The Best BYO Restaurants In Perth

By Anna Franklyn - 01 Jun 2018

We love a good wine list as much as the next person, but you know what we also love? Holding on to our hard earned dollars for more than a nano second after we get paid. But good food is life also pretty important to us, so when we find an awesome BYO restaurant we get a bit excited.

And no, we’re not talking about the local Chinese restaurant you started frequenting as a uni student so you could BYO four bottles of wine and order one serve of satay sticks to share between four people. We’re talking places with rad food and a killer atmosphere, places you wouldn’t expect to let you bring your own wine.

It turns out Perth is full of these gems, so we found the best BYO restaurants in Perth for you to choose from.

Magna Pizza

Mount Hawthorn

The pizza at Magna Pizza is mind blowing stuff. Located inside The Mantle in Freo alongside Short Order Burger Co and Don Tapa, you know this place is going to be awesome well before you get there. The pizza is about as authentic as it comes and the prices are very reasonable and for those of you who can’t make it to Freo on the regs, they’ve also got a second location in Mount Hawthorn.

Lady Of Ro


Subiaco restaurant Lady Of Ro is serving some of THE best Greek eats you’ll ever taste. The vibe is cosy and if you can score the big high table for you and your friends you’ll be in for a killer night. If not, this place is equally good for a romantic dinner for two. No matter what you do, make sure you get the halloumi and the lamb!

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar


Northbridge restaurant Francoforte do pasta and they do it well. Hit up the bottle shop on your way there, then take a seat and try to decide on just one pasta—which is harder than you’d expect considering the menu is pretty short. The layout here is simple and unpretentious, and that, combined with the food, make for a pretty good night out with pals.

Miss Potz

Mount Lawley

From the clever cookies behind Mr Munchies, Miss Potz was among the first in Perth to make Asian tapas a thing and for that we are grateful! With goodies like rendang sliders, kingfish carpaccio and orange glazed BBQ pork ribs, you’ll be glad to be getting a taste of everything. 

Someday Coffee Co


Bet you weren’t expecting Someday to appear on this list, were you? Well, you’d better believe it! The team at this Floreat cafe has started opening for dinner from Wednesday to Friday for burgers, bowls and BYO. There are also fish tacos, milkshakes and loads of kombucha on the menu.



Pappagallo in Leederville make awesome pizzas and pastas and their antipasti menu is all time. These guys are licensed and allow BYO, so if a couple of your friends ‘forget’ to bring their own alcohol you don’t have to share with them.

The Prophet

East Victoria Park

The Prophet in East Vic Park makes some of the best Lebanese food in the whole of Perth. The hummus and baba ganoush here are both amazing and even the pita is worth writing home about. There are plenty of options for both vegos and meat eaters, just remember to bring some dollar dollar bills as these guys are cash only. 

The Modern Eatery

Mount Lawley and Fremantle

The Modern Eatery specialises in Aburi sushi—that’s sushi which is partly cooked with a blow torch—and it’s freaking amazing. These guys have two restaurants, one in Freo which is fully licensed as well as allowing BYO and one in Mount Lawley which is BYO only.



Tucked away in Scarborough, Pizzaca is full of tasty surprises. They do amazing pizza and pasta and the cakes here are crazy delicious. This is an absolute fave with the locals so you’d be wise to book ahead. Also, there’s no corkage fee. You’re welcome.


Mount Lawley

It’s not every day you stumble across a good Moroccan restaurant in Perth—especially not one that is BYO—which is why Mashawi in Mount Lawley really caught our attention. The food is authentic, scrumptious and reasonably priced, and if you’re lucky enough to get a table on a Saturday night when the belly dancer is there, the atmosphere is electric. 

Nasi Lemak Korner

Como and Mosman Park

If you're after fresh, tasty and vibrant Malaysian street food flavours, you'll want to head to Nasi Lemak Korner. While everything on the menu is good, the stars of the show are the roti canai and the tender, spicy beef rendang. 

Want more? Search the directory for more BYO restaurants in Perth.

Pappagallo | Image credit: Nancy Hanna

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