7 Ridiculously OTT New Brisbane Breakfasts, Because Winter

By Sophia McMeekin
14th Apr 2018


The arrival of winter in Brisbane always comes as a somewhat rude surprise. As we stumble, blinking and shivering into these few hazy, dew-covered mornings, reluctantly wearing jumpers until at least 10am, it can take some time to adjust to our new, sub 20-degree reality.

But with winter’s many hardships (tracking down that one portable heater you purchased in 1995, frantically purchasing ChapSticks then losing them almost instantaneously, etc.) there are some perks. The best of all being that winter is essentially a seasonal free pass to tuck into decadent food stuffs with your muffin top stealthily concealed beneath your winter woollies.

With that in mind, Brisbane’s best cafes have answered the call, with winter breakfast menus across town reaching ridiculous new heights of winter indulgence. Think wacky waffles, bangin’ bagels, totalled toasties, and pimped out porridge (so basically every breakfast carb). Bless their woollen socks.

We say, if you’re going to get in the winter spirit, go hard. These decidedly extra new Brisbane breakfasts will see you through ‘til summer.

Lasagne Toastie At Corner Store Café

Corner Store Café has long held a warm spot in our hearts thanks to its epic brekky fare, and the new winter menu is no exception. Notable mentions must go to the Lasagne Toastie (stuffed with beef mince, provolone, garlic butter, ricotta, pasta sheets, and a fried egg), the black forest waffles (Shut. Up.), and the apple crumble porridge (gah).

Peanut Butter And Jelly Belgian Waffles With Toasted Marshmallow At The Gunshop Café

A sumptuous waffle-sandwich stack of oozing PB&J, Gunshop’s house-made waffles come adorned with a crown of toasted marshmallows, and are the breakfast equivalent of a pair of kicking back fireside in a pair of Uggs.

Pancake Bacon And Egg Sandwich At Southside Tea Room

If you ask super nicely, the team at Southside Tea Room might whip you up an off-the-menu treat: their ‘stoner’ special, A pancake bacon and egg sandwich. Ingeniously using pancakes as the bread (life hack?), this sanga comes stuffed with the aforementioned bacon and eggs, as well as cheddar and hollandaise.

Brioche French Toast With Hokey Pokey Crumble At Spicers Balfour

The team at Spicers Balfour don’t do things by halves, so it’s no surprise their brekky menu is a sweet tooth’s playground. If you’re looking to go all out, the brioche French toast with hokey pokey crumble is served with white chocolate pastry cream, and cassis curd. Speaking of OTT, Spicers has a well-heeled breakfast cocktail menu to wash all of this down, including bellinis, mimosas, bloody marys, and good old fashion French champagne.

Blueberry Bagel With Cookies And Cream Schmear At Scout Café

Ok, this OTT Brisbane breakfast makes the cut if only because we get to apply the sadly underused expression ‘cookies and cream schmear’ to a breakfast food. Schmeared then served with white chocolate ganache, vanilla ice cream and fresh strawbs, this sweet bagel from Scout is a sometimes food you’ll be wanting all the time.

Rhubarb Crumble At Nodo

What’s that? Crumble is a dessert food, you whimper, as you try and zip your jeans up? Well, you need to man up, because this is winter, baby, and you can eat crumble any time of day—particularly if it’s Nodo Donuts’ version, which is practically good for you. Apple, rhubarb, and berries come strewn with a biscuit crumb (plus pecans, and a touch of ginger for that winter zing). Finished with guava plum coconut yoghurt, this warming beauty is easy on the eyes as well as the digestion. Props to Nodo’s equally decadent, if savoury, sweet potato waffles, topped with mushrooms, kale, hazelnuts, and hollandaise.

Apple Crumble French Toast At Little Sista Café

If you’re both greedy and superficial (guilty!), you’ll appreciate the highly photogenic apple crumble French toast at Coorparoo’s Little Sista Café. A mound of brioche French toast is scattered with apple compote, crumble, with a hefty scoop of vanilla ice cream perched on top for good measure. 

Image credit: Nodo Donuts

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