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Wake Up Late For The Best Brunches In Brisbane

By Ranyhyn Laine
16th Aug 2019

Brisbane's Best Brunches

Brunch. That amazing meal where you get the best of both the breakfast and lunch worlds and it’s totally acceptable sleep in until 10am and wake up for a leisurely meal that's definitely more than the sum of both. 

But with so many delish brunch options out there we’ve put together Brisbane’s best brunch hit list so you can get the best chow quality all day (praise be for all-day breakfast menus) and not have to think too much the next time you’re tired/hungover/lazy/some combination of all three. 

The New Black 

Fortitude Valley 

With a creative new special coming out of their kitchen every week, there is always a new excuse to head back to this laneway cafe. It was The New Black's epic Mi Goreng toastie that first got us in the door though (and a waiter who challenged our ability to finish the monster egg and noodle stack—HA), and sad will be the day when it leaves the winter menu. Until then, laneway pig outs, come at us.  



When it comes to combining the best of both worlds, Freja’s has the right idea—just load up a flaky croissant with a pile of pulled brisket and mac ‘n’ cheese. Will it put you into an afternoon food coma? It’s likely. Do we care? Nope, give us a second serving please. There’s plenty of other goodies on the menu worth mentioning, but we’ll let you find out what they are for yourselves. 



When one of our favourite brunch spots goes and puts cocktails on their brunch menu, we get excited. Leave the bellinis for your next Sunday brunch at home, and instead sip on Nodo's doughnut martinis and gin cocktails, with plenty of tasty dishes on the menu to pair them with—we’ll take a crab shack benedict thanks. 

Pawpaw Cafe 


Pasta for breakfast is just sahhhh trendy right now, but there’s only one spot doing brunch risotto, and that’s Pawpaw. Ever the creative breakfast inventors, their pearl barley and Israeli couscous risotto comes with pumpkin, mushroom, kale, golden shallot, pancetta and cheddar cheese. The kale makes it healthy, right? 


West End 

Ok, so not only do Suburban dish up an absolutely masterful version of breakfast nachos, but they do them all. Damn. Day. Yep, that’s right, 6am to 9pm you’ll find a bowl of crispy curly chips, spicy mince, eggs and chilli hollandaise on the menu, so whether brunching or linnering (it’s a thing), you can have your nachos and eat them too.

Smoked Paprika 


One quick scroll through Smoked Paprika’s Instagram feed and you’ll be drooling excessively, already planning your visit for their next weekly special. Last week it was a mac ‘n’ cheese scotch egg, next week, who knows? Their regular menu is pretty damn tasty too, and with their portion sizes you’ll be full until dinner. 

Kimchi Cheese Smile 


This cosy little Korean-infused restaurant is only open for brunch on the weekends, but boy do they make up for their lack of weekday brunching with some seriously creative fare. Lamb shoulder ragu for breakfast people, LAMB SHOULDER RAGU FOR BREAKFAST. You can also sample bulgogi beef paninis and kimchi cheese rice—treat your tastebuds to an adventure at Kimchi

Lady Marmalade 

Stones Corner 

If Lady Marmalade’s Gringo Waffle ever came off the menu we’d probably start a petition, because this chilli cornbread waffle topped with savoury wagyu mince, minced chorizo, cheese, avocado and black bean salsa, sour cream and fried egg is definitely our hangover cure of choice. 

Morning After

West End

They’ll take care of you in the morning and well into the afternoon. A typical brunch date at Morning After usually includes their iconic breakfast carbonara (pasta for brunch is always a good time, trust us) and a fancy-ass MaMuffin from the all-day menu, and maybe some late-morning calamari to get you into the lunch mood. A must-do for any bruncher worth their pink Himalayan mountain salt

Little Black Pug

Mt Gravatt 

So dog-friendly they’ve even named their menu items using puppy puns, Little Black Pug looks cosy from the front, but they’re hiding an air adjoining dining space out back, with plenty of room to tuck into a Woofle Burger (oh the cuteness!), two cornbread waffles sandwiched around a staggering pile of pulled pork, or a stack of ice cream topped pikelets. But the real draw card? The menu for your doggo, complete with a warm puppycino or doggy biscuit. 

Café O Mai


It’s 11 in the morning. You’re hungry and hung. What’s the first thing that pops into your head? Café O Mai’s pork meatballs in rich tomato sauce with quail eggs and a fluffy white baguette of course. They also have an impressive register of bahn mi in every combination your brunching heart could imagine but we could never go past the meatballs. 

Todd & Pup


Southsiders like keeping Todd & Pup under wraps, but we’re about to blunder in and blow the lid on this cheeky secret right off and send every one rushing in for their buttermilk fried chicken eggs benedict. Think neighbourhood gem, this joint jumps with a community vibe powered by primo coffee and is, as the name suggests, dog friendly.

Smug Fig 

East Brisbane 

Apart from having a killer French toast special every weekend, which frankly reason enough to spend every Sunday amongst their greenery, Smug Fig also dish up a worthy brunch Mexican Tots dish that involves a staggering amount of tater tots. Potato gems for breakfast? Yes please and thank you. 

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the best breakfasts in Brisbane, you’ll find them here

Image credit: The New Black, Suburban, Little Black Pug

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