Sydney’s Best Greek Restaurants

By Sarah Mulholland - 03 Jun 2014

While we can't offer to whisk you away on a summer holiday to the Mediterranean, we have gone ahead and made a list of Greek restaurants, which are guaranteed to take your tastebuds there. This means less daydreaming and more baklava. Here is our hit list of Sydney's best Greek restaurants.


The duo behind this Greek restaurant in Sydney certainly know a thing or two about making a splash on Sydney's dining scene. The formidable combination of Jonathan Barthelmess and Longrain's Sam Christie makes The Apollo a serious contender when it comes to greek dining in Sydney. The Mediterranean menu is perfectly complemented by The Apollo's modern, stripped-back aesthetic. We suggest going all out and choosing the set menu 'The Full Greek' or 'Apollo's Feast' (because, why not?). With first courses like taramasalata mullet roe dip and Saganaki cheese honey oregano, to mains like slow-cooked lamb with lemon Greek yoghurt—this is Greek dining at its finest!


A celebration of all things Greek, Alpha in the CBD is well worth a visit. The menu features classic and contemporary Greek dishes, made to share, family style. We suggest you order the spiced slow-roasted lamb shoulder with lemon, roast potatoes, and tzatziki, it's a knock out! 


After 25 years in the business, Steki has long been considered one of Sydney's best Greek restaurants. The atmosphere is authentic—there's live music and dancing—and the food is just what Yia Yia used to make. Start off with the Bekri Mezze; pork pieces pan fried in olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper with a dash of hot chilli, or go for the hearty moussaka—a family classic with baked layers of potato, eggplant, minced beef, and Bechamel sauce—comfort food at it's finest.


Medusa's puts a creative spin on traditional Greek dishes, while managing to stay true to their heritage—which is why we could never leave them off any list of the best Greek restaurants in Sydney. We can't go past the Kotopoulo Tis Santorinis; a spinach, goat's cheese, and roast-pepper-filled chicken with a Santorini wine cream sauce (um, yum!). You can't go wrong with the baklava either—give us a walnut-filled filo dipped in cinnamon syrup and honey yoghurt and we're in heaven. 


With a famed all-day breakfast menu and a restaurant and bar in the evening, Xenos has got you covered for every meal. If you're having trouble deciding, we suggest the Mediterranean antipasto for two (or one, if you're really, really hungry!), you get a little bit of everything including, dips, dolmades, feta, prosciutto, Italian salami, and Chalcidice olives— all served with steamy wood-fired bread. 


With a flare for all things European, Piato boasts a deliciously diverse menu sampling flavours and ideas from across the region, not to mention featuring some of Sydney's best Greek food. Order the marinated octopus served chilled in traditional Greek marinade (we promise, it's yum), and the delicious Duck Duo for main. 


When thinking about Sydney's best Greek restaurants, you cannot go past the family owned Athenian restaurant in the CBD. You'll find the Athenian settled in an elegant heritage building, boasting a menu fused with traditional and Modern Greek fare. There's a broad range of seafood, seasonal dishes and chef suggestions, but we can't go past the signature dish—a slow-baked roast lamb—it is to die for.

What have we left off the list? Tell us your recommendations for the best Greek restaurants in Sydney! 

The Apollo in Potts Point

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