Best Brisbane Restaurants For Big Groups

By AJ James
6th Jun 2015

Verve Cafe | Image credit: Daniel Maddock

Dining out in a big group in the Brisbane CBD —that’s the central business district for those playing at home—can be tricky. 

There’s the whole ‘we’re a group of 16’ thing to deal with, the discrepancies that fall between how much some will eat (and others won’t) and the possibility that one member of your party will have temporary ‘beef’ with another member owing to the sleeping with a potential/past love interest/stealing of a business deal. 

And that’s all before mentioning the varied dietary requirements of your eating compatriots. Some might be pure omnivores, while others currently in the phase of being a fish-eating vegan. 

Yep, organizing a venue for a big dinner in the city can sometimes be lumped in the too hard basket. 

Ergo, we’ve done the ground work for you. And admittedly while we can’t put out the potential fires in your group, we can give you our picks for big group dining in Brisbane. Enjoy. 

Madame Wu

Brisbane CBD

Not only is their menu expansive, and their cocktail list impressive, but Madame Wu caters really well to expansive (another word for big) groups. And if your group is nearing 20 in number you can opt for private dining, which makes the whole event much more seamless. 


Brisbane CBD

Known to regulars as sub-Urbane, Urbane’s uber luxe private dining room can seat 32 guests for one of their famous degustations, so is ideal for dining with a big group of very lucky friends. 100-year old stone walls, polished concrete floors, and a tempting view of the wine cellar complete the experience.


Brisbane CBD

The guys at Vapiano exceed at taking care of large tables. So much so they even have specified their policy and availability for big bookings on their site. Genius. They know how much their kitchen and staff can manage and work accordingly. So smooth. So smart. 


Brisbane CBD

Itadakimasu! This is ideal. You meet at Sake’s bar, have a drink, wait until everyone has arrived and then flow on through to your table. Depending on your number you’ll either be in the main section of the restaurant, at the communal banquet table or perhaps in one of their private rooms. Plus, everything on the menu is super easy to share and fish eating vegans will delight with their sushi and sashimi options. 

New Shanghai 

Brisbane CBD

Dining out for Chinese is always fun in a big group, because you will most likely get a LAZY SUSAN! And New Shanghai being in the CBD is exciting not just because there’s a new place in town to get your xiao long bao, but because there is now quality Chinese cuisine in the city that’s a superlative step above the non descript food court offerings. If there are more than 15 of you, you will need to call the restaurant, otherwise you can book online. 

Verve Café

Brisbane CBD

Verve caters for groups up to 90 (that would see you book out the whole restaurant) and they do it really well. Plus the menu is massive so dietary requirements are well taken care of. Groups of 8 or more can have an express banquet menu that’s packed with starters, pizza, pasta and salads (because you need to get your greens in). 

Il Centro

Brisbane CBD

At the ritzier end of this list you’ve got Il Centro. They’ll set you up with a large table out in the restaurant OR if there’s 20 of you, the private dining room beckons. Sand crab lasagne for all! 

Bavarian Beer Café 

Brisbane CBD

If your group comprises mostly men, and those who enjoy eating large hunks of meat, washed down with beer, Bavarian is your place. Secure one of their long tables out the front and let the good times (and large array of beers and porky mains) flow.

Or in the words of a friend who spends a great amount of his allocated eating time in one of the CBD's finest venues, and often in large groups under the guise of 'networking'; "There are good private rooms at Kingsleys, and Esquire. Survey Co has a cool outdoor table you can book. 

Want more of the best functions venues in Brisbane? Search 'functions' in our Directory!

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