absolute freshest seafood and nothing less. 

Image credit: Grace Elizabeth Images for The Urban List

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