These Are The Best Greek Restaurants Sydney

By Jessica Best
28th Mar 2018


Well Sydney, we’ve no doubt hit the motherlode here. Cue a whole other level of Spartan excitement because we’ve just scoured Sydney for all the best Greek restaurants in Sydney. Seriously, bring on all the yeeros we say...and just one more serving of lamb please. Stuff it, pass us the loukoumades right freaking now.

FYI this article is packed with more watermelon and feta gelato, more garlic, more succulent lamb and more dramatic hand gestures than the Greek aristocracy could ever handle. Because we’re Sydneysiders, and there is no limit on how much we can consume.

Here are all the best places to places to head for a Greek feed in Sydney.

Yia Mas Greek Taverna

St Peters

All you need to know is that this is an OG favourite. Family run and operated, you know you’re a Greek kid brought up in Sydney if you’ve been to this absolute gem of a place (five hundred times). Also, Greek wine. Yes.

Yiro Yiro


Your dose of bank-friendly and off chops gyros starts here. With a no-fuss and no-frills menu, you’ll score streetside wraps, souvlaki and fried halloumi to boot. 

Hellenic Bakery


Brace your bellies for this one because it’s basically just Greek #foodporn perfected. Seriously. Think traditional diples, massive and fluffy vanilla slice cuts and sweet, sticky, crunchy slices of baklava. And yes, the Greeks did invent baklava (or at least they’ll say they did).


Beverly Hills

If OTT Greek sweets and treats are your version of a good time then you’ll want to put yourself in a glorious calorie-induced food coma from Loukoumades (trust us, it’s worth it). You’ll find classic Loukoumades with honey syrup and cinnamon, nutella and strawberry, biskoto and even a bunch of vegan bad boys with cinnamon, clove syrup and walnuts. Plus Greek doughnuts are always a good idea anyway.

The Hellenic

Brighton, Hurstville and Mosman

AKA. the place you hit up for epic yeeros in Sydney when your hungover or just need a good ol’ fashioned comfort feed. The Hellenic is no news to the Greek folk of Sydney because when there’s eats as good as this, even your Yiayia knows about it. The menu is a hefty lineup of saganaki prawns (cooked in garlic, duh, and feta), baked lamb and moussaka.



This place is so Greek we guarantee you’ll be inhaling hellenic air as soon as you walk in (oh yeah, that’s a legitimate thing now). For a more boujee take on Greek fare,1821 has you covered on the food and tipple front, cue vino all the way from the Samos and Cyprus. These legends have harnessed the classic Hellenic philosophy of sharing through food and drink so you’re in for share plates of pork belly baklava and mushroom truffle moussaka. Like we said, boujee.

Kafenes Greek Restaurant


I’m sorry, did we just board a flight and get off directly in Athens? Because yasss Kafenes, keep doing you. And just so you know, there are devout Kafenes customers who have been coming here for over a decade and you know what they say, if the Greeks say it’s good… bloody must be.

Kerasma Souvlaki Merchant


This one very specifically serves up some mean Cypriot feeds taking the form of skewers and sweets and heads up, you can create your own souvlaki here. And trust us, you’ll want to order up the handmade koubes with an iced cold KEO beer to wash it down.

The Apollo

Potts Point

No round-up of Sydney’s top Greek eats could leave The Apollo in Potts Point off its list. Why, you ask? Well, aside from the lingering taste and authentic flavours that comes from cooking over wood and charcoal, the modern Greek restaurant does a saganaki cheese with honey and oregano like no other #thatsafact.

Stav’s Drinks, Eats And Beats

San Souci

Anywhere that boasts a good time with ‘drinks, eats and beats’ is no doubt going to impress above and beyond (which Stav’s totally does). Expect a fusion Greek menu totally nailed, with a little something called the Wog Box packed with slow roasted lamb, pork, chicken and sheftalia. PS. Tuesday is Pita Party day. And that’s why we love these guys. Plus dranks take the fancy names of Dr Zeus, Poseidon and Malaka Mojito (for when you feel like being an absolute nuisance).



Alpha’s dining room nods to Greece’s glam islands with white-washed walls and lamp-shaped fishing nets fit for an anassa (queen). Thanks to a menu full of taramasalata, tzatziki and twice-grilled octopus you can toss your passport, your Santorini-approved kaftan and your bikini bod for a less exxy (but just as tasty) food trip. 

Athenian Greek Restaurant


If you’re after traditional Greek with a touch of elegance, Athenian Greek rolls out the red carpet. Located in Martin Place, the modern Mediterranean menu boasts a signature slow-baked roast lamb that could’ve been made by your yiayia. 

Nefeli Restaurant


Greek charm, insane feasts and a chef straight from the island of Samos (yeah, he’s kind of a big deal around those parts), are just a couple of the standout reasons why Nefeli is killing it. Sink your teeth into the mezze with grilled octopus, prawns and halloumi because you absolutely and undeniably deserve that kind of happiness in your life.

Kouzina Greco


This gem is family-run and owned so you know the eats they dish up here are going to be better than just ‘good’ but hella tasty. The team here sources local produce while injecting these feeds with some major Greek warmth. And just so you know, the lamb Kleftiko is the signature dish and you’re gonna wanna try it. A few times.

Platia Greek Taverna


So a zorba night exists here once every month and an all you can eat mezze night on Mondays and Tuesday because let’s be honest, that’s how every week should start. Yeah, we don’t think you’ll need much else convincing after that.



This is Greek food just like your yiayia used to make. Lemonia has been plating up breakfast and lunch to diners in the inner west for a while now and recently launched their dinner menu. Showcasing the food they ate as kids, grab a spot outside and a two for one cocktail every Thursday to Sunday before tucking in to some hearty, rustic fare like lamb ribs, fried white bait, moussaka and their out of this world chips with feta.



Check it Sydney, it’s a Greek AND vegan cafe and we don’t even know how to react right now. Read that as you can scoff down an endless amount of vegan baked goods. Cue all the moussaka, bougatsa and spanakopita plus coffee from Flying Pig and oh yes, they serve a solid almond and soy coffee.

Georgia’s Koutouki


Combining mezze and music, Georgia’s is reminiscent of what goes on around sundown in Santorini. This one's for you and your squad (and your never-ending appetite) so holla at your mates in the group chat and start bustin’ a move with a forever feast at your disposal.


Crows Nest

What’s Greek for yum? For a love of brunch? For a breakfast we’d sell our siblings for? Whatever it may be, Xenos has your brunch needs covered. With an extensive morning menu full of traditional lamb fry and bacon, Greek-style scrambled eggs and even Grandma’s Greek brekkie (again, with pide), all you’ll need is a nice Greek coffee to wash down the most important meal of the day.  



Parea: a group of friends who regularly gather together to share their experiences on life, their philosophies, values and fears. So simply put, the atmosphere at Parea is not dissimilar to a big, fat Greek gathering full of family and friends. Bring your inside voices kids; this one’s fun, friendly and LOUD. 

Nieo’s Grille


Meet your traditional charcoal chicken shop on steroids and if you’re going to dine-in here, hit up the holy grail of all entrees, the mezze platter. It’s loaded with grilled chorizo, buffalo mozzarella, marinated olives, caramelized beetroot, spiced pumpkin dips, pimentos stuffed with goats cheese, cold meats and heated pita bread.Okay, so you might need two.



It’s flawless, modern Greek food people and TBH you’ll want to head over stat because the homemade ricotta gnocchi with pumpkin puree and charred octopus with yogurt and sweet potato chips ain’t gonna eat themselves.

Kefi Greek Tavern


Joy, passion, fun and having a great mojo—yep, that’s how the team behind Kefi Greek Tavern describes itself (and they wouldn’t be wrong there). Working to bring you philoxenia and an appreciation of the simple and wonderful flavours of Greek cuisine, Kefi’s fresh selection of seafood will make you feel like you’ve just jumped off a fishing boat in Crete. 

Greek at The Belvedere


Bringing traditional Greek to the heart of the CBD, Greek at The Belvedere prides itself on quality food, with a menu crafted to resonate with authentic Greek feasting style (aka your theía piling up your plate while your cousins pick out the best bits).

The Reservoir

Surry Hills

This one sure as anything banks up on a weekend with Aussies keen to fill their bellies with some serious Greek gastronomy. And frankly, we don’t blame them. Yep, welcome to The Reservoir, where you can eat zataar on pita for breakfast and order half a chicken with chips and hummus for lunch.

Pagoto Gelato and Waffle House


We can’t even count the number of gelato flavours Pagoto in Marrickville churns out on the reg. Among the baklava frappe and waffles topped with ricotta and honey, you can also get your hands on watermelon and feta gelato. You’re welcome.

The Good Filo


No doubt you’ll want to order one of errythang at The Good Filo because this crew makes everything in-house with tasty morsels like tsoureki (big, soft, fluffy pastry with a semi-soft crust and galaktoboureko (basically a semolina custard slice).

Little Greece


If you’re craving some Greek recipes that date alllllll the way back to generations upon generations, Little Greece is the perfect place to pack your appetite. It’s Greek food just the way it should be, doused in all the garlic and olive oil and served with an endless amount of Greek yoghurt.

Had your fair share of Greek, how do oysters sound?

GVB | Image credit: Caitlin Hicks

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