10 World Environment Day Activities To Show Mother Nature Some Love

By Rick Stephens
4th Jun 2021

a person sits on the end of a dock by a lake and mountains.

Saturday 5 June is World Environment Day, and while we wholeheartedly encourage you to get the ball rolling with a post on social media along with a hashtag (we hear #NationalEnvironmentDay, #ForNature and #Generationrestoration are good ones), there are also plenty of other ways to give the one and only Mother Nature a big ol’ high five.

Here are the best things to do this World Environment Day.

Educate Yourself 

If your Google search yielded results far too overwhelming, head on over to the official World Environment Day website and get yourself across the basics, like this year’s theme ecosystem restoration,which looks to the collective to help repaire billions of hectares of land—an area greater than China or the USA—so that people have access to food, clean water and jobs. 

Plant Some Native Flora For The Bees

You’ve heard it all before, but bees play a big part in keeping the world’s wheels turning. Their numbers are dwindling drastically across the globe which can be partly attributed to their habitats being destroyed. If you’ve got the space, start planting some native flora and let our fuzzy little mates get to work. 

Shop Sustainable Fashion 

We've said it before and we'll say it again—small changes can equal a huge impact so do your big by shopping sustainably. And yes, that goes for fashion too. Get familiar with our favourite sustainable fashion brands and consider borrowing your next 'special occasion' outfit rather than buying with Australia's best fashion rental sites

Learn How To Go Plastic Free

This one won’t happen overnight, but you can begin your journey to becoming a plastic-free citizen of the world right now. Simple things like using reusable containers when shopping is a great start, just as supporting sustainable grocery stores or getting your weekly food shop from a local farmers market. You can also get a sizeable head start on your anti-plastic quest with this go-to guide, which covers off strategies that’ll reduce your impact through everyday life.

On Ya Bike, Mate

We all know it, but those exhaust fumes really are no good for the environment. Every time you drive, your car is spitting out carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases up and into the atmosphere. There will of course be times where taking to the wheel is necessary, but consider taking the pushbike out for a spin when possible.

In case you forgot, going for a ride is also a helluva lot of fun. Check out our favourite trails around Australia. 

Grow Your Own Produce

Get out your green thumb and give your garden some love. A trip to your local nursery should have you on the right track. No garden? No worries. Start lessening excessive consumption at a local level and get yourself to a community garden and start tending to your crops. Community gardens exist in and around most major cities in Australia and New Zealand; just give your council a bell to find out where they are or take a look at Melbourne’s, Gold Coast’s and Auckland’s community gardens right now. 

Donate To The Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Show the Australian Wildlife Conservancy that you care. This year’s World Environment Day also serves as a timely reminder that our native fauna needs our help more than ever—donate here.

Give Your Bathroom An Eco-Friendly Overhaul

Health and beauty products can be harmful to not only yourself, but the environment too. Swap out those facemasks and fragrances for their eco-friendly counterparts and you’ll feel better about yourself in more ways than one. While you're at it, ditch your regular shampoo for these zero waste beauty bars. Trust us, they smell amazing. 

Reduce Your Meat Intake

Did you know that food accounts for 10-30% of a household's carbon footprint, so making easy decisions about alternatives can make a big difference to that overall number. Up your knowledge with these awesome vegan docos and try whipping up one of these tasty meaty recipes turned vegan. 

Contact The Government

Best to think of this one as a friendly follow up email. Contact our government and remind them it’s important we stick to our environmental targets, like reducing our emissions by 26% to 28% by 2030. 

Start Composting

Start composting your relevant waste at home and you’ll be lessening your contribution to landfill, and therefore reducing those nasty methane emissions. You can also use it to feed your garden and native flora you planted earlier for the bees—what a cycle, right? Check out this amazing new, national compost network. Not into composting? Here are some great alternatives. 

Check out other ways you can make a difference over at our Sustainability section.

Image credit: S Migaj/Unsplash

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