Dessert For Breakfasts | Brisbane’s Sweetest Brekkys

By Sophia McMeekin
23rd Mar 2015

Brisbane’s breakfast scene is ruled by the savoury set. Poachies, avo' with everything, and salt, salt, salt are staples of many of Brisbane’s best café menus, but today we want to shout out to the sweeter side of the breakfast table.

Pancakes, waffles, sugared-porridge, French toast, and sweet fritters don’t get enough play. Like five-year-olds with coffee habits, sometimes we want ice cream for breakfast, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Here are eight of our fave sweet Brisbane breakfasts, from Brisbane’s best cafes.


South Bank

Canadienne breakfast waffle bowls from Cowch, plated up with bacon ice cream and maple syrup, are pretty much the ultimate sweet Brisbane breakfast, and a must for any sugar fiend.

Gerard’s Bistro

New Farm

Back by popular demand, Gerard’s watermelon and berry salad with pistachio and set cream is a light but perfectly sweet breakfast option. The Middle Eastern touch is a fresh Brisbane breakfast trend, and exactly what we’d expect from this restaurant.

Harveys Bar + Bistro

New Farm

No list of the best sweet breakfasts in Brisbane would be complete without Harveys’ buttermilk pikelets with caramelised banana and honeycomb butter.

BillyKart Kitchen


Another iconic Brisbane pancake: BillyKart’s buttermilk and ricotta pancakes with coconut caramel and banana. BillyKart has quickly cemented itself as one of the best cafes in Brisbane, its saccharine day-starter is a winner.

Artie & Mai


Banana French toast with salted caramel would be epic enough, but the addition of bacon ice cream to Artie & Mai’s sweet brekky is a triumph. Their breakfast panna cotta is not to be overlooked, either—it’s a light and fragrant mix of pomegranate, honey, and lavender, served with granola and poached fruits. One of the best Brisbane cafes around, Artie & Mai know their way around a sugar bowl. 


West End

Buttermilk pancakes are fixture on Plenty’s breakfast menu, but the toppings are seasonal, and spectacular. One of the best cafes in Brisbane, Plenty is all about fresh, wholesome brekky chow, and we’re big fans.

Spring Hill Deli Café

Spring Hill

Spring Hill Deli’s breakfast menu is a seasonal affair, but no matter the weather you can count on there being an epic French toast on the list (topped with ice cream, natch) that will satiate the sweetest sweet tooth.

Au Cirque

New Farm

Our enduring love affair with Au Cirque is a timeless and beautiful thing. When they bust out breakfast beauties on their specials board, like brioche with berries and bacon ice cream, we’re reminded again why this is one of the best cafes in Brisbane.

Image credit: Citrus & Candy

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