Brisbane’s Brunch Hit List

By Catherine Blake - 04 Apr 2016

Brunch. That amazing meal where you get the best of both the breakfast and lunch worlds and it’s totally acceptable to imbibe all the coffees, juices, pastries and bacon and get away with it.

But with so many delish brunch options out there we’ve put together Brisbane’s best brunch hit list so you can get the best chow quality and not have to think too much when you’re tired/hungover/lazy for the foreseeable future.

Here are 20 of Brisbane best brunch spots.

#1 Sourced Grocer


After many years presiding over the Teneriffe patch Sourced Grocer have marked themselves as the ultimate in Brisbane brunches and if you haven’t already been here there is something wrong with you.

#2 Gauge

South Brisbane

Ever wondered what fermented bee pollen tastes like? WANNA FIND OUT? From black garlic bread with burnt vanilla, to sourdough waffles and parsnip custard, Gauge is carving through convention and upturning every pre-conception we’ve ever had about bruncheon.

#3 King Arthur

Fortitude Valley

Barely a stone’s tumble off the James Street strip, King Arthur holds court on the splendours of brunch and coffee with a kick. The crowning glory is undoubtedly the counter of freshly baked cake things.

#4 Merriweather

South Brisbane

It’s Sunday morning. Your eyes are fuzzy and the bed is full of strangers. Scale the drainpipe and get to Merriweather's where the coffee, crumpets, and conditions are always perfect.

#5 Scout

Spring Hill

The cunning foxes on Petrie Terrace know a thing or five about what it takes to brunch a city’s socks off. They’ve been grinding and grilling like mavens possessed to fill the void betwixt breakfast and lunch and not once have they cried hold. That’s commitment. That’s Scout.

#6 Brewbakers


Fact: bread is the epitome of all that is well and good. Ergo: bakers are the arbiters of joy. Since the day of their conception, Brewbakers has assumed an almost cult-following of devoted bakery fiends with their wheaty displays of everything from appleslippers to their legendary sausage rolls.

#7 Locavore


Outsourcing ain’t no way to live, and Locavore is all up in the proximity game. Their menu is an ever-changing testament to all the splendiferous fresh produce sourced within a 70km radius of Brisbane. 

#8 Harvey's

Fortitude Valley

There’s only one category to file Harvey’s brunch options under and that’s ‘stalwart’. He’s been paving the way and setting the standard for an entire city’s brunch game for the past 2 decades. You want classic? You want Harvey.

#9 Gerard's Bistro

Fortitude Valley

Be as leisurely as you want and roll into Gerard’s in the late hours of the morning. Order a skillet of shakshuka and stick around until it’s socially acceptable to start sinking bevvies.  

#10 Billy Kart

West End

Git yo buns to Billy Kart and order a plate of the Lìege waffles. Why? Because they just make you happy. I can’t explain it. Your whole being just starts humming and then you see stars spelling out the word ‘crisp’ and then Buddha visits you with a ladle of salted caramel and spoons it into you mouth. I think it’s the syrup.  

#11 Morning After

West End

Barely a year old and already leading the brunch stakes. Well done, Morning After, you’ve done us proud. Their typical brunch dates usually include some variety of slow-cooked meat, kewpie mayonnaise, and pecorino. A must-do for any bruncher worth their pink Himalayan mountain salt.

#12 Let Minnow


Neighbourhood breakfast joints learnt a thing or two when Let Minnow erupted onto the breakfast scene and started doling out the fish tacos like it was a Californian summer. Erryone, take note.

#13 Café O Mai


It’s 11 in the morning. You’re hungry and hung. What’s the first thing that pops into your head? Bahn mi of course. Café O Mai’s impressive register of bahn mi as every combination your brunching heart could imagine but we can’t get past the bacon and egg baby.

#14 Todd & Pup


Southsiders like keeping Todd & Pup under wraps, but we’re about to blunder in and blow the lid on this cheeky secret right off. Think neighbourhood gem, this joint jumps with a community vibe powered by primo coffee and is, as the name suggests, dog friendly.

#15 The Gettin’ Place

New Farm

Coffee wunderkinder and toastmasters of the highest order, the Gettin’ Place serves feasty fixin’s for the tired and hungry in the cosiest goddamn nook that ever had indoor plumbing.

#16 Seven South


Schmick, shiny, and carving up the neighbourhood breakfast scene like there’s no tomorrow, Seven South is as new as a freshly unwrapped DVD, only a hundred times more relevant. They’ve got hotcakes, ribs, places to park your dog and everything you need for a cracking brunch only seven km’s south of the CBD.

#17 Fuel and Co


You might know it as the place where all the underwear models hang out, but we know them best as the neighbourhood café with a bit of rev in the engine, pep in its step, stiches in its breeches ya feel me? Do yourself a favour and get around it, the pancake situation is pretty flagrant.

#18 Shouk Café


Shouk Café is more than a Middle Eastern restaurant and more than another breakfast joint. The co-mingling of classic Eastern and Western flavours has never been so brilliantly executed before noon than at Shouk.

#19 Jam Pantry


Jam Pantry do amazing breakfast specials but I’m more blown away that THEY MAKE THEIR OWN JAMS. And not music jams. Actual jams that you can spread on toast and dip spoons into. The kind of jam you wish you would find in the bottom of your Christmas stocking.

#20 Pearl Café


Finally, how could any brunch hit list be even near complete without a shout out to the whimsical salon of wonders, Pearl Café. Undoubtedly one of Brisbane’s proudest institutions, Pearl’s refined delectable brunch offerings champion local produce with a snap and pizazz for which magic is the only explanation.

Image credit:  Ariana Gillrie

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